God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 30 -


And without delay this little company left and proceeded on a narrow path below the cave, which was usually taken by the children of the morning on their visits to the principal patriarchs on the heights, thus avoiding the cave out of respect for Adam and so to speak not desecrating it through the daily use of it, since they considered it as something sacred.
Thus this track was a path of humility, wherefore the high Abedam had chosen it, firstly, to show the two newcomers which path to take in order to attain to the summit of life and, secondly, to tell them in advance, as it were through this sign, on which road alone to recognize Him.
Thus they proceeded on this more difficult but otherwise shorter road. Naeme, in her fine royal attire, was often caught in the numerous thistles and was, therefore, always busy extricating herself.
However, since towards the summit they encountered more and more scrub, Naeme found it increasingly difficult to extricate herself, so that in the end, unable to continue, she began to weep and cry for help.
When, owing to her constant floundering, she stayed far behind the men her shouts were - at least evidently - not heard and the men continued to proceed happily.
As they, the men, reached the open summit Abedam stopped and, turning back to those closely behind Him, pretended to check as to whether they had all reached the summit with Him safely; after a brief rest He then actually asked them: "Well, children of God, are we together in full strength?"
And Hored, only now recovering from his amazement at the manifestations near the white rock, presently became aware of the absence of his beloved wife and greatly alarmed. When Abedam noticed his great embarrassment, He called him over and said to him:
"Why are you now worrying about nothing? You did not look back for your wife when in her royal raiment she was entangled in the thorns of this narrow path and calling out to you for help; yet your ears were deaf to her voice.
"Instead of worrying in vain, rather turn back and help her out of her predicament; for, from here it is not far to where she is entangled in a big thorn bush.
"So go and help her and bring her presently here safe and sound; we all will be waiting for you. Amen."
But Hored became even sadder, threw himself down to the ground and made the following entreaty: "Do listen, O brothers in God, listen to me, - or if there is someone who is a father to me, let him hear me!
"According to the proclamation of my brother Lame1, God, the most holy Father of us all, is said to be personally visible, most loving and merciful, among the fathers of the heights.
"If this be the case, everything is clear to me.
"His endless holiness can certainly never admit my surely impure wife to this so sacred height.
"What would be the benefit of my turning back unless one of you came along and helped me to free my wife from the thousands of thorny claws?
"O Enoch, or you, brother Lamel, or you unknown, surely also mighty friend, do not forsake me and do not let my poor wife perish!
"Oh, I can see that I ought not to have followed you here because I became a great sinner before God and also before you, men and children after the heart of God.
"Yes, yes, here I have sinned greatly. I will, yes I must go back; but let just one of you return with me to free my poor wife!
"But then let him point out to me a spot somewhere near the white rock; there I will weep over my great sin with my wife for as long as I live. But only this once does grant my request. Amen. Your will shall be done. Amen."
While Hored, lying on the ground, was uttering his sad request, Abedam told Lamel to go back and return Naeme safely.
And Hored was not even finished with his lamentations when Naeme was among them, safe and sound.
But when he had finished his lamentation as above mentioned, Abedam asked him:
"Hored, while you are here lamenting, Naeme might well and truly perish. What benefit would it be to her if we no longer found her since she stayed behind?
"You remarked that she and you would not be allowed to approach the holiness of Jehovah, Who is now visibly present on the height of Adam. Tell Me, then, who empowered Lamel to rescue you and your wife from perdition in the secrecy of your foolish, lustful seclusion!
"Behold, since this was done by the same holy Jehovah, what should how prevent Him to summon you before Him and give you His blessing, provided you are worthy of it?
"Now rise, you fool, and come to know the holy Jehovah better. Amen."
Thereupon Hored said to Abedam: "Mighty friend, or brother, or father! As long as one of you does not promise me help for my poor wife and myself, I will not get up from this spot, even should you punish me with the aid of snakes. If my wife had to perish because of my foolishness, I will for her sake atone for my careless foolishness before God and all the fathers."
Thereupon Abedam, calling Naeme to Him, gave her a sign to raise the foolish Hored.
And Naeme promptly rushed hither and, seizing Hored's hand, said to him the following words:
"But Hored, why are you here lamenting for my sake? Look, I have been here quite a while on this heavenly height safe and sound, rescued upon the word of this glorious, unknown friend through your brother.
"So do rise according to the will of this most noble friend."
And Hored promptly sprang up joyfully and with weeping eyes thanked the stranger for the prompt and, to him, completely unexpected rescue of his wife.
But Abedam said to him: "Hored, Hored, you are still very foolish; tell Me, what do you imagine Jehovah to be like?
"Maybe a strong wind or a brightly burning flame, a sun or a great flash of lightning?
Tell Me how you envisage Him. Amen."
Thereupon Hored replied: "O friend, do not ask me such a question; for who might ever dare to encase God in an anyway finite, clumsy form?
"God is truly eternal and infinite! For what form could possibly suit Him, the infinite God?"
And Abedam answered him: "Yes indeed, surely not your still very backward form.
"But let Naeme, the child of the world, tell Me what she imagines the holy Jehovah to be like."
Here Naeme smiled and finally said: "You heavenly good and glorious friend, forgive me if I, too, am unable to picture Him in a form worthy of Him; but on the other hand I cannot conceal from you the fact, - that I would like Him best in your form.
"Forgive me if I, too, have said something rather foolish."
But Abedam said to her: "Be of good cheer, you beautiful woman; truly, I tell you, in this My form you will soon recognize Jehovah, the eternal, infinitely mighty God, and in Him the holy, most loving Father. Amen."