God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 63 -


"And now," said Adam, "since all except Enoch have answered me and Enoch, naturally, has been the living answer itself already for a long time, let us finally see how Asmahael has absorbed all this. And his answer shall be the last positive proof that he shall be worthily admitted into the midst of the fathers according to the will of Jehovah.
"And so also you, Asmahael, tell us how you understood all this and show us how you have grasped and comprehended the teacher you have been assigned. So speak to the best of your ability! Amen."
And behold, thereupon Asmahael gave the following, most noteworthy answer and exactly as inspired by Me. He said:
"Beloved fathers of the earth's fathers, for you, children of the highest, the most holy Father, Enoch's marvelous word was too hard to understand and to grasp fully from the innermost depth of the root of life. O fathers of the earth's fathers, how am I transitory worm of the dust to explain and show you, yes, even show you to what extent the infinite might unite with the finite, death with life, the night with light, the earth with the sun, time with eternity and the created beings with God!
"O you fathers of the earth's fathers, if I could do that, truly, the earth would not be illuminated sparingly by just one only sun during the day. Oh hear, then hosts of suns would go forth from every word, from every sound of the tongue all of which would briskly circle the earth.
"O fathers of the earth's fathers, I believe that the power of such words, and thus also their eventual comprehension, is so high, endlessly higher than that I, a slave, only just rescued from the night of death, could possibly reveal the greatest wonder, a Wonder of wonders in the Word.
"I have often seen animals perform most clever acts and it was amazing that men could not do the same with diligent effort. But words, Oh hear, - words, this Wonder of wonders, I could never hear from the tongues of the wisest animals.
"Then I thought: Even the wisest act can never proclaim life to life of Life! For I often saw spiders die in the middle of the most daring web. Also in the greatest palaces of the mighty cities of the lowland death has often celebrated a ghastly harvest festival
"Yes, without words of life even men in their relations with each other would show us hardly more than would a stone towards a stone.
"But words, O listen, words that originate from life, show us again life. And could life originally be found anywhere else but in the word?
"In the word there is life; the word is life and God is the Word and the Life. Life is to be found only in the Word; and the Word forever creating and finding itself in God, as life out of the Life, must have spoken mightily and thus have formed and created everything out of itself in infinity.
"O fathers of the earth's fathers, when I now learn through Enoch the mighty working of the Word and thereby change everything within me, oh, then I no longer ask about life. This I have truly found already in the Word; and he who does not find this evidence of life sufficient, O fathers, he would hardly ever find another one! Amen."