God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 6 -


When all those present saw what had happened they were gripped with great fear because of this act, and no one dared ask the high Abedam about anything. Only Ghemela rallied after a short while and went to Abedam, fell on her knees before Him and in the depth of her heart implored Him to be allowed to ask Him a question.
But Abedam, anticipating her, replied: "My most beloved Ghemela, do you maybe somewhat fear for your Zuriel, who was the father of your body?"
And Ghemela, in her heart answering in the affirmative, indicated by an innocent nod of her head the well-guessed desire of her heart.
But Abedam said to her soothingly: "My most beloved Ghemela, do you imagine Zuriel to have disappeared out of existence because you can no longer see him with your eyes?
"Oh, do take comfort; you will still see him sometimes and be able to discuss far more glorious things than those you have so far discussed with him.
"That here in the sight of many he received such a great grace happened firstly on your behalf, so that he may be for you and your husband a faithful guardian and protector against all the temptations of the world; and whenever I shall come to you he shall faithfully announce Me beforehand.
"Secondly, he shall from now on be a secret general guide for all the children of the midday, for he will probe their hearts and be able to move them mightily after My will as soon as he becomes aware of some unfaithfulness. They will then more easily turn back to Me and will hear in their own hearts My fatherly call, as well as understand the inner divine thunder.
"Lastly, some from the midday will still today be prepared to descend to the great city of Enoch in the lowlands, there to proclaim My name to the children of the world, part of whom is full of the worst abomination while another part suffers in the harshest bondage and slavery; and they shall preach to them serious repentance, true betterment and immediate return to the One Who in great patience and mercy has for such a long time been waiting for their return.
"But this mercy will be the last shown to the children of the serpent.
"Behold now, My most beloved Ghemela, this commission is now going to require the great faithfulness of Zuriel. I require his services so that the dragon will thereby know that a small spirit with My help is greater and stronger than he is together with all his innumerable evil hordes."
And Ghemela, rejoicing in her most loving and grateful heart, again threw herself at Abedam's feet.
But Abedam promptly lifted her up again and, gathering her into His arms, asked her whether she still had a request.
However, she could not speak for overwhelming joy, seeing that now that she was married to Lamech her Jehovah still loved her as much as when she was still single.
And Abedam, pressing her to His heart, called Lamech and asked him: "Lamech, are you satisfied with Ghemela? Behold, she is forgetting you on My hand. What does your heart say to this?"
Throwing himself at the bosom of Abedam, Lamech replied: O Father, You holy, loving Father! Unless You will hold my heart together, it will be devoured by a never before felt endlessly great love for You.
(Weeping:) O Father, when You granted me this heavenly pure Ghemela, giving her to me out of Your holy hand, I thought: How shall I be able to love You as I did before, having to share my love for You alone with Ghemela?
"And when I then lifted her up I feared that my hand might have defiled her, rendering her less agreeable to You than before.
"However, seeing her, whom You gave me so that I should keep and protect her, again on Your hand, - O Father, You dear, holy Father! - see, my heart will fail me completely!
"Unless You uphold me, I shall die and perish for excessive gratitude and love for You, O my very own immensely holy, good Father!"
And Abedam bent down to Lamech and said to him: "Beloved Lamech! Look, the Father's other hand is still free; grasp it and learn how much I am the Father of you all."
But Lamech, thinking himself far too unworthy, did not dare to do so. But Abedam encouraged him, and soon He lifted him up, too, pressed him to His holy bosom and said to the two:
"As you are now, remain in the future, and you will not ever, even in eternity, are deprived of this holy place.
"You are the first couple of little children whom from eternities I have been carrying on My hands visibly. It shall be an eternal sign for all following children, that only those can be and become truly My children who will let themselves be grasped, drawn and, like you, carried on My hands.
"Those who do not follow your example will receive from Me little love and even less life.
"But now, My Lamech, behold the soul of My and your Ghemela."
Here, Abedam blew into Lamech's eyes; and Lamech beheld Ghemela as a most luminous, lightful form whose radiance was incomparably brighter than the central light of all suns.
He was startled by this sight; only when he gradually recovered from this shock did he begin to weep, not knowing what to do for his great love of Me.
But Abedam said to Ghemela: "Ghemela, behold, Lamech in his purity is weeping for love of Me. Dry the glorious tears from his eyes with your hair - and this deed shall be expected at all times to be performed by you and your successors."
And Ghemela for the first time embraced Lamech with her tender, soft and truly heavenly beautiful arms. Since at this moment the holy Father was still holding both by His hands, she dried Lamech's glorious tears with her forehead and her tender cheeks.
Thereupon He kissed them both and, blessing them, returned them to the patriarchs, saying:
"As pure as these two all born children shall be returned to Me. I am their original source; to this original source they shall return forever. Amen."