God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -

THE HOLY TRINITY / GOD'S Holy Sphere of Action
After all the revelations given so far to you about the nature and operation of MY HOLY SPIRIT, you should not find it difficult to SrasP that a purely spiritual begettal can operate, and I THE LORD, say unto you: If you, O men, will turn some day pure, yea purest LOVE, to be nothing but LOVE, then everything will have fallen off from you that now still constitutes your necessary human body of flesh, and by then your mode of procreation will be different from what it is now.
Just as effusive LOVE is a procreative product precisely of LOVE, LOVE perpetuating itself by engendering ever new acts of LOVE, so should it be even easier to grasp that SPIRIT - and above all the SPIRIT out of ME - will beget and bear but spiritually, and that this perpetually generating SPIRIT OF GOD can engender and bear whatever is its HOLY WILL.
Procreation and bearing, however, always call for a complementary pole, material or spiritual. This law of complementary polarities has already been effective with My primordial source, and since I GOD THE LORD have MY OWN COMPLEMENTARY POLARITY within ME in MY UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, all can be begotten and born through MY HOLY SPIRIT, under a volition aspect of MY OWN SELF, and step forth into creation as a phenomenon.
And there is yet a further eternal fundamental law of Mine, by which two complementary poles require a sphere of action, or else there will be chaos. You can therefore appreciate, how nonsensical is the assertion by many a so-called scientist that the universe has originated from chaos. Any human being who is somewhat mentally alert will realize that - be it only for this law of polarity - My Creation is absolute order and that the will for order is essential for true life of every creature. Consequently, as can easily be noticed, all aspects of life show a basic trend towards order.
In the material world, the sphere of action for any complementary polarity is always some part of matter or a sum of matter particles. The north and south poles would be inconceivable in their interrelation without the Earth; this also applies to each body of the universe down to the minutest structure of matter.
In the spiritual world, however, the field of action of the complementary poles corresponds to a spiritual sphere of action.
Thus My own sphere of action is My infinite eternal creation; it is absolutely one with ME, GOD THE LORD, CREATOR AND FATHER of Heaven and Earth and with MY UR-GRUNDPOL OF LOVE, resting and operating within ME. Here is revealed to you, O men, most clearly the fact of the HOLY TRINITY! Because it is a HOLY, therefore a PERFECT TRINITY - perfect in itself and concordant in every impulse manifestation - everything is therefore perfect in My infinite eternal creation. My Creation would neither be infinite, nor eternal, without the ABSOLUTE PERFECT TRINITY. Hence the absolute oneness of MY TRINITARIAN CREATION in and out of ITSELF extending into infinity.
Your human sphere of action, however, between its complementary poles - male and female - is a severed sphere, which is and has to attain unity according to MY IMAGE. You alone are responsible for this severed sphere of life and action through what has already been said and revealed in respect of the ancient sin or Ur-sin of the fallen spirit.
You can truly thank ME, YOUR GOD, that I have not left you forever in this severed polarity - which would have meant eternal death - but have given to all children of men and the fallen spirit the merciful OPPORTUNITY of regaining the perfect heavenly state by MY LOVE, GRACE, PATIENCE AND MERCY.
My absolute, purely spiritual SPHERE OF ACTION is MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION. Here I must emphasize that the term "body", taken from your vocabulary, has nothing at all to do with its corresponding earthly-material concept; indeed, the expression "spiritual body of creation" is only meant to be a simile of your own body just as I, as THE MESSIAH OF THE SPIRIT, JESUS CHRIST, spoke to people in parables when I wanted to make them clearly understand concepts and laws of heavenly wisdom. By this simile I mean to say that in MY PURELY SPIRITUAL SPHERE OF ACTION everything works in absolute unity just as in a healthy human body. I THE LORD say it still more clearly for your better understanding: your earthly human body made out of matter resembles in every respect MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, which leads you still more clearly to the HOLY TRUTH according to which you, men, have been created to MY IMAGE AND LIKENESS.
Hence it should now clearly dawn on you not only that you are CHILDREN OF GOD, but also that I, YOUR GOD, am YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, and that this YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER is not merely some formless "cosmic energy" or even a "cosmic cloud", as so-called "parapsychic scientists" or learned researchers are wont to say, but indeed

and at the same time
the primordial source
of all spiritual and material formation
and your most perfect model for ever!


So you now clearly know, O men,
to whom you pray in adoration of

This makes it clear once and for all that not those are simple-minded who worship in ME a personal GOD, but rather those are blind fools who turn the ETERNAL CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH into something irreal which "invention" of blindest foolishness they, moreover, cloak with a coat of highest learnedness.
It is MY HOLY WILL, however, that all your sciences will acknowledge ME openly and convincingly, in order to work effectively towards the ascent of the human race and not towards its ruin. To that end, I shall lay down the spiritual route to be followed in the forthcoming volume of this NEW BIBLE, entitled "THE BOOK OF WISDOM".
After this clarification, let us return to MY ETERNALLY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION which, through its ABSOLUTE ETERNAL PERFECTION, is also INFINITY WITHIN ETERNITY, because absolute perfection - try to grasp this in the depth of your heart - must be eternal and unendingly perpetual in its perfection, thus knowing no death.
Owing to the fact that in your soul in which I - as aforesaid - have laid a spark of all of the attributes of MINE, the perfect sphere of action must first be restored, from which you had cut yourselves off through your renegation of MY HOLY SPIRIT, you have burdened yourself with death which does not proceed from MY KINGDOM but from your fallen world.
Death is indeed the result of abandoned perfection! If you, O men, do restore perfection in and around yourselves, death as a limitation of your earthly life will be vanquished and will let go of you!
This I THE LORD IN JESUS CHRIST have vividly exemplified through MY SACRIFICE ON GOLGOTHA! For through My birth on Earth MY FOREVER PERFECT BODY OF CREATION out of pure spirit had joined a body subject to the laws of material limitation; the latter, however, was overpowered by the ETERNAL BODY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, whereby I THE LORD rose from the earthly-material limitation "death" through MY PURELY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, thus proving to all men on Earth, and also to all spirits of the whole Creation, that eternal LIFE IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD can achieve everything, including dissolving matter with all its defects, shortcomings, and sins, such as death and termination!
And since I GOD THE LORD have achieved this in your world, on Earth, for all times and eternity, your Earth has thereby become the EARTH OF SALVATION; and truly, this could be achieved on Earth alone, because the original fallen spirit from My Heavens has become the core of your Earth with all potentialities of sin.
That is the reason why, according to MY HOLY WILL, this Earth of salvation is also the Earth of trial for all who come from MY SPIRITUAL BODY OF CREATION, from My highest angels down to you - fallen men, in order that My whole Creation be raised to a higher degree of perfection when the whole testing process will be finished for all My creatures on this Earth.