God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 2 -


And all were beside themselves with joy and in their hearts thanked Abedam for this promise, which is truly a Promise of all promises, comprising the only true life and all living power and might to conquer all things.
Thus, these patriarchs, well aware of this, all strove for it zealously, indeed, their sole concern was the winning of My love and of the grace connected with it, the striving for it being the only school and chosen task of their earthly life. Wherefore their children at the age between six and ten years were wiser and immeasurably more sensible than in this darkest, truly most abominable Time of all times are the greatest scholars, who now hardly know more than at that time the infants at their mothers' breast knew.
For at that time mother's milk seldom contained, even in a material sense, more than do the greatest moth-riddled libraries of the scholars of this so-called Age of Enlightenment.
And what does mother's milk now contain? - I would rather not say! Oh, what a difference there exists between the woman of that time and the woman of these days!
I tell you, among seven thousand there is hardly one who might not, owing to her vanity and love of finery, sometimes mark My words - within a second! - commit by a hundred deadly sins.
For, what is now their accursed mode of dressing like, particularly in public places?
I do not want to go into details. But this much I tell you, that in the city of Enoch, even in its latter days of utmost depravity, the worst whores dressed with greater modesty, keeping the most private parts of their bodies better covered up than is now a woman of great modesty!
When at that time such a whore had an affair with a man, she was even at this moment of surrender veiled and covered up, so much so that the lustful man saw nothing of her but that for which he came to her.
But nowadays even a ten-year-old female child is aware of her physical charms and keeps gazing into a confounded mirror. And once she is grown up and fully developed she would go almost half naked, if only it were the fashion and the local authorities allowed it.
However, what she does not dare do openly, she does in her heart and just plans and schemes to inflame and incite all men.
In truth, in very truth, say I, a woman in this time is worse than a hundred thousand of the worst devils from the lowest hell. Those at least flee before My name; but such a woman only laughs at Me and My name and does not bend her knees before Me, let alone before My name, before which all the heavens, all worlds and all hells must bend their knees in reverence.
Verily, verily, I tell you - as I have told many in this time, either openly through audible words or through a secret thought in the heart - it would be better for everyone of the women of this time to be possessed by ten millions of devils! Of these she could be freed, for the might of My name would be sufficient to drive out the whole ten million of them.
But preach for ten years in My name to a decked-out female of this time, and she will not give up an iota of her shamelessness, love of finery, vanity and seductive ways.
Do you think that such beings will one day end up in hell, maybe the lowest? There you are mistaken. However evil and horrible it may be there, this place would still be too good for such beings; for all the devils and demons there flee before My name and must throw themselves down before any angel sent there to punish them. Would these worldlings do that too?
Therefore, they are being dealt with in an even for the highest angels unheard-of way.
When, soon, their miserable earthly life will have come to an end without any betterment and true inner repentance on their part, truly, this lot shall one day feel My wrath in its fullness and severity forever.
Behold, you My pure Ghemela, what an immense difference there is between you and the women and maidens of this time! What an abyss dividing two infinities!
You, O Ghemela, are resting at My heart. But these, scorning Me, have strayed so far from Me that My always far-reaching hand cannot touch them ever. Look, they have strayed from Me to a second infinity, yes; they have strayed to the infinity of My bitterest wrath.
But no more of this, - lest I get angry before the time.
And now back to our good early time.
When the high Abedam saw their deeply grateful hearts, He was again moved and said in a loud voice to them all:
"Verily, I tell you, who are from now on My chosen children, -- I shall not ever forsake you!
"As long as you will be turned to Me in your hearts I shall be with you all, blessing with My love everyone of you according to the degree of his love for Me and consequently for his brother. And those whose hearts are aglow for Me shall even behold Me, particularly if from the beginning of their life they have kept their hearts pure and have not easily succumbed to the world.
"Remember this promise in your hearts; for this is how you shall be and remain in all power, might and invincible strength because of this promise, wherefore all the natural world shall be subject to you.
"However, if you should ignore this promise in your hearts you will, according to the degree of your deviation, gradually lose your strength and will more and more alienate yourselves from Me and My ears will be closed to your entreaties.
"Heed this advice and ponder deeply in your hearts about Who He is Who has spoken these words. Amen."