God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 55 -


After the twelve had sufficiently eaten and fortified themselves they rose from the baskets and promptly stepped up to Abedam, Adam and Seth, thanking them from the bottom of their hearts for the immense grace, as they said, to be allowed to appease their hunger with the most delicious dishes from Adam's food basket.
And Garbiel then said to the others in a loud voice: "Brothers, I do believe that almost all of us have a palate. If you have felt it as I have felt it with my palate, you all have to agree with me and say:
"From what we have seen of the otherwise poor earth's soil, it does not produce such fruits whose glorious form, firstly, surpasses anything seen so far, just as the light of the sun surpasses that scanty light of the moon when it either begins or finally ceases to shine.
"But as far as the aroma and the flavor are concerned, in my opinion the whole earth has no suitable comparison, - unless I were allowed to compare the meaning of the words of Him, Who is now amongst us (the most holy, most loving Father!), with the meaning of my empty babble, which difference is endless and inexpressible to every created tongue.
"Judging accordingly, dear brothers and friends, these fruits must have quite an inconceivably higher origin than the one we all know to be common.
"Since this cannot ever be refuted, what follows to be our eternal duty?
"Look at me: This heart beating in my breast I will let be kindled by the greatest possible love into an eternal thanksgiving sacrifice to the supreme Giver of such gifts and, as far as I possibly can, glorify and praise the holy Father day by day, hour by hour and moment by moment.
"For oversweet were these fruits and more than glorious their flavor. So let us glorify and praise the holy Father all our life; for He is exceedingly good and full of supreme love, grace and mercy. And all this lasts with Him forever. Therefore, His holy name be forever glorified and praised to the utmost! Amen."
And they all responded, saying: "Yes, the most holy name of our great, holy Father be forever glorified and praised above all! Amen."
Only then did they prostrate themselves before Abedam glorifying and praising Him beyond measure from the very bottom of their hearts.
But the high Abedam soon bade them get up and when they had gradually all raised again said to them:
"Children, a father is surely mightily pleased with grateful children who fill their hearts more and more with true, childlike love for the father.
"But how do you judge this: Suppose some father gave his child a small ripe apple and the child became and remained so moved because of this gift that it would never stop praising the father day and night and when the good father tried to calm it, the child nevertheless continued to praise the father in one breath as long as its voice lasted, stopping its praise only when it could no longer do so, - what do you think in such a case?
"How heavy will the good father's heart be when, bestowing his next gift, he must foresee the martyrdom to which he will again expose his dear child!
"And, remembering to bestow a greater gift on his child, how painfully his heart will cry out, since already a trifling gift almost costs it its life from sheer gratitude!
"And, should a greater gift be actually bestowed on the child one day, how will it be capable of giving fitting thanks for the same, having exhausted itself already in gratitude for the previous, hardly noteworthy trifle?
"If now you want to thank Me forever with the greatest love possible to you for the wing of a gnat given you and for a little hair on your body, I should also like to hear from you how, and how long, you will thank Me once I shall endow you with the supreme treasure, namely, the happiest and most blissful eternal life!
"Or, since you want to bring Me for a nut already the whole earth, the moon, the sun and all the stars for a thanksgiving sacrifice, what, then, shall you offer Me for that gift, which consists in a whole earth?
"So look, My above all beloved children, thus also gratitude must be a just gratitude, for it is a loving acknowledgment of that which someone receives.
"If someone gives thanks for a single straw as if it were a cedar, he is either a fool or he gives from his heart a false acknowledgment for something he has never received as yet.
"So put an end to your praise and rather prepare your hearts to receive that from My hand which is endlessly exalted above all these fruits.
"But first go into your hearts, there to look around a little; then tell Me unanimously what you will find there. Amen."