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- Chapter 1 -


7 May 1870
DO you want to know what the Freemasons are nowadays? Then just look at the present ceremonial of the Christian Church. Look, it stands only for appearance, and this is also the case with the present Freemasons. Their emphasis is on empty ceremonies and phrases. They only pretend to help mankind, for although they have had kings and emperors and other eminent personages as their members, you can see from the behavior of the same how far the rights of mankind had been their paramount concern.
What I once said to the Essenes, namely that they should do nothing secretly, but should do everything openly, should also be said to these present Freemasons. Their principle is: The human rights of equality. All are supposed to be "brothers". Indeed, this is what they were and are. But only in the Lodge proper: outside of it all equality ceases and the king is again king and the impecunious compared to him a nonentity, since he is only used as a means to an end.
Do you know what freemasonry should actually be? Even according to the articles of the present society, nothing else but the representation of the enactment of My second commandment, of neighborly love!
How beautiful and elevating it would be if they all were in this sense Freemasons; however, not only in their assemblies, but during the whole course of their life, and very much would have been gained for My Kingdom. However, as long as they merely adhere to ceremonies, these are for the most part, like church ceremonies, an empty show behind which far higher things are hidden. And so the present members taking part in these ceremonies, knowing nothing of the actual reason, have hardly ever acted according to it.
So you too, be Freemasons, however in the noblest sense of the word! Help the poor, who are your brothers. Whatever you do, do it as if in the sight of all, openly although you act in secret, for it suffices that you need not be ashamed in the presence of My all-seeing eyes, and do not bother with the other things!
If you thus build the masonry of My teaching, free and open so that everyone can see it, you have the right to carry and deserve the title "Freemasons" rather than those who merely by certain hand-signs and other empty gestures make their brotherhood known to others.
So follow My teaching, and I Myself shall be the first "Freemason" and your President (Master of the Chair) and within a short time we shall have built a protective wall of truth and love, which can be destroyed neither by time nor by elemental or political events!
This for your enlightenment on freemasonry and its members, and how they should really be, but unfortunately are not. And so enough of it for today. Amen.


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