God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 4 -


Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, certain and faithful:
My grace is a rich treasure. Whoever receives it will not ever be in want of anything, temporally and eternally. Therefore, let everyone endeavor to obtain it forthwith, for I give it to whoever wishes to have it.
For behold, if you want forgiveness of your sins, they are forgiven you provided you do true penance through Jesus who is My living Word and the love within Me. The gates of heaven are open to you, and if you want it you can enter and behold the face of your holy Father who is I, the eternal God Jehovah.
You can do that with the help of the living Word, which is Jesus Christ or eternal Love and Wisdom within Me from which keeps flowing all that is good and true. Love has been given to you from the very beginning, for it is the actual life within you, as is the might in My creatures, which, since it does not possess freedom though it also issues from My love, is not love itself, but only the effect of love. This is as such without life and, therefore, whatever goes forth from the might is dead matter with only an apparent life, which is in reality death.
Therefore, if someone attaches his love to the material world, his love is crushed by the might of death, and the result is the lot of matter, or death.
But he, who directs and attaches his love to Me, reunites his love with the love or life of all life and thus becomes alive throughout.
But now behold: Love in itself is blind and dark, which makes it free and independent, but also in great danger of becoming lost and perishing.
Therefore, I add to all love for Me, depending on its intensity, a proper share of light, which is a gift and is called grace. With this I flow into everyone according to the degree of his love.
If a person has the love, thereby animating My law within him, which is the highest love, streams of light will be poured over him, and his eye will penetrate the earth and behold the depths of the heavens.
Tell the children and tell all, of whatever religion they may be - Catholics or Protestants, Jews, Turks, Brahmins or heathens, - in short, it concerns all: There is but One true church on earth and this is the love for Me in My Son and is the Holy Spirit within you, manifesting through My living Word. And this Word is the Son, and the Son is My love and is within Me and I permeate Him completely and we are one. Thus I am within you, and your soul, whose heart is My place of residence, is the sole true church on earth. Only therein is eternal life, and it is the sole beatific church.
For behold, I am the Lord over everything that exists. I am the eternal and almighty God and as such also your holy and loving Father. And all this I am in the Word, but the Word is in the Son and the Son in the love and the love in the law, and the law has been given to you. If you observe it and act accordingly, you have absorbed it. Then it becomes alive within you, exalts you and makes you free, and you are then no longer under the law, but above it in the grace and light, all of which is My wisdom.
And that is the bliss, or the Kingdom of God within you, or the only beatific church on earth. And life eternal is only in this church.
Or do you think I dwell within the walls, or in the ceremony, or in the prayer, or in the worship? Oh no, there you are quite wrong, for I am only where there is love, being Myself the very love or the very life. I give you love and life and unite only with love and life, but never with matter or death.
I have overcome death and subjected the Deity in order to have all the power over everything that exists, and that My love may rule forever and make alive all that is subject to it.
And how can you believe that I wait for you in death when I am life itself? Therefore, go first into the true church where there is life, and only then into the dead church that it may become alive through you.