God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 16 -


Soon after Enoch's words and the approval of the same through Abedam, Enoch set out to visit the children of the morning, who were encamped near Adam's cave.
When he arrived there and they saw him they shouted with joy and said: "Look, look, Enoch, the loving, wise teacher Enoch, to whose words even the patriarch Adam willingly submits, is coming to us! Indeed, he has already arrived and is with us, among us and within us!"
And a patriarch of the morning, named Uranion, stepping up to Enoch asked him with the greatest and most loving reverence:
"Father Enoch, you wisest teacher of the great God, Who Himself is eternal love and wisdom, what holy purpose has let us share in the great grace of your personal presence among us?
"Truly, what you have in store for us may not be a trifling matter.
"If it be your will, pray proclaim it to us; for our sale happiness - and we all have never looked for any other - consists in hearing something of Him, Whose name is too holy for our tongues to pronounce.
"Therefore, you most venerable father Enoch, reveal to us what led you to our wretchedness."
And this is what Enoch said to them: "So listen all, you my beloved fathers, brothers and children! Firstly, I thank you for your love towards me and all my and your fathers, brothers and children and commend you for your true fear of God and the most blissful love you bear in the great humility of your hearts for the great, most holy, loving, gentle and forbearing Father. But secondly, I wish to add that in all future your great love, expressed in almost idolizing phrases full of love and warmth, may be spared me; for look, all the honor, all praise, glory, love and adoration are due to no one but alone to God, the most loving, holy Father!
"We are among us all brothers since no one shall be a lord to another but, as I said, merely a brother, a dear sister, a loving and wise father to his children and a pure, loving husband to a wife and, if it please the holy Father, one brother may lead the other lovingly should the latter have lost the light of life; whatever goes beyond that we owe only to the most holy Father.
"Grasp this in your hearts, and now listen further. You, Uranion, have asked me right in the beginning what holy purpose brought me here; now hear what I shall reveal to you:
"What would you think of a man whose word is so mighty as to quell with an imperceptible sign a storm like that of yesterday, just as if it had never happened?
"Who, with one word, was able to restore this immense, splendid cave of Adam - which, as some of you must have noticed, was reduced to dust by the storm -, just as if the structure had existed from eternity!
"Yes, I tell you, a man before whose breath the sea retreats, before whose voice the whole of infinity reverberates in awe, before whose gaze the sun becomes extinct, under whose tread all the world is destroyed, and he to whom he turns his heart is filled with all might, strength and power over all the things in the world, and his heart turns into a living conflagration of the purest love, innermost humility and thereby of eternal life.
Tell me what you might think of him. But keep me out of all your thoughts."
And Uranion, pondering over this for a few moments, finally answered: "Enoch, your words sound mysterious. If some such man actually existed, what difference would there be between him and God?
"For, from what you are revealing about him he is endowed with all the attributes we can possibly imagine God as having and this man must, therefore, be permeated and filled by the Deity, or even be God Himself.
"For unless one could assume what I told you before, this could not be possibly grasped. For although man is endowed by God with great, amazing gifts of grace, like a small vessel holding seven handfuls of water, each drop of which is an assembly point of innumerable unsuspected wonders, and it is unthinkable to accommodate the whole, immense sea in this vessel, it is equally unthinkable that there should exist a natural man like us, capable of pure divine greatness, strength, might, power, love, grace and mercy, to the extent that he would endure without being crushed under the endless weight of such pure divine fullness.
"Therefore, beloved Enoch, do not be so mysterious about it but show us all clearly what is behind your super mighty man."
And Enoch answered him: "I tell you, Uranion, call your six brothers to you and then follow me with all your thousand children, and look thither: On Adam's hill towards morning you shall all make closer acquaintance with this most mighty man."
And Uranion did according to Enoch's words and was soon ready with his six brothers.
And Enoch inspected them and then asked them to follow him.
Thereupon they went happily and full of great expectations towards the lovely morning-hill. When they were quite dose to it they were seized with great fear so that they hardly dared to proceed.
Enoch urged them to follow him boldly; but his words did not penetrate. And Enoch was embarrassed about being such a poor messenger.
But as he looked around, behold, Abedam was already by his side!
Enoch, very pleased about this, meant to tell Him at once about his difficulty.
But Abedam said to him: "Never mind about all this. As far as your strength was destined to work, it did work faithfully; but now that I came to your aid you have no further worry, - so leave it all to Me."
Thereupon turning to the seven, He said: "Why are you afraid to proceed? - Tell Me! Perhaps I know a remedy which will rid you of all fear."
Uranion replied: "Most noble brother and friend! On top of this hill there is said to be a man who is reputed to be as mighty as God Himself. And this thought paralyses our limbs."
Abedam answered him: "If that is all you fear, your fear has already come to an end; for behold, this terrible man am I Myself! Verily, a man to whom the whole of eternity and infinity, all the heavens and all the earths, all the angels, all humans and all creatures are, and will remain, forever subject
"But why should this be a reason for you to fear Me? Just follow Me courageously and fear nothing; for you will soon come to know Me from a different side. Amen." And they all followed Him.