God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 145 -


When the patriarchs and all the people surrounding them had noticed that Emmanuel was no longer among them, but that He had vanished as a Being so completely as if He had never existed, they all, except Enoch, became sad: and most of them were silent. Only when the sun was close to setting did Adam pull himself together and say:
"Children, since He is no longer in our midst, He Who is Jehovah Emmanuel Abba, holy, exceedingly holy, why should we still remain here?
'Therefore, go to the children and invite them to the Sabbath tomorrow and then return without delay so that we may depart for the height, our home.
"But you, Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion, and also you, Abedam, shall remain in our midst if you like to. However, as you have now clearly heard it yourselves from the mouth of the Most High that everyone is absolutely free, you are so also as far as I, your earthly father, am concerned. So please yourselves and do not fear that through one or the other decision you may win or lose something. Let only your free will lead you in all things and may the Lord's word and His eternal love be your guide on all your ways and the all in all of your life. Amen."
Then Enos, Kenan, Mahalaleel and Jared went and invited the children of the midnight to attend the sacrifice on the height on the Sabbath the following day.
And Jura said to Adam: "Father, it is an inexpressibly great joy to all of us that you have invited us to stay once more with you on the height. There is only a question that must be clarified: Of what use would we be on the hallowed height and what is to happen to our children?
"Among you Enoch is now a living priest of the Lord. Look, our children have no one who has been awakened, except us. Therefore, we want to be to them - though not in such a perfect sense - what thanks to Emmanuel now Enoch is to you and all of us.
"This we shall now do throughout our life and we shall frequently come to the height there to receive for ourselves and our children from your midst new warmth and new light. Now we shall stay here, but tomorrow, long before sunrise, we will in front of your hut sing a hymn of praise to the Lord. Amen."
And Adam answered: "So be it, and may the Lord's blessing as well as mine and that of all of us be with you and strengthen you. Amen."
Then he turned to Abedam and asked him what he intended to do.
And Abedam told him very gently the same. Adam and all the others praised his loyalty and Enoch stepped up to him and said:
"Listen, Abedam, the road is known to you. The Lord's will is yours and so is His love. Your children are still all blind. Behold, not in vain has the Lord awakened you. Therefore, hurry to your own, bring them the glad tidings, do not keep anything from them and tell all of them aloud and with loving power what the Lord has done to all of us.
I salute you, dear brother in the Lord and in Adam, now and forever! Amen."