God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 162 -


After this warm speech of thanks the high Abedam turned to Seth with a loving mien and said to him: "Seth, My son, come here to My heart which has loved you even before any sun illumined the path of an earth.
"Love Me with all your heart, love the Father Who out of everlasting love for you has spanned the vast heaven over the earth and sun, moon and all the stars so as to be able to show you what an exceedingly good, holy Father He is to you, has forever been and will remain so eternally.
"Do you not think, My beloved Seth, that it is good and comforting to rest at the eternal, holy Father's heart?
"You too, Adam, come here and all three of you; and feel and taste how sweet the holy Father's love tastes and how comforting it is to the weary hearts of the children."
They all fell at His feet and called in supreme ecstasy: "O You exceedingly good and holy Father!" - and none of them was able to speak any more.
But Abedam raised them and said: "My beloved children, you have often sought Me, you have sought Me hard and long, yes, you have sought Me above all the stars while I was constantly walking among you. But you were unable to find and recognize Me because your eyes and hearts were always directed into the distance to seek and love Him Who was always so close to you, even closer than everyone to himself.
"Now you have found Me and are immensely happy about it. Let us now leave the hut and see who else is waiting for our help.
"But to you, dear Seth, I give the power to calm the still raging storm, and then it will soon become evident how many more are going to recognize the Father Who is so close. Amen."
And so they left the hut and went outside where the weather, although it appeared to have somewhat abated, was still raging with great force. As they were passing Eve, the high Abedam told the five who were surrounding and comforting her:
"Stay where you now are until we return. Whoever practices neighborly love will find neighborly love himself. Whoever attends to the weak mother will be rewarded with love on earth; but he who is rewarded with love has a precious pledge in his hand with which he will find it easy to win for himself the most precious thing of all
"I tell you: If man knew how close he often is to supreme happiness, he would leave everything and follow it. Yet it is also good that he does not know; for if he did he would become indolent and fail to cultivate his own ground.
Therefore, stay here and cultivate your ground. This does not depend on the length of time; sometimes it depends on just one minute. When during this minute the seed falls into the soil it soon germinates and the quickly developed sprout then spreads its new shoots in the light of the day.
"I am a greatly experienced sower and know the right time for sowing the seed into the soil. Let this seed sprout in good time and further its growth with the warmth of your heart. Truly, it will not bring forth ordinary fruit on its fast-grown branches.
"So stay here and take good note of these words."
After these words they left the hut. But the five after the six had left began to ask one another: "Who is this stranger? Whence has he come?
"Is he not the same who in the evening joined us, together with Abedam who returned?
"He looks like an ordinary man; how did he come to have such wisdom? We have never seen him among us before.
"His speech was one of the strangest we have ever heard. He said of himself that he was a most experienced sower and that he had now planted a seed in us which was soon to sprout and, as we understand it, to develop branches and leaves already on the next day, that is, the Sabbath tomorrow, and bear unusual, fully ripe fruit. What kind of fruit is it supposed to be?
"Let whoever is able understand this, but we who have all seen and heard Emmanuel Abba, witnessed all His miraculous deeds and were awakened and blessed by Him cannot understand the meaning of these words.
"It is actually strange that we as blessed are unable to do so, - however, this is how it is.
But Enos finally noticed the light in the hut, and he drew the attention of the others to it.
Then Kenan said to Enos and the others: "Listen, this is really strange, I see it now too. There is nowhere anything luminous to be seen; yet it is light as day in here.
"How is this possible' Who among us can understand it?"
Then Eve rose and remarked to the five: "Children, how can you ask each other about things none of you understands!
"Listen, the storm has abated and calm once more breathes gently over the sorely tried fields of the earth; the last drops of the great fear they have experienced are dripping from the leaves of the trees and a cooling dew is already healing many a wound which the flashes of lightning have no doubt struck to the healthy trunks. And a refreshing sleep has probably already closed the eyes of the little fearful children, and all whom this long hour of terror has maybe driven to despair will be lying on their faces with contrite hearts and melting into tears of remorse, thanking God for saving them.
"How can you rack your brains over a lock of sheep's wool, yet disregard the living sheep?
The experienced sower has planted a glorious seed in you, but if you trample it down not many branches will see the light of the day.
"All of you know that the seed in the soil must not be disturbed if it is to thrive and be blessed with fruit. Why do you not let your grain of seed rest, but instead trample it down with the dull edge of your mind?
The storm has not ceased only for those outside, but for you too. Yes, all of us are saved. Therefore, instead of racking your brains better think Who it is Who has saved us and thank Him for His great mercy. Then you will receive light rather than by your pondering.
"Do not ask yourselves who the stranger is since none of you knows Him as yet, but instead rather observe His glorious Word in your hearts so that it may soon germinate and sprout. When you will then be seeing the fruit by day it will surely be easier for you to recognize from the fruit the strange glorious Sower than now when in the darkness of your heads you already want to see the light of the day or maybe even imagine already to see it.
"Though woman is not supposed to teach, the mother has the right to reprimand her foolish children when she sees their errors. Do understand this well! Withdraw into your hearts there to seek light for your darkness, and be silent. Amen."
The five took these words by Eve seriously to heart and they gratefully did what Eve had wisely demanded in her motherly love.
But what did meanwhile the six outside do? How did they find the earth and the children on the ground when they left the hut?
The glowing clouds were still traversed by a thousand flashes of lightning; a hundred mountains all around were still volcanically fully active; the sea had receded for miles upon miles; here and there forests which had been ignited by lightning were still burning; the thunder was still rolling and quite frequently flashes of lightning were crashing into the still badly shaking earth and the howling of the already distant dwellers of the forests echoed dismally from the depths.
That is how it was still outside. And thousands upon thousands of children were lying in wide circles all around Adam's hut, praising God for having saved them; and trembling, weeping mothers comforted their little children who were often crying too. But some of them had already, tired from the terror, fallen asleep in the lap of their sobbing mothers.
And the six kept walking around, inspecting everything and comforting the oppressed hearts of the fathers and mothers.