God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 4 -


You (i.e., Jakob Lorber; the ed.) wish to hear what Lamech said to Ghemela; so let us hear it.
This was Lamech's apology and assurance of his love to Ghemela, after he had first thanked Me from the bottom of his heart for the admonition, saying:
"O Abba Abedam! You see - and saw - already from eternity my heart, namely, that from early childhood it occupied itself with nothing but You, talking only of You and Your endless wondrous works - which sometimes even bored the patriarchs - and that in my great joy I sang and danced as soon as I heard the name of Jehovah mentioned.
This, O Abba Abedam, You have always seen me do, and all the patriarchs were often witnesses to my exuberance on Your behalf.
"Never having seized anything else but You in My heart with my love, the thought of having to divide my love for You seemed quite horrible; for I did not know how deeply Ghemela's love was united with Your heart To You alone, O Abba, all the love, glory, honor and gratitude for having now enlightened my heart, for I now see that by possessing Ghemela my love for You is not only not divided, but is much enhanced and multiplied by her love.
"You gave her an eternal testimony to her purity and her worthiness of Your love.
"Yes, I realize now how she chose You as the sole object of her purest and most ardent love; thus You, too, have chosen her for Your holy fatherly heart, full of the highest, most endless love.
"Yes, I now also realize that You have gracefully chosen to entrust this precious jewel of Your love to me so that with Your love and grace within me I should faithfully protect it and preserve it in the future as pure as it is now.
"Behold, O Abba Abedam, this I now realize through Your holy fatherly mildness and grace; everything is glorious and right. But there arises another question of the greatest importance for me, namely:
"O You most loving, holy and good Father! How can I thank You for such grace, love and mercy that You have deemed me, a mere nothing before You, worthy of such a holy office, namely, to protect and keep the one whom You have borne on Your holy hands and, having blessed her for You, have filled her heart with Your love?
"O Abba, be gracious and tell me what I shall do to give You some-what fitting thanks for this endless grace."
And Abedam replied: "Listen, My beloved Lamech, the gratitude most pleasing to Me consists in that someone fully recognizes the greatness of My mercy and grace towards him and within him, that his heart then becomes aglow for Me forever, in such a way as to feel unable, because of the greatness of the blessing, to express that feeling of his gratitude which inflames his heart with the most sublime and pure love for Me. Behold, this is the gratitude most pleasing to Me.
"For whoever can still thank, glorify and praise Me, has not begun to realize the endless magnitude of the blessing received from Me; neither has he recognized Me, the great, holy Giver, for he has not yet grasped the innermost depth of true humility within him, being able to use his tongue in a worldly way.
"Behold, I take no pleasure in such a gratitude of the tongue, even though it may be uttered with the words of the highest angels.
"What applies to verbal gratitude, applies also to the gratitude expressed by deeds. Whoever imagines proving his gratitude to Me through actions fully in accordance with My will, also labors under a great misapprehension. For what could someone do in My service that I could not achieve without him?
Through whom can the one doing My will achieve this?
"Is it not My strength in him that makes him achieve that for which he again owes Me the greatest gratitude?
"How could anyone thank Me through that for which he owes Me the Thanks of all thanks?
"Therefore, whoever wants to give Me the proper and most pleasing thanks, let him thank Me without words through the love and deepest humility of his heart, and I shall look at his thanksgiving and accept it as something before Me.
"And behold, you My beloved Lamech, thus also your gratitude is a true gratitude, since you do not know where to begin or to end, the realization of the magnitude of My love and mercy for you having swallowed you up so that all you can do is love Me above all
"However, so that you may be completely assured of My benevolence, turn to Ghemela and give her the demanded answer. Amen."
And Lamech promptly stepped up to Ghemela and said to her: "Ghemela, you pure beloved of Jehovah, you will surely forgive me in your pure, with holy love filled heart, that I have acted improperly against you for that very reason. See, because before you I have never looked at a being of your kind, all my senses having been directed only to your and my Jehovah, it was surely natural for me to overlook you for a few moments, for I was in fear of having to divide my love between you and Jehovah, to which silly idea - believe me - your own question actually misguided me. However, as you must have clearly understood, my, your and our solely beloved Abba Abedam Emmanuel graciously opened my eyes revealing His holy intent so that it is now clear to me that I do not have to divide my sole love for Him between Him and you but that thereby my love for Him can only be more and more enhanced. Besides, I have now fully recognized your purity and, therefore, I firmly believe you will forgive me my rudeness for the same holy reason for which I have sinned a little against you."
Thereupon Ghemela pushed back her rich golden hair from her face and gave Lamech a friendly look.
When Lamech now saw her heavenly beautiful face it almost took his breath away and he promptly turned again to Abedam and said, deeply moved in his heart:
"No, no, O You holy Father, I am by no means worthy of such a more than heavenly reward! Verily, verily, before this more than heavenly angel I am only a dark, sinful worm in the dust of the earth!
"No, no, You holy Father, only now do I realize my whole unworthiness! Oh, before You my love for You must be like nothing compared to the love of this purest angel!
"Truly, it would be easier for me to gaze open-eyed straight into the midday sun than to look for three moments into the face of this heavenly pure and inexpressibly beautiful angel of Your love, O holy Father.
"If Zuriel is her father, provided it is at all possible for a human to ever be or become the father of such an angel, return her to him, O holy Father, so that in the future, as up till now, he might protect and faithfully keep her. But Your holy will be done."
But now Zuriel began to weep, stepped up to Lamech and said to him: "O Lamech, why do you refuse my daughter, since Jehovah Himself gave her to you? - Do not be so hard-hearted, and look how she is weeping."
But Abedam said to Zuriel: "Zuriel, calm down and do not heed Ghemela's tears, but think: What I have joined together, no worldly power will ever separate.
"Behold, Lamech is not hard-hearted, but on the contrary only too soft, wherefore I am now going to strengthen him to be the husband of your daughter, but more still - do understand this - My daughter.
"And you, Lamech, bend down to Ghemela, hold out your right hand to her and lift her up as your wife, and present her to Me placed on the side of your love so that I may bless you both for all Times of times. Amen."
And Lamech did no longer tarry but obeyed with a pure spirit, bent down to Ghemela and said to her the following words:
"O Ghemela, you my love entrusted to me by Abba Emmanuel, allow me to lift you up, me who is completely unworthy of you but whom the holy Father has deemed worthy of you. Let yourself be lifted up to be my purest, in Jehovah beloved wife. Amen."
And Ghemela rose promptly and went with him before Jehovah. And He blessed them and bade them above all to keep the purity of their hearts at all times and preserve their chastity for as long as they would live. And they vowed to do this, thus becoming the purest married couple of the early time.