God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -

The Effusion of MY HOLY SPIRIT
And this most enchanting vista of colours of ETERNAL LOVE dissolved gradually into an all-pervasive stillness of perceptible, ETERNAL LOVE permeating all and every-thing with the blissful certainty of having been witness to the MOST HOLY QUEEN OF ETERNAL LOVE in a spell of highest felicity through the GRACE OF GOD THE LORD.
This experience of My highest and nearest angels filled them with such a happiness that sounds of joy which truly brought hearts and spirits into a most elating state, were arising and swelling into roaring blissful choirs of ETERNAL LOVE, spreading an inkling of forthcoming redeeming love over all spheres of life and arousing in many a dark human heart a premonition of GOD'S RIGTHEOUSNESS.
Such an effusion of the HOLY SPIRIT OF LOVE, invisible to human eyes, has always been and still is necessary to prepare the souls which are caught in the spheres of darkness belonging to the fallen Spirit for the intervention of GOD "from above". For without such an invisible spiritual effusion of MY LOVE not a single prophet of My Heavens could act on Earth and find at least some open ears and understanding among men.
In fact such an effusion of MY HOLY SPIRIT takes place constantly in an infinite variety of shades; for without such an incessant flow of MY HOLY SPIRIT into the entire infinite Creation nothing could live; there would be no living soul; there would be no DIVINE SPARK of Mine stirring within souls, because the great majority of souls of My earthly children feel very much at ease in the fields of My Counterpole Satana and nothing within them has such a contact with ME, THEIR GOD AND CREATOR, as to enable them without MY PERMANENT INFLUENCE to escape from eternal death.
Only through MY HOLY SPIRIT - keep this well in mind, My earthly children - is there no eternal death, but only everlasting life!
And even those Children of My Love who earnestly seek ME, have, despite their often strong desire to fully recognize and seize ME, THEIR GOD, their souls still so filled with all sorts of uncelestial qualities that their soul's condition is an abomination before MY SAINTLY FACE, so that their love unto ME is by far too weak, yea powerless to live without the support of MY HOLY SPIRIT.
From among such human souls searching after ME, but which are often affected with the worst Counterpole-qualities, proceed the many religious zealots, who cannot muster a well-balanced psychic image of MY DIVINE QUALITIES, but only a gloomy distorted picture resulting from both extremist attitudes inspired by excessive and terribly exaggerated ideas about MY KINGDOM and the saddest aberrations of uncontrolled passions. MY HOLY SPIRIT has to lead in particular these human souls through most painful ordeals, since this is the only way for them to get rid of what can never enter My Heavens.
Even My Counterpole and everything that is led under her curb would be powerless without the continuous inflow of MY HOLY SPIRIT into her realm of subservient souls, since - as already said - no life would be possible without MY HOLY SPIRIT.
Indeed, everything - even hell - operates through the force derived from those flows emanating from MY HOLY SPIRIT which are essential for all life; everything benefits from MY ENDLESS LOVE AND MERCY; for nothing would be strong, could rest and recover its forces whenever needed without this incessant flowing of MY HOLY SPIRIT.
Thus everything - with a few exceptions - would fall a prey to eternal death if I THE LORD AND CREATOR would not continuously maintain it through the invisible flows of MY HOLY SPIRIT. They are invisible to the human eye, as well as to all your human methods of investigation, and will forever remain so for whomsoever is anxious to inquire into MY HOLY SPIRIT. This should make you understand, O men, on what feet of clay stands everything which by your present degree of spiritual maturity is called science and research.


