God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -

Life and the Soul, the Gifts of My Mercy
Jet before you can grasp this revelation with your senses which are all too much ensnared in whatever your godless worldly wisdom makes you believe, it is essential for you, men of this age, to learn what a human birth actually is all about.
First of all, the birth of a human child is impossible without MY HOLY SPIRIT, dispenser of all life, indispensable for fitting a human body with a living soul and endowing it with a divine SPARK by which alone the child is granted its quality of "human being", or else I never should have prompted Moses to write down for the Bible that man has been created in My image and likeness.
What man does for the birth of a child is but a secondary process, and yet it is an ACT OF GRACE out of MY LOVE which enables him to become indirectly a co-creator. The need for two essentially different factors to join in the process is a further ACT OF GRACE, namely that PURE LOVE which originates from Heaven, but was later defiled through the fall, can retrieve its heavenly ascendancy in human mating inasmuch as the mating couple put a celestial aspect into its union through its approach to and consummation of the act.
This celestial aspect will obtain only if both look up in all purity to ME, their GOD AND CREATOR, since only thereby the fluid of MY HOLY SPIRIT will be tapped which can cause celestial PURITY and QUALITIES to become effective in the act. Otherwise the fundamental gush out of MY HOLY SPIRIT, indispensable for any living human being, will mingle with the negative sensual fluids from the world of My Counterpole.
Thus you can see for yourself how far you are called upon to become actual co-creators of real life in My Creation, and you may appreciate the high responsibility you have to assume inasmuch as it is up to you to precondition a child's life to evolve well, less well or badly.
LIFE in the newly developing child rests IN MY HAND alone and is a GIFT OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR which I alone can bestow. The LIVING SOUL of a new human being is equally a GIFT OF MY GRACE, but in this case you are getting involved as well, inasmuch as it is up to you alone what sort of a soul I THE LORD will incarnate in the procreation process of two joining partners. Consider this most carefully and ponder over it steadily within your heart!
Maybe you are now becoming aware, O men of this Earth, of the fact that in the very moment of your intercourse you have already sealed the destiny of a soul in a new human being; indeed, according to MY HOLY WILL, just a few moments after a normal and healthy copulation a soul is already given to the uniting couple either as a GIFT OF MY GRACE or as a GIFT OF MY MERCY. It will be a GIFT OF GRACE if the LOVE of the mating partners shows at least traces of divine qualities; the greater and purer the LOVE for ME, the greater and the more wonderful can be MY GRACE. It will be a merciful GIFT OF MY LOVE when the mating partners, had no other purpose but self-love which always produces but one result, namely a stronger subjection to the uncelestial qualities of My Counterpole! And yet I THE LORD gratify all those who mate in exclusive self-love with MY MERCY by choosing for them out of the realm of fallen souls one for a new child who will be the most suitable measure of their degree of parental love and a test for their true progress.
There is, however, an exception to this which is not arbitrary, but serves the cause of redemption. This exception is based on a HEAVENLY ASPECT OF SACRIFICE, which only a great spirit of My Heavens is able to tackle by entering human life in order to deliver a heavily guilt-stricken soul from the adamantine Law of Sin and Atonement to save it for My Heavens. This particular issue will be taken up elsewhere in forthcoming volumes of this New Bible.
At this stage, what matters for you to know is that you men have joint responsibility in the creative process and evolution of new life upon this Earth and that without MY GRACE AND MERCY neither LIFE, nor the gift to man of a living SOUL, would be possible.
The fact that the GIFT OF A SOUL through My Grace occurs just shortly after the mating of two human partners as the strict completion of an inexorable creative process leading to a new human being, is meant not only to open up for you a new vista, but also to serve as an impulse to strive after MY GRACE in pure heavenly LOVE, thus creating a new human race, wherein shines THE LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS and nothing more falls a prey to abysmal darkness.
Already at this stage is it easy to realize on the strength of this just starting revelation about human life, on what fiendish aspects are based the prevailing conceptions about birth and life, which alone have made necessary the ACT OF MERCY OF THIS NEW BIBLE.
However, when through MY GRACE you will still further be introduced into the mysteries of life and will hear more about the composition and complexity of the soul, you will shudder at your own self and the burden of your responsibility for true life. You will then be realizing that life becomes holy the very moment you start looking truly up in pure love to ME, YOUR CREATOR. At the same time you will panic at the thought of how more or less profligate you have been so far with your life, with the net result that instead of living in the heavenly sphere most of you prefer the gutter.
Rejoice therefore at whatever THE NEW BIBLE will reveal to you, but for the time being be content with what I THE LORD give you in this first volume as a heavenly introduction which anticipates great things that are bound to change your life and being.
Whatever you, O men, contribute by yourselves to the nascent life is only your will as stemming from the wonderful attribute of MYSELF, namely the absolute free will, which in your case tends to go in but one direction, namely satisfy your self-love, which before ME, GOD AND CREATOR - WHO is pure LOVE in whatever HE does - is no more than a primitive craving for self-complacency to do but what compliments the selfish, pleasure-seeking soul.
Even what seems to be your own ingredient, namely the multiplying and growing seed of procreation on the male side, and, on the female side, the maturing human fruit forming the vessel for a new human being, are again only GIFTS OF MY CREATION to you, O men, which are the product of a preparatory, as yet to you inconceivable process, evolved from endless, complementary creative findings of My Wisdom.
For these earthly building materials of the human body, to be formed in MY OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS, - the potency of which has been laid minutely into the procreative seed - are love creations of MY UNFATHOMABLE WISDOM; yet they did not originate from My initial CREATIVE WILL, but stem from the dire necessity of preventing your fallen spirit that once turned away from MY ETERNAL KINGDOM OF LOVE from falling irredeemably into everlasting death.
I THE LORD let your averted and hostile spirit fall by your free volition down to the very limit of rescue and return. I intervened only when your blindfold spirit had also squandered this possibility and was no longer open to reasoning. The fall of your spirit went so far that nobody else but I THE CREATOR could still recognize inside it traces of life from ME. Such was the dejected state of darkness and density of your blindfold spirit - once originated from ME!
Out of such a deeply fallen Spirit only building blocks without a perceptible life-awareness could be taken for its rescue and return to the former heavenly state, or, at least, containing so little vitality that neither a human form-building force, nor a procreative vital force, could be noticed. It was the lowest grade of spiritual vitality.
I THE CREATOR was thus led to create one of the greatest marvels in order to rouse a so deeply fallen Spirit to a fresh spiritual life and to arrange for the possibility of its return to its lost heavenly homeland, i.e. MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE originated from the HOLY SPIRIT OF EVERLASTING PERFECTION!

