God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 183 -


As the five maidens saw and deeply comprehended in their hearts how very good and loving Jehovah is and that He can be completely trusted they became much bolder, especially Ghemela.
And so the latter began to ask Him about all kinds of things. Some of the rarest questions coming from the mouth and heart of Ghemela were as follows:
"My alone exceedingly beloved Jehovah! As Your inexpressible grace and love have allowed me to contemplate the infinite wonder of a little flower - this my little flower which shall forever remain to me one of the dearest tokens concerning this time! - Behold, I have often at night gazed with a greatly longing heart at the dear, beautiful little stars in the sky and wondered what they might be. But I could only ponder about it and never gain any certainty.
"I often thought that they must be very beautiful looked at closely, much more beautiful than the little flowers since they are already from a distance so magnificent.
"Once we walked with our father to a very distant place where we used to see the little stars rising, hoping to be able to see them close by. But look, my alone beloved, best and holy Jehovah, the dear little stars withdrew from us to a great distance and rose in quite a strange place which appeared to us too far to reach at night. We were also already too tired to continue on another long journey.
"Besides, the father also consoled us saying that we must not be disappointed. These stars were probably too holy because of You, and that was why they were always withdrawing from the unholy eyes of men, and we had to be grateful to You for letting us behold such holy things from a distance with impunity.
"And look, we were all quite satisfied and could do nothing but praise and glorify You with all the love of our hearts for such an immense grace.
"But now, my most beloved Jehovah, after having seen this little flower, - now - I do not quite dare -! O good, most loving Jehovah! You are not going to be angry with me, are You?"
Then Abedam encouraged her, saying: "O My Ghemela, just go on asking unafraid and be assured in your and My love that, firstly, I never become angry and, secondly, I shall answer all your questions and grant you everything your pure love asks of Me.
"But I can already see that I shall have to help you again out of some embarrassment. You would like to see the stars, which appear to you as shining little flowers of the firmament, close enough for you to understand them. Is that not so?"
And Ghemela affirmed Abedam's question with a happy smile and a cheerful nod of her head.
Then Abedam said to her: "So give Me your right hand, but the left give your father and sisters that they, too, might see what you will now be seeing.
After these words He breathed upon all of them and they gazed into the depths of creation.
But soon Ghemela cried out aloud - and with her also the other viewers - with the following words:
"O Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah! Save us poor beings who are nothing before You, for the endless magnitude of Your creation is swallowing us up, yes, we are already destroyed! No one can see this and stay alive. Therefore, O Jehovah, You holy, great God and Father, save us!"
And Abedam called them back again and the vision vanished. When they came to again they fell down before Him and began to worship Him. For a great fear had seized them and they were shaking all over.
But Abedam touched them and told them to rise to their feet unafraid. And then He very gently asked Ghemela:
"Ghemela, it seems to Me that you did not like the stars as much as you liked the little flower?
"What was it that still makes you tremble so much? Take heart and tell all of us about it. Behold, you are once more with Me where you do not have to fear anything. So tell us quickly what you have experienced in these three moments.
"Come here and lean a bit on my bosom, then you will take heart again."
And with great ardor she leaned against Abedam and only after having rested on this so exceedingly holy bosom recovered, raised herself and began with a still soft and timid voice to speak:
"O Jehovah, You almighty, exceedingly holy, infinite Jehovah! Whose mouth would be worthy to speak of Your infinite greatness, height, depth and might?
"I saw nothing but countless, endlessly great, indescribably brightly flaming worlds moving in infinity like flashes of lightning, one surpassing the other in infinite magnitude, light and magnificence.
"When I focused my startled eyes on all this I saw nothing but an endless world of flames and in the middle of these endlessly extended flames I was terrified to see immensely large, horribly looking human forms walking with great rapidity.
"I thought of their pain and felt as if an endless abyss had opened up swallowing this world of flames and the probably intensely suffering human forms with it.
"This horrible abyss seemed to threaten to swallow me too, and that is why I cried aloud for Your help. You did help me poor thing and for this I want to thank and praise You forever.
"Look, I am unable to speak any more; O do have patience with me who loves You above all! -. O Jehovah, so these are the stars, which have delighted me so often?
"Do not be cross with me if I openly admit that I prefer the little flowers to the stars which really look terrible.
If I have Your permission I would like to ask You about something else."
And Abedam replied: "Ghemela, you have already received My assurance. Ask whatever you want to and I will answer your questions; but do not ask any further about stars, for they are too immense for you. Otherwise you may ask about anything."