Truly, MY HOLY SPIRIT OF OMNIPOTENCE, through which everything has come into being and continues to do so for all times, which forever maintains everything in life and allows it to ascend to MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION and by which all can live forever, will only be most clearly perceptible and seizable as a holy truth to a human soul, when this soul begins, in deepest humility, to apprehend MY HOLY SPIRIT, while ready to live in perfect love according to the eternal COMMANDMENTS OF MY HOLY WILL.
Such an apprehension of MY HOLY SPIRIT through an absolutely pure, unconditional and most burning LOVE FOR ME and all fellow-men can even bring a soul matured in perfect love to the vision of MYSELF, since a high degree of pure and true love brings about a gradual fusion with MY HOLY SPIRIT and renders possible the REBIRTH IN MY HOLY SPIRIT, the soul uniting thereby with ME, its GOD AND CREATOR.
The fact that a staunch faith in ME, GOD THE LORD. AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, must be the very first degree of pure love for ME, without which no progress of the soul is possible, ought to be self-evident for every human soul, unless it is already dead, caught as it were in the blindness of material bondage and reduced to the state of a mere pawn of My Counterpole.
A strong and steadfast belief in ME, GOD AND CREATOR OF ALL LIFE IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH, is the most obvious stage of reality for a true human being endowed with a living soul that is beginning to unite with ME, its CREATOR.
The faith of a PETRUS THE ROCK is the top rung of the celestial ladder on Earth, whereon can be achieved what looks impossible here below, so that even the liquid element will bear the heavy human body made of solid matter.
Yet the triumph over earthly matter was won by the SPIRIT IN MY REDEEMING BODY JESUS CHRIST being one with ME, THE ETERNAL HOLY SPIRIT and MY RESURRECTION from the flesh of this Earth was the ardour of the ETERNALLY PURE LOVE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, which in this highest degree of perfect LOVE is the very PURE SPIRIT that permeates and sustains everything and, if need be, dissolves whatever is not SPIRIT OUT OF MY OWN.
This is what happened in MY RESURRECTION when I THE CREATOR and LORD OF ALL LIFE dissolved through MY HOLY SPIRIT everything that was the result of the Ur-sin, the secession from MY HOLY SPIRIT, and that has become the worst inner part of the matter of this Earth and which I incorporated into MY JESUS-BODY as the accumulation of all redemptive potency of all My children, a task which no created Spirit could ever have accomplished.
With the streaming blood of MY JESUS-BODY was poured out materially over this Earth the redeemed Ur-sin, melting away from My earthly JESUS-BODY for time and eternity, whereas through the RESURRECTION My Holy Spirit dissolved the Ur-sin of the fall spiritually into nothingness. This meant that all formerly fallen Spirits of My Heavens were redeemed from their guilt, no matter whether they were embodied at that time in an earthly garment or were still kept in some intermediate stage; hence, through MY CRUCIFIXION, the greatest offence to MY HOLINESS AND MY GODHEAD was exempted from the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT to be forever subtracted from this adamantine Law of Righteousness, so that PERFECT LOVE accomplished out of love what seemed impossible. This HOLIEST TRIUMPH OF LOVE was expressed in My last HOLY WORDS on the Cross of Golgotha:

"It is accomplished!"

You now know, O men, that MY way to Golgotha and MY CRUCIFIXION have become forever through MY RESURRECTION from the guilt-matter of My earthly children the greatest ACT OF MERCY OF MY ETERNAL LOVE AND OF MY HOLY SPIRIT on account of you. Therefore, one chapter of this NEW BIBLE, disclosed through MY MOTHER MARIA OF YORE is entitled: "THE MERCY".
Prior thereto, however, will first be disclosed what has been touched on already in this chapter, namely the implications of THE MOST HOLY ACT OF MY BIRTH ON EARTH IN JESUS CHRIST after you have just been given a short revelation as a transition to this highest revelation about the nature of MY HOLY SPIRIT and of its permanent operation in time and eternity.
Whoever maliciously derides My birth in JESUS CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT taking it but for a fable, ought to grow dumb on the strength of what I THE LORD am now going to disclose so that all those who still have something left of a pure heart may pick up strength to become able to live a life of LOVE by MY ETERNALLY HOLY AND PERFECT WILL.