God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 39 -


And behold, thereupon they left the first patriarch and kept their treasures in their hearts. But they cared too much so that there remained only very little room for Me, which was, of course, not according to My order. Thus their hearts became gradually dark and they increasingly sensual. The same happened to their children, and soon there was not much difference between them and the Enochites.
When Adam's children noticed how exceedingly beautiful these women were they asked the two where they had come from.
They (the two guides, the Ed.) replied: "From the city of Enoch in the lowland; and there are still many thousands that have come from the blood of Cain. Go there and preach the name of the Lord and you shall receive such a reward, too. Hored went and was rewarded. We went, and the reward is tied to our hearts!" When they inquired after Hored, the two answered: "Brothers, our love has blinded us in its blessed sweetness; therefore, we do not know where he has gone. But we assume that he has taken the road of Ahujel and Aza and you know that the sun has to rise and set eighty times before that place can be reached. However, you should not envy him in his happiness, but do the will of Jehovah and go to the city of Enoch and powerfully proclaim His holy name. Then the reward will not be withheld from you."
There were seven of them who had heard this, and they went into the lowlands. - However, we shall first throw a glance into the depth of the city of Enoch before we await them there and allow them to appear and act there as unauthorized ones in My name out of temporal interests.
Behold, now Lamech had no one left to comfort him. Nothing would appeal to him. Music stirred his conscience; in the soft vibrations he kept hearing the last sighs of his murdered brothers and the sound of the pipe cut through his heart of stone. And he cursed Jubal for producing such miserable things, which at the sound of every note did not kill him only seventy-sevenfold, but always caused him a thousand-fold death. Because of this, which always mightily disturbed his conscience, Jubal had to leave the court and was not permitted to show his face there if he still valued his life.
Thus Lamech's most beautiful mistresses, however attractive they might be, were unable to win any favors. Therefore, they tore their garments, wept and grieved. When Lamech saw this, he went to them and said: "My Ada is gone and so is my Zilla. Of what use could you be to me? Go into the fields and work so that you may not starve at my court, for all I need now is myself! If I still possessed my might, then the sun, the moon and all the stars would have to submit to my anger. But since Tatahar I have become weak and am no longer able - notwithstanding the numerous executions, which were carried out in accordance with my just laws - to regain my lost power. Therefore, I want to get rid of everything and be left alone with my few servants, counselors and other workers and will limit my government to my city only. Let all else be lawless and outlawed and whoever should approach my court shall be punished with death.
And now away with you that you may not be the first to experience this punishment and let none of you dare answer back if she does not want to see me cool my anger in her blood!"
Then he left them suddenly and the thirty maids of exquisite beauty, aged between twenty and forty, departed. Out in the open, they sat down and deliberated what they should do, but were unable to come to a satisfactory decision. And look, while they were still deliberating they suddenly noticed that seven tall, robust men whose unexpected appearance frightened them surrounded them. But when the men noticed their embarrassment, they spoke to them, as follows:
"Do not be afraid you young and beautiful children, for you will not be harmed! We do not come from the city of Enoch to lead you to your death, but we come from the heights of the mountains and want to save you. If you will let us bless you, confessing the divine name of Jehovah, we shall take you for our dear wives in the love of God, the mightiest Father of our father Adam. Then you will have to follow us to the heights where Naeme has followed the great Hored and where in the protective arms of the brothers Aholin and Jolliel, Ada and Zilla, the former wives of Lamech, the cruel murderer of his brothers, have found safe refuge."
Thereupon the maids rose and said: "There are thirty of us and you are only seven. If, as we have once heard, each of you may take only one wife, what should we, the other twenty-three, do by your side?'
And the seven said: "It is not as you think! Although in the beginning, as we were taught by our still living original progenitor Adam, Jehovah's almighty love created only one man and one woman, we children have been allowed by God to take four, five and even more wives for the sake of begetting. Therefore, do not have misgivings, but let yourselves be blessed and follow us."
