God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 65 -


And Abedam, offering His hand to Horidael, told him to grasp it and Horidael grasped it with both hands and, full of love, pressed it to his heart with all the force he could muster.
Thereupon Abedam addressed the following words to him saying: "Horidael, you gave Me faithfully what you found within you; therefore, I will make you a seeker for the hidden treasures of the inner life.
"Thus you shall have the signs of the science of correspondences and through them proclaim the inner, and even innermost, living, spiritual meaning of all things.
"But this is the meaning of your vision, namely, that the love for Me shall more and more fill the heart and then expand it through the spiritual warmth in the manner you have seen when you beheld a countless number of flashing stars which gradually merged into a collective light and expanded your heart only after they had united within you.
"As this great work was achieved within you, behold, it became calm within you and you saw the stars again, and the stars lit up your inner world so that you could find yourself as a perfect man. But having found yourself you did not know where you were so that you asked about it.
"And three stars of your own heaven detached themselves and floated before your vision glittering exceedingly brightly; but still you did not understand this sign and asked again.
"Then the three stars receded far back and the one in the middle opened and swallowed up the outer two. Only then did you perceive within you a great, thunder-like voice giving you the first basic knowledge about yourself and about what you shall become and do.
"But now you ask again within: 'But the stars, the stars, what do the stars within me signify? Why did they at first flash about so violently? Why and how did they become one and then again segregated and at rest?'
"Behold, at first the stars are nothing but the knowledge absorbed by the soul from the outer world, or the intellect in the narrower sense of the word and meaning.
"But the flashing about of the stars signifies the searching in itself of the soul for the roads of truth and life.
"The merging of the light of the stars signifies that the soul has seized Me with all its force.
"When then the stars segregate and become still, it means that through the sale love for Me, the life seeking itself has found itself in its Primordial Source, which is infinite like the life that has found itself again in It and through It.
"This is why you have recognized yourself there, asking from the core of your being: 'Where am I?'
"And the three segregated stars gave you the answer; but you still did not understand it. However, the answer of the stars before you, taken from the middle star, meant that you are now within your own love, that you are love and life yourself, prepared to absorb all light out of Me. You could gather this from the fact that at your second question the stars, infinitely expanded, receded from you so that you could measure their endless magnitude, whereupon the middle star signifying the purest love absorbed the outer two which were like your faith and like your former wisdom.
"Since these became one, you also perceived the first great, living word within you; and only the word taught you to understand the great vision of your own life within yourself.
"And this word was My Word within you or that essential word through which you, like all things, have once come into existence. And this word taught you to understand the great inner correspondences between the outer world and the inner, living, eternal one.
"Accordingly, also you shall become a scribe, yet not like the others, but a scribe of the corresponding signs of life in man from all the visible and invisible things filling the whole of infinity from the smallest to the largest.
Thus I shall also give you other signs; you shall indeed have quite free signs through which shall be indicated what, of the signs of the others, is of the spirit and thus of the inner, eternal life, or, in other words: Where the others will record for the eye of the flesh and here and there also for that of the soul, but not likewise for the eye of the spirit, there you shall witness to the spirit of the innermost truth.
"So you have received the free signs of the science of correspondences! At this stage you do not know how to use them nor even the signs as such; but do not worry about all that.
"Behold, in the school of your own heart, which you have seen for the first time today, you will find everything. The spirit of love within you will guide you into all secrets and will reveal to you what until now was hidden before all eyes; be fully assured of this!"