God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 52 -


When Abedam had finished this speech, Garbiel and all the others fell down on their faces close to Abedam's feet.
As soon as Garbiel had rallied somewhat he began a noteworthy speech to the brothers and friends, and Adam himself gave a great testimony to it commending Garbie1 as follows:
"Garbiel, I have listened to many speeches made by the human tongue; but such words uttered by one not yet awakened have hardly ever reached my ears!
"Be glad, for Abedam has already done immensely great things to you! What else will await you once your heart has fully become at one with Him in pure love?"
This is what Adam said to Garbie1 when the latter had finished his speech; but Garbiel's speech was as follows:
"Friends, brothers! Did you hear it, did you hear it, did you comprehend it?
"Who is capable of directing such words to our ears and hearts?
"Or has anyone, beginning with the arch patriarch down to our infants, incapable of speech, ever heard such words?
"'No, no, no!' you must all say; for these are not words issuing from human wisdom, nor words of the most perfected angel spirit.
"For where, in the whole of infinity throughout all Eternities of eternities, has there been created a being capable of uttering such words out of himself?
"Friends and brothers, think, imagine! Who can that be, indeed Who must that be, must of necessity forever be, Who can say of Himself, indeed wholly of Himself: 'I am the light, the way, the holy goa1!'? - Yes, it must be the primordial, eternal, sole First Cause Itself!
"Friends, brothers! Should you still be unaware of Who the stranger is?
"Oh, then you must be blinder than the center of the earth in the darkest midnight and deafer than the hardest stone at the bottom of the ocean!
"In truth, in very truth, I am now fully convinced that if one of us were to utter such words of himself, even before he said the second word not a trace would be left of such a blasphemer.
"Yes, if the great earth were capable of this, if it had a tongue somewhere in a vast mouth, - truly, even the mere thought of making such a statement would destroy it forever!
"Indeed, the great sun would not fare a jot better!
"Or are you incapable of grasping this? - If you cannot grasp it, let one or the other think this secretly of himself, indeed think himself to be the most holy, indeed the above all holy, primordial-eternal Life of all life, the Light of all light, the Way of all ways and the holy ultimate goal of all things. Indeed, let him think himself to be the supreme Strength of all strength, the supreme Might of all might and the supreme Power of all powers - and still live, if he may and can!
"I have never been a prophet; now I am one and predict with the greatest possible certainty and fullest conviction that should he say: 'I am the supreme Power of all powers!', he could forthwith not even rend the finest web of a spider.
"And if he should say: 'I am the supreme Might of all might!', a sun mote could forthwith knock him to the ground forever.
"And if he should say: 'I am the supreme Strength of all strength!', soon a gnat would break all his bones and consume all his muscles.
"And if he should say: 'I am the holy ultimate goal of all things!', soon the bottomless abyss of all eternities would swallow him up into the fire of eternal perdition.
"And upon saying: 'I am the Way of all ways!', the earth would consume him in the fire of its wrath.
"And if he said: 'I am the Light of all light!', the densest darkness would soon surround him.
"And if he should finally go so far as to say: 'I am the most holy, primordial-eternal Life of all life itself!', - ho could estimate the immense velocity of the most fleeting moment in which this very word would destroy and utterly annihilate him from the core of his life as if he had never existed?
"O friends and brothers, since we now understand this and can surely grasp it with our hands and feet and see the stranger who made these claims concerning his person before our own eyes and ears, standing hale and hearty and full of strength before us and hear him as he calls us all to him, just as a true, alone true father calls his children, and our heart within cries loudly: 'Yes, You alone are a true Father, and woe betide him who for his own sake would abominably desecrate this most holy name by letting himself be called 'father'!', - Who, What, and whence is this stranger?
"Behold, the infinite heavens full of shining wonders, the earth full of wonders, and our heart, the greatest of wonders, are crying out and proclaiming it to us loudly: 'Jehovah, God, the eternal Creator of all things, the holy Father, abides with His children on the earth!'
"Brothers, do you now understand this?"
After Garbiel's speech Abedam bade them all rise again from the ground and said to them: "Children, now it is time for you to follow Me to the height, so that I may there in the presence of all patriarchs show you in your hearts a different meaning in My intent for you.
"For behold, the earth is a vast field on which much grass of every description and many diverse shrubs and trees grow. On the ground there crawl countless reptiles and all the forests are full of animals of all kinds, and the waters are full of them, and the air is full.
"Who is aware of all this? In whose heart does an order exist of all this? Yet the heart belongs to this order.
"So follow Me, so that you may be made familiar with a different meaning of My intent for you! Amen."