God's New Bible

The Household of God
Volume 2

Rise and spiritual prime of the first world empire Hanoch

- Chapter 68 -


After Purhal had finished telling his story the high Abedam looked around in a very friendly manner and then opened His mouth saying to all of them, including Purhal:
"Truly, you dished us all up your fruits without fear and shyness, leaving not one apple hanging on the tree of your inner cognition, in keeping with your usual custom not disregarding your wisdom, wherefore you handed us all at first the less ripe and palatable fruits and only at last the very ripe and palatable ones from the already destined tree of your inner cognition.
"Behold, therefore I commend you; for, as I said, you were exceedingly correct in your account. But I still want to draw your attention to something, and so look: On your part, as on everyone else's, it was not exactly a sin to act the way you did, for it was an idle talk of utter meaninglessness containing nothing either good or really bad, just as in a rotten apple, - but look, who would want to enjoy the rot in an apple though it is not - strictly speaking - something bad?
"This is how matters stood with you when, describing your great courage, you held us up almost a little too long.
"Do you, Purhal, understand Me and what I now wanted to tell you?
"Answer Me only in your heart! - Well then, you do not understand it completely. Behold, this is why I want to lead you to it so that you will understand it, and so pay attention.
"After mentioning the humble excuses of those preceding you, you said that in this respect you make, or rather want to make, an exception.
"Behold, it is true there should be an exception; for I do not ask and have never asked, more than that you shall do according to My will if you want to find eternal life.
"Notwithstanding all that, some, in the great love and respect of their hearts not being able to help themselves, could not open their mouth and relate what was asked of them.
"So, noticing the attitude of those before you, you regarded it as something foolish and secretly made up your mind to mention it if I should summon you like the others to tell Me what you found within.
"Behold, you were forthwith called; but almost the first thing you did was to set yourself apart from your brothers so as to embarrass them a little so to speak.
"And - understand this - in your report made yourself appear more courageous than you were in reality.
"Look, on the one hand you said you knew as well as the others that all things were well known to Me so that, if I asked someone to relate what I gave him he needed not be in fear because of it, because I clearly knew long in advance what he received from Me, - and you verified it with a very fitting parable.
"How come that you, pretending to know all this, on the other hand did not know that I would surely also be aware of any shortcomings in your heart displeasing to Me?
"Look, there you were greatly mistaken.
"Yes, as I said before, this time this fault shall not be counted as sin. However, take care in the future that your heart is no longer subjected to such an unseemly mood, or the great night of your heart will not be lit up for a long time by the love-flames breaking through, and the glorious morning sun you saw rising in you will be even longer in appearing.
"Thus behold, My dear Purhal, there are no secrets before Me; therefore, it is by no means advisable to play behind My back.
"Take this in the future as a constant guideline of your life, and your further sojourn on this earth will be easy.
"This is the meaning of your vision which should be from beginning to end a great and always warning sign, namely, that first of all your love for Me as well as for your brothers is not pure and thus not whole.
"The flames breaking forth in countless different directions from the night of your heart bear witness to this and tell you, shaking you as through a violent detonation: 'Look, how scattered your love still is, and thus your life!'
"And when I then let the sun rise on you, My holy sun of grace, you became aware that these flames without light were nothing else but your innumerably scattered own self, scattered by yourself through your erstwhile most diversified desires, cares and passions.
"But how can this thus scattered being once more become one being?
"Also this you have seen when you observed how in My light of love and grace all these kindred beings pressed close to you soon becoming at one with you and when only in this reunion, as a thus perfected man, you were capable of perceiving within again the Father-voice of My Spirit telling you Who I am, where I am, where and whence all things are and, finally, what you are or shall be and become yourself.
"Having actively experienced all this, collect yourself in the true, pure, selfless love for Me and you will live and will in fact yourself correspond to the great sign beheld within, thereby becoming for Me a living scholar and interpreter of signs out of love in the brothers' hearts at all times. Amen."