God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -

The Miracle of all Miracles - The Mystery of My Incarnation
Afflicted in HER HOLIEST UR-BEING, the UR-GRUNDPOL OF MY LOVE pressed strongly to step forth into the world of mankind to face its counter-state "hell". This meant that GOD HIMSELF was to make the greatest sacrifice out of LOVE to overcome and dissolve this counter-state "hell".
As stated, GOD can do anything out of LOVE; hence HE was able to proceed to such a sacrifice through the most wonderful, fundamental principle of HIS ETERNAL LOVE, the self-sacrificial TOTAL MERCY OF HIS LOVE, which all and everything will eventually lead back to HIM.
A tremor, hitherto unknown in MY WHOLE CREATION, filled the whole space of MY INFINITE CREATION when I GOD THE ALMIGHTY LORD gave way to the urge of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL - the UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE - in order to step forth onto the star of sinful mankind as HE WHO has all might in Heaven like on Earth, so that man as a child of MY FATHERLY HEART might recognize ME as ETERNAL LOVE and govern thenceforth his life by My sole example, turning away from the Counterpole of MY ETERNAL LOVE, to whom this Earth has been assigned for her redemption until the time when every creature will have been saved.
Yet how could this be possible? - Because it seemed impossible, My Counterpole did never expect GOD THE ALMIGHTY to confront her visibly upon "her Earth". She therefore was quite sure that she could quietly go on to lure away the children of MY ETERNAL LOVE forever. Indeed, how possibly could I, the ALMIGHTY SPIRIT OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, step down in a visible and tangible form directly among narrow-minded men, who discern nothing beyond the brute matter? - As ALL-PERVADING ALMIGHTY SPIRIT being all in all the ETERNAL MIGHT - perceptible and recognizable only for somebody with a gradually awakening spiritual eye - it would, and will forever be impossible to show MYSELF as a human being to human beings in the entire ALMIGHTINESS OF MY BEING; for none could ever bear the ALMIGHTINESS in ME, GOD, THE LORD AND CREATOR.
Yet the urge of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL persisted to bring salvation and deliverance to the sinful earthly children from the Counterpole's power through a most merciful act of ETERNAL FATHERLY LOVE: by stepping MYSELF down onto this star of all sins.
So had this path of rescue and salvation to be taken by the GREATEST OF MIRACLES: a mystery exhausting in MY CREATION both the highest Wisdom of MY HOLY SPIRIT and the greatest Mercy: namely that I, GOD THE LORD AND ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF ALL BEING, was to incarnate MYSELF in an earthly human garment, so as to be visible to man and bearable for his earthly strength.
Accordingly, a birth on Earth was to be prepared, in order that I THE LORD could take on the human flesh, thus becoming visible as GOD and thereby able to act for the salvation of all earthly children.
As is self-evident to everyone wanting to follow and hear ME, such a birth could not take the usual way of earthly procreation but had to proceed differently.
Thus I THE LORD had announced through My nearest servants, whom you call archangels by what you have known so far of them, that I THE ALMIGHTY would visibly appear for a limited time to the most sinful beings of My Heavens, namely those who once turned away from MY ETERNAL KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT and are now the inhabitants of a tiny little star of My Creation, a star created by MY GRACE AND MERCY to serve for their redemption from their ancient sin of apostasy.
Together with this announcement I THE LORD had a question put to all My higher angels as to whether anyone of them had a solution for how this novel and greatest work of mercy was to be achieved: a celestial test, as it were, for My highest servants so as to see how far they had advanced themselves in the SPIRIT OF MY ALMIGHTY WISDOM.
Yet I, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, WHO had never been permanently visible even to My angels of the nearest spheres, knew very well that by this query the celestial spirits were confronted with completely new ground in Heaven; indeed, they asked themselves how could GOD, WHO is not fully visible even to us, appear plainly visible and perceptible on a world whose inhabitants cannot muster even the slightest degree of celestial spirituality. For did not GOD THE LORD say even to His greatest prophet on Earth, Moses:

"You cannot see MY FACE; for man shall not
see ME and live!"       (Exodus 33/20)

Perplexity struck all My angels, although they must have known that I THE LORD have a solution the very moment I promise or have announced something; but their dismay resulted rather from their deepest humility and burning love for ME of which you, O men, have not the faintest idea, since you do not know as yet what ardent love can be like!
But in their burning love and most blissful humility they were seized by a hitherto unknown sadness at the terrible thought that their GOD'S imminent ACT OF GRACE for the rescue of the sinful human race on Earth could deprive them of THEIR GOD'S breath which filled them with permanent bliss. And a lamentation arose in hardly ever ending celestial songs of woe; the mournful angels joined into huge, countless choirs, imploring ME not to leave My Heavens and to choose another way to bring back again into the HEAVENLY. KINGDOM OF LIGHT AND LOVE the human race of the tiny star "Earth". Like never-ending, roaring hurricanes, the lamenting choirs resounded throughout all celestial spheres and spread up to ME; the heavens were turned into an immense lamentation for THEIR GOD AND CREATOR.
I THE LORD cannot disclose to you how long such a lamenting had been going on in My Heavens, since you could not grasp it by your present earthly time concept.
As there seemed to be no end to this despair of My angels, I THE LORD put one question, the question above all questions whispered throughout My Heavens, and which nobody could answer, unless he is LOVE like Myself from eternity to eternity. And this question, vibrating through all heavens, addressed to whatever spirit had proceeded from MY HOLY SPIRIT, was:
What is true LOVE - perfect LOVE? — Is not true and perfect LOVE more mindful of everything else than of itself? Will it not readily sacrifice itself for all out of LOVE? This was heard as an echo to the key question of all questions put by MYSELF!
My angels' lamenting choirs subsided and remained silent for a long, very long time —