God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 141 -


Enoch understood quite well what was still missing. And so he went promptly to the patriarchs and addressed the following words to them in the name of Emmanuel
"O fathers, hear a word from my mouth in the name of Emmanuel. The altar is now ready, and it is hallowed and pure before God since God Himself helped my weak hands to build it
"Upon it the rich wood of the cedar has been laid in the proper order and the sacrificial lamb is prepared, awaiting its sublime destiny; and thus everything is ready, except one thing, and that is you, fathers.
"Adam, you are prepared and so is the mother Eve with you because you are one flesh. But where are Seth, Enos, Kenan, Mahalaleel, Jared and you, my son Methuselah?
"Although you are present in the flesh, there still beats in it an absent heart. This heart should be present in the true and purest love, since the highest love of the Father is visibly present.
"O Seth, behold, whenever I opened my mouth you were the first who received every one of my words joyfully like warming sunrays in winter, retained them securely in your heart and then arranged your life accordingly. But now that the Lord Himself is walking among us, teaching us and speaking with such love that the hardest stones could turn into oil and every little blade of grass, every bush and every tree trembles from exceedingly great delight and bliss before Him Who walks with us and teaches us such sublime things, behold, now you are so quiet as if the whole matter were not in the least your concern and you only gape full of curiosity expecting new and greater wonders to entertain you. However, to make the Lord in your heart a pure sacrifice of love, look, for that you have become too indolent; this will not make the Lord proud of you. Therefore, rise, prepare your heart and then hurry to the Lord that He may receive you again as He has received Adam, Lamech, Abedam, Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion and many others and - everlasting thanks to Him - finally me too.
"Rise, hurry and do not miss out on life for, behold, you are dead.
Therefore, hurry, hurry after the Life of Love while it is walking visibly among us. He who will not seize it now with great haste like Lamech, truly, he will lose it forever. "Such is the Lord's will, amen. Amen to you, father Seth!"
And Seth was so terrified that he jumped up, ran to Emmanuel and poured out his heart, entreating Him for mercy and grace.
And Emmanuel said to him: "Seth, you came when I had you called, and so you may remain, but in future only those shall remain who will come without being called and will in spirit and in truth and love for Me exclaim: 'Abba, Abba, Abba! Your holy will, amen!' Do understand this well and be pure! Amen."
When Enoch wanted to address his call also to the others, they jumped up in haste and exclaimed unanimously: O Enoch, do not call us, for your call is more terrible than death!
"Behold, we now clearly see the magnitude of our guilt and are unworthy of your call; but go to the Holy One Whose name we are not worthy of uttering and entreat Him for us, your poor, dead fathers and your dead son Methuselah, to show us mercy! Amen."
And Enoch replied: "What nonsense you are speaking! Do you think that if I had to forgive you something I would sooner give you a favorable hearing than would Emmanuel?
O how blind and deaf you are! I, the very imperfection, who have nothing, know nothing, - I who have only just arisen in love through the Lord's boundless mercy and in whom all that is good is purely of the Lord, thus a free, completely undeserved gift, - do you think I would he more merciful than Emmanuel Who is supreme love and supreme mercy in person, full of gentleness, forbearance and the greatest patience with every weakness?
O think better of it and do not make me a new sinner before Him!
"Truly, if it depended on me I would only curse you with my greatest favor compared to Emmanuel glancing at you with just one eye.
Therefore, open your hearts and hurry to the Father! For not I, but He, the so endlessly concerned holy Father Who is supreme love, is calling you through my useless and weak tongue.
"So go where love, life and mercy are always to he found and do not ever ask for my intercession, but turn to Him Whose infinite love had you called! Amen."
And full of remorse at their folly they all went to Emmanuel, confessed their guilt and poured out their hearts to Him.
But Emmanuel gazed at them and said: "Children, why do you fear the best and most loving Father, and yet you do not fear men in whom all the good is only from Me whereas their own is pernicious evil and all wrong?
"Do you really believe that I could be influenced by humans, thereby making them appear more merciful than I am?
"Or do you think that Enoch has more love than I through which he could have moved Me to absolve you from your guilt? O you fool who are fathers yourselves and love your children although you are full of wickedness. Tell Me, when has ever a stranger loved your children more than you do? Or whose voice would you rather favor: that of your child or that of an unauthorized and imperfect intercessor?
"If that is how you men who are full of evil before Me act, how could you think so absurdly of Me?
"Therefore, change your way of thinking and bear in mind that I alone am your Father and all of you are children of one Father to whom you have a right through love. Amen."