God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 1

The early history of mankind

- Chapter 93 -


When Asmahael had concluded His reprimand to the three, He told Seth to summon the children of the evening, and especially the elders, so that they, too, might receive and hear a word of liberation from Him, according to Adam's wish.
As soon as Seth had heard this, he rushed with lightning-speed to the children and told them with great animation of Asmahael's blessed intention and that they were to listen very attentively as they would never have heard words, as the One sitting on the beast would be speaking.
"For He is - listen - He is - in short, children, He surpasses all of us by far in love and wisdom, - and every word by Him - is greater than the whole -, that is, than all words by us!"
Then the elders drew closer to Asmahael and were full of concentration and longing expectation regarding Asmahael's speech.
But when Adam and those who were with him in the background, that is, about a hundred paces behind the backs of the four children of the main line standing here, noticed that something extraordinary must be going to happen because the children of the evening began crowding around the four, Adam said:
"Listen, how about our going there, too, so as to better witness and hear what Asmahael is going to speak about. Even though we did not fully comprehend his last speech, it was nevertheless full of wisdom.
"It is really astonishing how far this young man from the lowland has progressed in the short time of three days, and that only by listening to our loving-wise speeches. How much more he will be attaining if he spends more time with Enoch and us and is also a witness and participant in the hallowed celebration of the Sabbath of Jehovah!
"And so let us go there! Amen."
When the children of the evening saw that the arch father with Eve and the others had come, too, they immediately cleared the way for him so that he could easily reach Asmahael, as well as Seth, Kenan and Enoch.
Having joined his own, Adam immediately asked what was going to happen now and whether Asmahael had already spoken something.
Then Seth greeted him and said: "Listen, dear Father! Asmahael has not yet spoken to the children, but earlier only to us. Now he will, as was your wish, address a word to the children. For since he had to accompany us, he must of course comply with your wishes as all of us have already done - is this not so, dear Father?"
But Adam, full of pious curiosity, could not desist from asking Seth what it was that Asmahael had spoken to them about.
This question rendered poor Seth speechless from embarrassment. "For," he thought, "if I tell him I become a betrayer; if I say something else I become a liar; and if I remain silent, I become a disobedient son and shall be standing there like a hypocrite or one who does not deem his father worthy of an answer.
"But I will put Adam off to hear my answer at another time because time is now too precious so as not to delay Asmahael's surely unsurpassed speech to the children."
This is what Seth told Adam in all meekness, but the latter was not satisfied with it and remarked to Seth:
"Listen, my beloved Abel-Seth, I notice that you want to hide from me. In your heart something else is written! Why did you blush at my pious question, become embarrassed and remain silent for quite a while?
"I, Adam your father, am telling you: Asmahael shall not open his mouth before you have given me a faithful answer!
"Listen, you owe faithfulness to God and me; therefore, speak now, and no more excuses! Amen."
Seth was scared stiff and unable to utter a single word.
Then Enoch came forward and said to Adam: "Father, dear father, did you not teach us yourself that the straight road is the shortest? Is not Asmahael among us? Why should Seth answer for him when he might more easily have forgotten something Asmahael has said, - than the ho.. - speaker, that is, than Asmahael Himself! Do turn to the Originator of all-, that is, to Asmahael Himself and we assure you that we shall confirm every one of His words as completely true. Amen."
But Adam asked also Enoch, saying: "I am not pleased with you either, for you do not speak freely as usually. Tell me what it is that paralyses Seth's tongue. Tell me what Asmahael has spoken to you, as your memory is evidently better than that of Seth. So do speak in his place and I shall be satisfied! Amen."
And Enoch replied: "Father, listen and understand me well. On this earth every right has its limits, as has the earth itself, and thus also the father's right where his children are concerned.
"When you demand an answer from Seth and me, have you borne in mind deep within whether the commandment which for the time being binds our tongues before you may not be higher than your somewhat untimely demand?
This is the situation now. We have received a command from God to keep silent before you as long as it pleases Him. Therefore, you will not force us to offend against God's command before you and God.
"However, it should satisfy your pious curiosity to know that Jehovah is closer to us than you can even imagine. So do not force us to sin in the face of God, but hear for yourself - that is: If you wish to know what Asmahael has spoken, turn to Him, as already said, to Him only, for He has that is, as far as I know He has not been commanded by God to say nothing to you.
"He is completely free, but this is not so with us; so excuse us for not answering your question for the time being. Amen."
When Adam heard these words, he felt quite peculiar and he was reminded of the time when after he had sinned he was hiding in a cave and heard My voice, asking: "Adam! Where are you?"
He was not prepared for such a change, became very sad and felt helpless. So he silently sat down on the ground, weeping and grieving in his heart:
"My great God and Lord, Creator of all things and holy Father of all spirits and men! Did You create me to torment me from the beginning to this hour?
"Oh, how I would then have to lose confidence in Your love. Why did I have to become alive and conscious of myself to become to You an object for cooling Your great spitefulness? Would not dead stones serve that purpose well enough?
"You animated me with all the senses and breathed into me all kinds of desires giving me commandments against them so that they might ruin me before You and You could condemn me!
O Lord, if You possess any love and mercy do with me now what You wanted to do after I had sinned and destroy me forever! Make me as if I had never been, for it is unspeakably better forever not to be than to exist as a being freely aware of itself under the eternal pressure of Your invincible might and to serve You as a toy, yes, a mean toy for Your immeasurable spitefulness to amuse only Yourself.
"You are a God and an exceedingly mighty Lord, but never a Father!
"Tell me, if You wish, whether I have ever been as mischievous with my children. Have I ever taught them to keep silent before You? Why do You bind their tongues and hearts before me?
"Who or what am I that you torment me? Destroy me and amuse Yourself with stones and other things!
"If You are a holy God, how can You breathe into me an unholy desire against Your holiness?
"If I am Your work, destroy me; and if I am not, leave me as I am! Amen, amen, amen."