God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 47 -


When they had completely returned to their normal state, Adam rose and spoke to the small gathering: "Well, children, have you seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears? Yes, you have beheld the Lord of Eternity, the God of Infinity, our most loving, holy Father, and you have seen and heard His inexpressibly sweet voice! Indeed, He is as He was when I saw Him before He had been seen by a mortal eye, which is now enveloped in death's threefold night. And His voice is the same unchanged voice full of might and power obeying to the endlessly sweet sound of which suns and worlds came out of their nothingness and in boundless reverence became what they are now. Through the sound of this voice even the mightiest and greatest spirit became what he now is: a helpless worm in the dust of the earth here before your eyes. For I was set in his place as a miserable, bad and ungrateful creature full of disobedience out of myself.
"O children, look how exceedingly good our God, yes, our most loving and holy Father is! This great spirit whose place now I, a poor and very weak man from the dust, am taking, was called to be a brother to the eternal Love of the Father's holiness. But disobedience because of his self-love forced this great, mighty spirit here into this indescribable lowliness. Since it is no longer possible for us in our nothingness ever to be worthy of the Deity and come closer to Him even by a mote, He intends, as you now have all heard, Himself to enter our nothingness in order to draw us closer to Him, and thereby give to this our nothingness more than the greatest spirit could ever comprehend; that is - if I have grasped it correctly - He wants to be to us worms of the dust not only a God, a holy Father, which He has been from eternity, but He wants to become a strong brother to us thereby to unite us unworthy ones with Himself for eternal life.
"O children, who can ever grasp such endless love? Where is the heart which in its greatest rapture could bear even an infinitesimal part of such love capable of drawing down to us the great God, the most holy Father, to have mercy upon our nothingness and out of such love to clothe Himself in our nothingness in order to become everything, yes, everything to us?
"O children, my emotion is numbing my tongue, and therefore you, Enoch, you blessed speaker of God, shall continue and let us hear the wondrous power of your tongue! But listen; do begin to speak of the great love of the most holy Father where I have ended to speak of it. Amen."
And when Enoch had heard this wish, he pulled himself together, rose from the ground, thanked Me in the great humility of his heart, bowed to all, then stepped up to Adam, bowed to him and said:
"O father of my fathers! Behold, my fathers and your children are present here; how could I dare to speak before these whom God called into being out of you before me and thus has set them to be my fathers? Therefore, I would like them to give also their permission so that I may with complete peace of mind utter the word of God's immense grace before all the patriarchs and the exalted mother Eve."
When the patriarchs heard these meek words of modesty, they all rose, bowed to Adam, praised Me aloud and thanked Me for giving Enoch such a modest and meek heart. And their faces were beaming with great joy at the glorious Enoch. Adam himself praised his insight and humility and now asked him with the happy consent of all to cheerfully begin to speak of the great love of God, the eternal, holy Father.
Only after hearing this, and after an inner, silent prayer for My grace and mercy, did he begin to speak, saying:
"O most beloved fathers! What can the feeble tongue of weak, limited and insignificant man bring forth and stammer at this so holy place where a little while before the eternal Love and Wisdom of the most holy Father has spoken words full of eternal meaning to our hearts.
"O fathers, what is our greatest word compared to His smallest which caused the eternal might of such holy Love to bring forth out of Himself countless great and small things in order to fill with them the infinite, eternal expanse of His will, whereas our greatest speeches are unable to blow even the tiniest mote from its destined order.
"O fathers, if we ponder on this must we not feel as if we were standing on embers and I, the speaker, on the burning rays of the midday sun when its rays above our heads make the hard ore melt?
"Bear in mind that it was God Who was standing there as a mighty, eternal Spirit speaking to us out of Himself great words. And we do not understand them and shall not ever understand them completely; for how could that, which is nothing in itself, comprehend the eternal, infinite Being of God and grasp the eternal essence of a word from the mouth of God since all of us know how many words eternal Love and Wisdom needed in order to call forth us and the entire universe so perfect, yet incomprehensible for us.
"O fathers, look, if one considers this and wishes to speak of the so endlessly great glory of God, where is one to begin and where to end?
"Should we turn to the mote which is so insignificantly floating in the air of our little hut, glistening in the rays of the sun, not knowing with what to begin first? Or who might know what to end with so as to give appropriate praise to the Lord, the most holy Father, the infinite, eternal God?
"O fathers, since we already here in our hut realize the impossibility of greeting the first mote in a way pleasing to God and to thank Him for the recognition of the last one, - where would we begin when on leaving our hut we see the endless multiplicity of dust on the vast earth?
"Yet we must admit that all this which appears so endless to us comes to almost nothing before God, although the full revelation of but one such mote would take a whole eternity if we were to recognize it in the boundless perfection of God.
"O fathers, look, if such a tiny mote as we now recognize is already so immense to us, what must then the magnitude of the endless multiplicity from the first to the last be? - Where is there a being, except God, that could comprehend the eternal wisdom of the most holy Father herein?
"And since this is so, what can we say about the earth as such, all the countless stars and all that is on the earth and on the great stars? And what could we say about us, now and about our original being? Yet all this is only a simple word from the mouth of God.
"O fathers, do think about it: How many words has before our eyes, ears and hearts the eternal, infinite, most holy Father now spoken; the same through whose almighty 'Let there be!' infinity was filled with endless things.
"Oh listen, eternity will not ever comprehend it and infinity is too small to absorb what we have just now, enraptured, heard from the most holy mouth. We men cannot possibly imagine it; but when all this will happen in accordance with the most holy and supreme decree, then heaven and earth themselves must become endless. The dust will become earth and infinity itself will have to be endlessly extended before we shall be able to understand only a mote of what our most holy Father has in mind by wanting to become a holy brother to us.
"O fathers, behold the greatness and profundity in God, - and I, a poor worm in the dust, should dare after such a speech to interpret it to you since, for our great comfort, this was given for a new heaven and not for this limited earth. We can do nothing but love Him Who always is and will be holy, holy, holy. Let all that we can understand consist in our ever increasing love for our most holy Father and let our greatest wisdom be that we love Him above all who is the very Love eternal and throughout and we and everything through Him - eternal! Amen, amen, amen."