And behold, when the maids heard this they were very happy and followed the men. Having reached the heights, the seven did not know how to distribute these treasures of love among themselves. So they prostrated themselves and implored Me for advice. - And lo, Seth approached and said: "Rise and do not tempt God with perjured hearts, asking the Holy One how to distribute the impure catch among you, but go to Adam, repent there your mighty offence and then distribute the women among your brothers after the father Adam has blessed them, so that you may appear just before God, for you know that God is holy and that His land must not be desecrated through disobedience and the lewdness of your vain hearts."
Upon such a reprimand the seven, together with the maids, followed Seth to the dwelling of Adam where they found him and Eve praying and sighing by the side of Enos (the preacher of My name), a son of Seth, and Enoch ('the will of Jehovah'), the extremely pious son of Jared. Seth told Adam what had happened and asked him to show mercy to the blood of Cain and thereby once more restore the order, which had been disturbed by the seven.
And Adam said: "O my dear son Abel-Seth, you are a true image of my godly Abel. You are, as he was, according to my heart, full of love. Abel blessed his murderer out of love and you ask for blessing of the blood of my enemy!
Oh be blessed a thousand fold, you awakened seed of God, and bless with this blessing the so deeply desecrated blood and distribute it to the children. And as it pleases the Lord, let each one take one of the maids, but only one. And he shall no longer remain in the land of Jehovah, but go westward for thirty days and settle there in the deep valleys and not return to the here dwelling fathers before the sun has completed a hundred times the circle of its journey. For you, my dear Abel-Seth, know anyway how holy this place is where every mouth so often utters His holy name, where your sacrificial altar is standing, where Enos proclaims the holy will of the most high, holy Father and where Enoch fulfils that holy will to the last detail. Therefore, you shall act in the most holy name of Jehovah and in my name which is a holy name since I received it from God's most holy mouth as the first, unborn man created by His holy hand.
May love guide you and grace lead you forever! Amen."
And behold, Enos and Enoch accompanied the father Seth from Adam's hut. And Eve wept for joy when she saw Adam so happy and said: "Adam, how I always rejoice when you are really happy! But when I look back at myself I become again sad when I realize the magnitude of my guilt and how much evil has gone forth from it. What must things be like with the descendants of Cain! O God, what a great sinner I am!"
But Adam comforted her, saying: "Beloved wife, you my second self, your grief is always just and pleasing to the Lord. Therefore, let your heart be calm and bear in mind that we can do nothing without God, whereas with God we can accomplish everything, as Enoch has taught us. Without God we can never find complete peace, and therefore we must sacrifice everything to the Lord. Behold, He is mighty, wise and full of love and shall find the right means to once more straighten out what we have spoilt. So be unconcerned; the Lord's love will set everything to rights in due course. Amen."
And Eve thanked Adam and he blessed her for the last time in My name and he lived still ten years, but Eve another thirty.
Seth did as suggested by Adam, but the seven began to weep because they were to go away. And Seth pitied them in his heart and he prostrated himself and implored Me in his heart: "O Jehovah, behold, the tears of these children are burning me, and yet my love is no more than hate compared with Your endless compassion! Show me through Your mouthpiece Enoch what I am to do, or let me die like Abel that I may not see the tears of the children that are to be orphaned! O Jehovah, hear my prayers also this time as You always do! Amen."
And behold, Enoch raised his eyes to heaven and I opened his mouth and he began to speak, as follows: "I have put My ear to the earth and have heard Seth's love. If the seven will give the maids to their thirty unmarried brothers and they live for ten years in chastity, they may stay. But if not, they must flee from My face as Adam bade them! Amen."
Having heard this, the seven rejoiced in their hearts and praised God for His immense grace. And with great joy they took the maids to their brothers, accompanied by Seth, Enoch and Enos.
However, when the brothers saw the maids they were alarmed at the situation and refused to accept them. But when I noticed the willingness of the seven, I spoke to them through the mouth of Enoch:
"I have seen the seven to possess unselfish hearts, happy to give joy to the brothers. Therefore, keep the maids and they shall be blessed for your hearts, four each, and the two eldest shall have five each. But the demanded chastity shall be observed! Amen."
And behold, Seth, Enos and Enoch blessed them and left, praising My name, and then went and told Adam about it.