God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 50 -


Garbiel, amazed at this invitation, only then took courage, for he was at a loss to understand how this stranger could know these things in every minute detail, and he began to address the stranger as follows:
"Listen, you exceedingly worthy friend, you are an immense enigma to me! How can you read the most secret thoughts of our hearts, how see to a hair's breadth what goes on in the same?
"No, say I, no, this is too much for a man of my kind!
"Look, you my now above all esteemed friend, now I believe that you are not what you appear to be.
"For the most telling proof for this is, firstly, the extraordinary sensation I had a while ago at your bosom and, secondly, even more your penetrating eye which looks into the most hidden recesses of our hearts.
"I do not mean to deny that through special allowance from above there can be men with very keen vision, such as Enoch, Kenan, Jared, Enos and Seth, who have actually worked many a wondrous thing, such as to day's lightning - provided it was not your doing! - and the speedy restoration of Adam's cave - that is, provided you did not have a hand in it! - and the sudden calming of yesterday's storm - unless maybe you dealt with it
"Indeed, as I am saying, it cannot be denied at all that when God in His grace allows it very pious men are capable of great deeds.
"But this is also certain and completely true: Up till now my heart has .. nevertheless been exempted, and not even the most exalted arch patriarch has ever succeeded in penetrating this innermost part of life.
"So I am truly at a loss as to how you are able to do it.
"But, since you are able to, who can hold his own beside you?
"I am now through and through filled with a great fear of you; therefore, I ask you to exempt us all from your given invitation to follow you to the height, there to enjoy in our unworthiness the utterly undeserved sustenance from Adam's bowl.
"As far as our secret anger is concerned, we have already come to an understanding; however, as to the meaning of your intention I believe you have made it clear by showing us that we were truly great rascals. But you can be fully assured that in future we shall neither be nor ever become such again. Since you now seem to be the mightiest man on the heights, the most exalted arch patriarch Adam himself appearing to be exceedingly devoted to you, do kindly give us the information for which we came here, so that we might bring it to our loved ones before the last rays of dusk have completely gone.
"Most beloved friend, only do not take this my remark to be an implicit demand on our part, directed to your will and that of the most exalted arch patriarch Adam, but solely as a most humble and dutifully modest entreaty coming from the heart. For, should my request displease you, we would all follow you to the end of the world rather than resist you in the least in anything! Thus your surely most mighty will shall be fully honored by us all."
Thereupon Abedam said to the very talkative Garbiel: "Listen, I tell you, your tongue is a true masterpiece; for you talk yourself blind with it and ignore the loud demands of your heart which basically is not bad at all Behold, all that you have just said has neither head, nor foot, nor a hand or any substance.
"For, what you have just said is nothing but an empty wind by means of which you wanted to rid your body of its fear.
"You said who could hold his own beside Me since I knew the art of looking into the most secret recesses of life.
"Therefore, you are assailed by great fear; behold, this alone came straight from the heart! But I tell you: Put your tongue between your teeth and hold it firmly, lest it once more deceive your own heart, making you believe that you had already recognized the meaning of My intention with you all.
"Behold, this is very futile; for soon you and your brothers will realize that even the highest and most perfect angel spirit of the uppermost heaven will not ever grasp and understand the full meaning of My intention with you all.
"As far as your worry about your duty as a messenger is concerned, they have all been fully informed by now that they have to remain here today, tomorrow and the day after, thus till the dispute-day.
"Hence you will have no excuse to stay behind and not follow My invitation.
"Your fear being obviously futile and all your loved ones long since properly provided for, you will surely be able to follow Me? "
And Garbiel, shedding tears of joy, replied: "Yes, truly yes, now I will follow You wherever You will.
"For I now have a great presentiment since You said how inscrutable was the meaning of Your intention.
"I do not dare utter it with my tongue; but it sounds all the louder in my heart through a never before felt love, that You are a Father!
"Therefore, I will follow You forever, wherever You will, yes forever! Amen."