Accordingly, I THE LORD created
the fallen spirit out of ME

Despite all wonders which have remained sealed and incomprehensible so far to you, this realm of the soul is only a breath of creation; but this breath OF MY LOVE had to contain a main feature of MY HOLY SPIRIT and the sum of all qualities of the fallen spirit, if the latter were to return at all to its celestial origin and nothing be left exposed to eternal death and its nothingness.
A matchless marvel, this you will hopefully admit, if you still have any sense for YOUR GOD AND CREATOR'S WORK! I go on with My revelation in the hope that among the hundreds of thousands of today's living human souls there are at least one or other brighter souls here and there who, thanks to these REVELATIONS OF MY LOVE AND MERCY, will endeavour to reach a deeper self-understanding!
Now in order that this MARVEL OF THE SOUL might muster sufficient vitality to accomplish the return process of the fallen spirit, the BREATH OF ETERNAL LIFE from ME had to be laid into the SOUL.
Yet this was not enough; for this return process of the fallen spirit the SOUL had to be vested with a great variety of functional and evolutive systems - of which very little is known as yet to you searching men - in order to reanimate all the former infinite abilities and idiosyncrasies drawn from the' fallen spirit, which had nearly vanished, subsisting only in traces.
Finally, it was also necessary to anchor within the SOUL the most wonderful attribute out of ME, which once created and now sustains everything, and which alone renders possible the reclimb step by step, namely LOVE. For what would be a soul without Love? A soul without Love would be less than the vilest piece of rotten wood.
Yet even with LOVE from ME, a SOUL would not be able to reach the final aim of obtaining that the fallen spirit return home to MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION, had I not also laid


through which alone a soul can become aware of its divine destiny and strive hard to unite with ME.
Thus, a SOUL comprises everything needed to bring back the fallen spirit to ME, THE CREATOR, ITS GOD AND FATHER. It contains everything from the slightest fallen spirit's potency up to the HOLY DIVINE SPARK OF MY OWN SELF and can, thanks to the quality vested in it from Myself, live for ever and thus is able to reach definitely the aim I set for it, even if this should take ages. The goal will be reached as true as I am GOD THE LORD, THE CREATOR AND ETERNAL WISDOM: every fallen spirit will once return to ME! This may even happen earlier than in the remotest eternity if you men begin to love ME truly and become aware of whence you have come and with how much LOVE AND MERCY I THE LORD draw you and guide your steps.
This revelation has shown you the wonderful scheme of the soul, whereby everyone who is not yet as dead in his spirit as the most deeply fallen spirit, ought to understand that wonders upon wonders of MY GRACE-LOVE pervade and surround him and that it is high time indeed to love ME, HIS CREATOR, with the full ardour of his heart, so as to be led through MY GRACE toward his true destiny and to partake of MY ETERNAL KINGDOM OF PERFECTION.