God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -

The Grace of THE NEW BIBLE / The Turning Point of Grace for all Life on Earth
Do you get at last some idea now, O men, if you have not grasped it fully yet, of the reason why you are living upon this Earth? Do you still want to go on living like blind fools, only pampering your earthly body limited by death? Or would you not rather open your eyes to become able to enter ETERNAL LIFE? This NEW BIBLE of Mine will help you thereto.
Grasp the grace of this NEW BIBLE through which you can be raised - if such is your will - from the unsafely and confusion of your self-styled existence, which at every step cannot but produce traps of your own making - a result which is right and which I do tolerate, since you always turn your eyes upon things are just the contrary of MY COMMANDMENTS that tend towards the only true and perfect life. Now this NEW BIBLE OF MY MERCY is put into your hands, and he who takes it up will find himself at a turning point of Grace in his life. For everything needed for a true life is given in this NEW BIBLE, which will enable you to draw a final stroke under whatever brought you into your present life situation, which - as you can see by yourself - spells only ruin.
This NEW BIBLE means a turning point of Grace not only for those who have professed hitherto the Christian faith and speak the language in which this first edition of MY NEW BIBLE is printed, but also for all My earthly children; for the NEW BIBLE must and will be printed in all the main languages of mankind and all My earthly children shall find their way to ME, THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD; and all the many split-religions must dissolve and merge into the true religion of MY ETERNAL JESUS-MARIA-LOVE. This is MY HOLY WILL which must and will be fulfilled according to MY HOLY WORD that there will be ONE SHEPHERD AND ONE FOLD.
This means - as already basically revealed to you - that the state of MY PERFECTION IN MY HOLY SPIRIT OF THE ETERNAL TRINITY must be achieved in every respect upon this Earth of salvation.
Hence begin yourselves at your level with all earnestness: Remove with MY HELP AND GRACE your state of severance from ME, THE FOREVER PERFECT ONE! Create for yourself in every respect the perfect sphere of action! And, I say, without any restriction!
For indeed nothing can reach perfection when each individual believes he can achieve something by his own volition. Man's free will is bound to go instantly astray in the jungle of My Counterpole whenever a human being stops looking up to ME and MY PERFECTION and no longer asks: "O LORD, what is YOUR ALONE HOLY WILL?"
All your world situations that cry to Heaven do so because they have originated from the deep, blindfold incomprehension of your Counterpole actions, and these world situations badly need help from the ETERNAL HEAVEN OF MY PERFECTION.
Yet in order that you might instantly begin to take the right and perfect way after having reached this turning point of Grace thanks to MY NEW BIBLE, I THE LORD give you all necessary guidelines to help you keep on the straight way to ME.