God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 38 -


After these words Hored's tongue was silent, but in his heart it became all the more loud; for his heart attempted to find proper and fitting holy words of gratitude which would duly express man's greatest possible love for God. However, it was in vain; the more deeply Hored hid in his heart, the more diligently he looked in all its most secret recesses, the less he could find what he now wanted to find so fervently.
While this was going on, Abedam summoned Enoch, Lamel, and Gabiel with Purista and Lamech with Ghemela.
When Naeme heard the name of her father mentioned she became alarmed; for she believed that he must have been led up to this sacred spot by the bold nebulous figure at the white mountain.
But Abedam soon calmed her, saying to her: "Naeme, - how can you be afraid when you are with Me? Am I not the Lord of all things, beings, of all infinity, of all eternity?
"Behold, this is why your fear is futile; besides, all that the Lamech whom I summoned has in common with your father is the name.
"For this Lamech was given by Me the name which means: This one belongs to My love; this one is for Me; this one carries My treasure in him.
"As far as the same name given to your father is concerned, it was given him with the same meaning by Satan, who is My greatest enemy.
"But you must not worry because of your father; for I am also an almighty Lord over him, whose faithful, albeit most unfortunate servant your father is, and I shall also let his eyes be opened at the right time.
"Therefore, be quite calm, you My new daughter of true repentance, penance and love, and follow Me closely, together with the other summoned, to the place where Hored from excessive meekness and love for Me now lost the agility of his tongue.
"And you, Seth, you Enos, you Kenan, you Mahalaleel, you Jared, and you too, Methuselah, go home with your wives and children and provide food and drink in just measure; for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow all the children shall eat at the Father's table.
"In your huts you shall find everything in the required quantities; only carry it here in the meantime.
"However, we will go to where a new, great, faithful brother is waiting for us. Amen."
Hored soon noticed that a whole party of people was moving from the direction of Adam's morning-hill towards the cave; but because of the considerable distance he could not distinguish any individual members of the group.
Only when they came closer to his spot did he realize what time of the day it was, in other words, he soon recognized among them the high Abedam.
Now he was completely overwhelmed so that in his great love he exclaimed vehemently: "No, no, this cannot be, never, no!
"I - a sinner, almost even my brother's murderer, - I, - who, worse than all the bucks and dogs, was full of lewdness and the most impure thoughts, - I, the greatest fool, am now to hold my own before the countenance of Him, Who created me, before the countenance of God, the most holy Father!
"Earth, have you no wide cleft somewhere, which could hide me and for all eternities harbor me in your profoundest depth?
"Or you, lofty cave, could you not drop the heaviest rock on my head, which would crush me to useless dust?
"How shall I now hold my own before Him? I, in the greatest human depravity and lowness of heart and spirit?
"He, the supreme holiness! O tongue, - O heart, what will you do when He will come, - will come soon?
"How will you, sinful eye, behold God, - God, the Father, the purest, most holy love,
"How will you, my poor ear, perceive the holy voice of the Father, indeed, the voice which you formerly did not recognize?
"But now, my heart, forward to the last battle, either to life - or death!
"Now I have nothing but a great heart, full of the most ardent love solely for Him, for Him, the most holy Father! Whether it is pure, - Father, that I do not know; but whatever You will do with me - either again accept or reject me -, only Your holy will will be done anyway, which is in all eternity always good above all! Therefore - Your holy will be done!"
At this last word Abedam already grasped him by his hand and said: "Hored, you strong, ardent one, you rock of love now, come here to the heart of your eternal, holy Father, and for the first time feel how it is to rest there, - rest in the fullest awareness of life eternal, - rest at the heart of the most loving, most holy Father.
"My Hored, whenever I come it is always in order to gain love, not death.
"Thus you are alive forever. - Behold, here is also the faithful Naeme. Only now are you blessed for her by Me, and she for you; for I have chosen her for My hand. This is why I am now giving her to you, because you have just become My hand.
"And now follow Me by My hand, together with the others, to the great Sabbath meal at home on the height. Amen."