God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 12 -


After this speech they all thanked Abedam for His great grace of appointing for them a leader in the humility of Kisehel and said with one voice:
O Abedam, surely we can all trust in him, in whom rests Your confidence. Therefore, forever thanks, praise and glory to him, whom You have so graciously appointed our leader. He will certainly be a wise leader to us all in Your most holy name and according to Your divine will and pleasure. Amen."
And Abedam added: "Yes, Amen say also I, but remember also this:
"I am the First and am closer to everyone than the leader given you by Me.
"Therefore, whenever you need counsel, you shall always in your heart come to Me before you go to the leader, and I shall make your heart receptive for the leader's advice and shall prepare you for the words of the leader, - wherefore you will then recognize his word not as his, but as My Word in you all.
"Thus, the leader's task is not to give you laws and rules, but only to confirm to you My will within you.
"But he who will not come to Me beforehand, will often be severely dealt with by the leader, who will reprimand him and impose unheard-of duties on him, the execution of which he will find harder than carrying a whole mountain.
Thus -- I am the First; only then comes he who will confirm My Word in you externally. Amen."
After this, Abedam dismissed them, telling them to follow Him and stay with Him for as long as He would visibly remain among the children.
Then He summoned Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion.
When they promptly appeared throwing themselves to the ground before Him, He bade them rise and told them:
"Surely you will have heard all that has been discussed here and will thus know My will fully and clearly inasmuch as you have to fulfill it.
"But I did not destine you for the lowlands; therefore, you have no duties there like the others. Now I am going to destine you for humility if you want to be truly My children and gain a completely free, eternal life out of Me.
"I need not tell you more concerning humility than what I have already told those chosen, but have merely to admonish you to cultivate above all the humility of your hearts; for without the true, inner humility nobody can seize Me truly lovingly in his heart, thus living a complete, eternal life in My love.
"Whenever you will want to love Me, yet your heart is not strong enough to seize Me with ardent love, having to be content with some dull contemplations about Me (like somebody who, after a few sleepless nights, wants to grasp something with spiritual ardor yet is seized with profound dullness and a great desire to sleep exactly at a time when he tries to work in the fire of his spirit) remember that you are lacking in true humility; for that is the real fundament of all life.
"But if you do not have that, what then is your love? - A dream during the night! - What My mercy for you? - The touching, with a stick, of a stone! - What My grace? - A light to a rotten tree stump! - My Word? An inaudible tone to a dead clump of earth! What My love for you? - The blowing over an unfeeling shingle of a gentle breeze! - And, finally, what am I Myself? - Nothing but a dull imagery without existence or what is to an animal sleeping at the bottom of the ocean or in the bowels of the earth, the ray of the sun!
"Therefore, cultivate above all humility. Once you have found the innermost root of the same, you have also fully found Me in all might, strength and power, and My love, grace and mercy, including eternal life and its glory.
"Therefore, do accept My blessing all of you, too, and be wise leaders and teachers to all of your children. But you, too, must teach them first of all to seek Me. And only when they have found Me in the true love and humility of their hearts shall they also come to you and show you the great find that has come their way.
"I endow also you with all the might and strength necessary; these you shall use wisely whenever you should encounter any obduracy.
"Just as I am now choosing you as leaders of your children, also you shall choose from your midst those whose hearts you will find full of humility; but not ever one who would strive to be more and greater than all his brothers instead of the least among them.
"Neither should you choose him who pretended to be the least so that he might be chosen; for you shall even exile a servile person from your land until he will, provided with My witness in his heart, return to you and ask you to be accepted as the least servant in your land.
"Take good heed of all this and be friendly towards all strangers whom I shall lead to you; then I shall be with you at all times. Amen. My blessing be with you. Amen."