God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 154 -


Abedam the other had all the time, calmly and well pleased, listened to the discussion between Enoch and Abedam. Now He suddenly rose to His feet and practically rushed to the two brothers, embraced them both and said:
"Yes, thus it is true and proper and in accordance with divine order. And if brothers will live with each other like that, the Father, as is the case now, will also in the future be dose as a Father to those children who will thus think about God in their love-filled hearts and act as brothers among themselves.
'Truly, I say to you: Whoever says: 'I love God and my brothers!', but has something more than his brothers and does not share it with them so that only the smallest part remains to him, is still full of self-love and not worthy of the Father. If someone had ten brothers and possessed twelve apples, he should give eleven apples to his brothers, keep only half of the twelfth for himself and keep the other half for his brothers, too. Then he would be a true child of the holy Father in Heaven and worthy of Him.
"If a father loves his children more than those of his brothers, he is still in the self love, too, and not worthy of the Father. And I say: Truly blessed will be he who over the need of the brother forgot his own need and in order to relieve the need of the brother's children sacrificed the need of his own children to God, his true Father, in grateful and loving submission.
"It is better for you if for love of your brothers you are the poorest among them rather than the richest. For when you have shared your gifts and a share has still remained to you, you have still provided for yourself not respecting your Heavenly Father's care. If out of true brotherly love you have given all to your brothers and kept nothing for yourself, you have freed yourself completely and left all care for you to the Father in Heaven. Will this mighty, exceedingly good and holy Father let such a child be in want?
"I tell you: In truth, he shall have a hundred for one, a hundred times hundred for ten and the infinite for everything.
"Judge for yourselves. Would there ever be want and misery among brothers if they were all full of love towards each other and one was as all and all as one?
"O truly, then everyone would have plenty of blessings from the blessed care of the holy Father.
"So if you want to be worthy, well provided for children of the one holy Father in heaven, live as brothers and sisters with each other. If you will be living like that the holy Father will also dwell among you and care for all of you, but if not, everyone will soon revert to the old curse and will be compelled to seek a very hard piece of bread in the sweat of his brow among thorns and thistles.
"Let this be your attitude towards each other: If your brother has done something for you, make sure you do not let him go without a good reward. If you have rendered a service to your brother, you shall not even dream as if your brother owed you a debt, but let your own brotherly love be your greatest reward. This will please your Father in Heaven. But if your brother's love urges him to pay you, accept such payment only as an offering of your brother's love, and thank and kiss him for it. For whatever you receive you must regard purely as a gift; then you will be a proper brother to your brothers and the holy Father will forever be very pleased with such children. Amen."