God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 151 -


However, Seth could not forget this strange lighting up by Abedam. He did not dare ask anyone about it, but kept looking around .. His eyes explored all the comers of the hut and his mind investigated every imaginable way of making light.
To produce light solely through a 'Let there be light!' and at that a light, which evenly lighted all the comers without throwing a shadow anywhere, such a thing Seth had not ever experienced as yet. But he did not have the courage to ask anyone.
Adam soon noticed Seth's searching and asked him: "My son Abel-Seth, what are you looking for or what have you noticed? Or do you find something in the hut, which appears strange to you?
And Seth replied most respectfully: "Beloved father, look, it does sound strange to say it, but I am looking for light in the light and cannot find it. Outside a great thunderstorm is arising and coming towards us from the morning region, it is still too distant for its constant flashes of lightning to illuminate the hut and, besides, the roof is so good that even if the storm were already above us, the luminosity of the lightning could not penetrate it.
"And even if that were possible should there not with the light be also the shadow of the illumined objects?
"Look, dear father, this is all I am seeking, strange indeed, but true, light in the light!"
And Adam replied: "Yes, it is really strange. But look, I find it even stranger that you are seeking in vain and yet see the artist among us. Seek Him and you will soon have the light in the light.
"When you see a shining stone, you ponder and ask yourself: 'Whence is its light?' But you cannot ask anyone whence the shine comes and how it is produced. For the great, mighty Artist is holy and does not answer the one who is unclean before Him, and so it is difficult to obtain clarity concerning the stone's radiance.
"You see a variety of lights by night and also by day. But whom can you ask about their nature when you wonder about them?
"But here we have light and Artist simultaneously present and you are seeking what is so close to all of us, the light in the light?" Would you one day maybe attempt to seek the day in the day?"
Adam's words to Seth were full of the most brilliant truth; however, just as Seth was seeking what his heart did not understand, Adam here spoke words, too, he did not understand at all
But after Adam's words Seth finally went to Abedam in order to find out from Him how He had produced this marvelous light.
Abedam welcomed Seth and answered him, even before the somewhat shy Seth had come out with a question, as follows:
"Seth, would you not like to be able to make light also? Yes, yes, you would like that, and I tell you, it is not so difficult as you think, and the means to achieve it is quite simple. As you will have noticed with Me, it consists in nothing else but an earnestly believing 'Let there be light!', and it will become light where it had been dark.
"Behold, now you have the whole secret and thus your light in the light, and subsequently you will learn that you have now found the light for sure, yes, the truest light in the truest light.
"But you are still looking at Me inquiringly. Is it not enough that I have revealed My art to you in its entirety?
"Go into your dark hut and do with earnest belief the same you saw Me do and you will then convince yourself that it is with this art as I said.
And Seth left Adam's hut and went to his own where his family were gathered in the dark, afraid of the gradually approaching violent storm which appeared most ominous. On entering he said: "Let there be light!" - and behold, it became instantly light.
Only now, after this marvelous success, which frightened and amazed all his children, was Seth overwhelmed.
He became more courageous, first reassured his own and then returned to Adam's hut, thanked Abedam the stranger for teaching him this marvelous art and then gradually began to come out with all the things which in connection with the miraculous success of this strange light-making captured him anew.
And Abedam said, gently advising him: "Seth, behold, what a very worldly man you still are, considering that in the evening region you were among those whose inner light recognized Asmahael first and that afterwards you witnessed all His miracles.
"Truly, then you did not have as many doubts as now. Did you not hear the words Emmanuel spoke to Adam when Adam asked Him not to leave you all soon after Enoch's offering?
"Do you think Emmanuel's power is greater when He is visible than when invisible?
"Behold, herein lies everything which still holds you back. Can you ever see an active force with the material eye, or have you ever seen what moves your limbs at your pleasure, drives without your effort your blood through all the veins, makes your hair and your nails grow and your skin, distributes the food in your stomach and does still countless other things?
"Or have you ever seen the wind and what form it has and the germinating force or the one that guides the sun from its rising to setting, and also the stars and the moon? Or with which eye have you ever seen the force that drives all the brooks, rivers and streams towards the sea?
"Look, how foolish you have still remained! So listen and note this well: Every force working in whatever way is out of God, the Primordial Source of all forces and powers. But God in His primordial nature cannot ever be beheld and comprehended by a being He has created. For he who would see God could not live, as God is infinite whereas every being is finite. How could the finite behold and comprehend the infinite?
"Or do you think you could expand yourself to the infinite and thereby preserve your tiny spark of life?
"Behold, if you in your heart reply with this question: 'What and who was then the Emmanuel we saw?',
"I tell you: God can anywhere create for Himself an apparent body as a loving Father and work through it. But then not what you see is the Father, but what works through that which you see.
"This you must understand so that your love may not remain attached to something which is actually not the real thing.
"And so you shall also know about the light in the light: If your eye were not light and sun-like how could it ever perceive the sun and its light? Also, if the power of God were not within you, could you ever comprehend anything of a divine nature? Since you can do this, God's power is within you, but can this power comprehend only itself or can it maybe do more?
"Behold, how dark it is still within you. Therefore, make it grow light within you, too. Amen."