God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 167 -


And so they all rested until an hour before sunrise. Only the One did not rest, as He does not need any rest being Himself supreme rest and supreme activity.
This One - here called the high Abedam - was therefore the first to be up and He awakened here also bodily all the children from their sleep. One single call sufficed: "Awake and get up!"- and they all woke up simultaneously, rose, went outside the hut and washed their feet, hands, sexual organs, then the chest and finally the face. For such a washing procedure had always been customary with the children.
When they had washed themselves, except for Eve - for the women washed themselves only after the men and at a different spring -, they took oil and anointed their heads and only after that did they intone the morning thanks to the now present high Abedam, as follows:
"O most loving, holy Father, we thank You, we love You, we praise You! How unspeakably good You are, O holy Father! To You are all honors, all praise, all thanks, all love, all glory and all adoration!
"Do not withdraw Your mercy, Your holy love and Your holy grace from us who call ourselves Your children, but are actually all sinners. Bless us, move us and guide us, sharpen our senses and soften our hard hearts that they may become sweet like honey and wax, and expand our narrow chest that it may become capable of absorbing more and more of the true love out of You, O holy Father.
"Give us also Your blessing to thereby enable us to celebrate Your holy Sabbath today in a way pleasing to You. And if You, holy Father, will find in us still very many and great faults, as You surely are discovering now and have been doing so from eternity, then chastise us in Your love, mercy and grace and make us more worthy of calling You 'Father', let us love You with a purer heart and praise You with a purer tongue.
"O You good, dear Father, be and remain to us the same holy, dear, good Father You have been to us already from eternity; but not only to us who are here present, but to all our children and later descendants. Amen. Your holy will, amen; Your love, mercy and grace, amen!"
And the high Abedam added: "Amen, say I too; amen, according to the love of your hearts, amen, according to the action therefrom. And I do not ever say amen anywhere but in the pure love.
"You shall not pray to God Who is holy, holy, holy, but only to the Father's love; for to God all men are an abomination, - only to the Father are they children.
"God's holiness is inviolable, but the Father's love descends to the children.
"God's wrath judges all things towards eternal annihilation; but the Father's mercy does not allow even a dream to ever perish.
"As far as God is concerned everything must die, but then the life of the Father come over the dead. Whoever seeks God will lose Him, himself and his life, for God does not allow Himself to be touched. And men's wisdom that seeks Him is to Him a disgusting folly and inevitably kills the seeker. For he touches God with wisdom, but no created being may touch God with whatever a sense and still stay alive.
"For God is an eternal, purest but also endlessly intense fire which never goes out; and if the Father did not mitigate it, it would destroy all things forever. Therefore everybody shall fear God above all and love the Father above all; for the Father is the most opposite to God.
"And yet God would not be God without the Father who is the eternal Love in God. And the Father would not be the Father without God.
"But as the Father is all life in God, thus God is all power and might in the Father. Without the Father God would be inexpressible to Himself, for all Word within Him is the Father. But the Father would never be Father without God, and thus God and Father are one.
"Therefore, whoever touches the Father with love, touches God too. But he who forgets the Father and with his wisdom only wants to touch the Deity, the Father will ignore; but the fire of the Deity will seize and tear him up and destroy him endlessly so that he will forever be unable to find himself. And it will not easily happen that the Father will once more gather him together from all infinity and form him anew.
"Wherever the Father is there is God too. But only the Father reveals Himself to the children. God cannot reveal Himself to anyone, except through the Father, and then, as is the case now, the Father reveals the Deity So whoever hears, sees and loves Me, hears, sees and loves also God. He who is admitted by the Father is also admitted by God.
"An unworthy one who is not admitted by the Father will fall into the hands of the judging and annihilating Deity, and there will be no mercy, nor any love and grace.
"Therefore, fear the Deity for it is terrible to fall into Its hands!
"But love the Father! Hold on firmly to His love and let yourselves always be touched and guided by the Father's love, then you will not ever taste death, except the separation from the body which latter is a curse of the Deity and wherein the life out of the Father is protected from the wrath of the Deity through the shielding love of the Father.
"From the hand of God you receive the curse, - but from the hand of the Father the blessing of love and all the life out of it. Therefore, adhere forever to love and you will stand steadfast in love. But when you stick to wisdom you will perish and be blown away forever by the Spirit of the Deity.
"These words are a great Sabbath-gift from the Father, whose children you are and Who loves you above all in the abounding infinity. Ponder on this in your hearts and act accordingly and you will live and never fall into the hands of the Deity.
"And you, Seth, go now outside where the sun has already risen and let an abundant morning meal be prepared, for when the spirit has received its due it shall also properly care for the body. Call in here the three from the midnight region who have been singing outside for quite a while; their names are Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion. Go and perform your duty well. Amen."