God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -

GOD THE LORD'S Grace and Mercy before the coming Judgment
Prior to the publication of this MY NEW BIBLE, those among My earthly children, who had recognized ME in MY MOTHER MARIA OF YORE and followed ME here below in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, received all necessary guidelines through MY HOLY VOICE, "THE VOICE OF THE LORD", and in some instances also directly from ME in MY MOTHER OF YORE, since everyone could turn to HER for all personal problems. This was a time of Grace of a quite unusual kind for all those who had acknowledged ME both in MY HOLY WORD and in MY MOTHER MARIA - a period of GRACE which will not repeat. Whoever had failed to translate into hearty action the holy guidelines received during this time of Grace cannot but blame himself for having wasted this unique opportunity. This was the time of Grace of MY FIRST MERCY after I had revealed and proclaimed through MY HOLY VOICE that I THE LORD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE MESSIAH AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST THE CRUCIFIED, had returned onto this Earth in the human garb of YOUR REDEEMING MOTHER, MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA. And those who on their part had managed to translate into living action My holy guidelines given through MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA have been chosen for the core of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE in the forthcoming time of darkness on this Earth.
Following the time of Grace of My first mercy, there is now come with this NEW BIBLE the time of GRACE OF MY SECOND MERCY. This means that in this NEW BIBLE everything will henceforth be available in terms of guidelines for all times on Earth, whatever human beings need for their salvation and their true ascent at My helping HOLY HAND. It is now up to all - so to speak - to catch up in this second stage through these GIFTS OF GRACE with whatever they have missed out on until now; for, in the THIRD PHASE OF MERCY of MY GRACE, additional time to recover the forgone opportunities is not planned, for this will be the time of JUDGMENT. Then everybody can expect only so much of MY GRACE as he has assets to show that are likely to advance him on the ladder leading to My Heavens: namely fruits of true LOVE.
So waste no time and translate in all earnestness into acts of love MY HOLY GUIDELINES as expounded in this NEW BIBLE, so as to qualify for MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE already at the term of My second stage of mercy, and as true Children of My Love to attain the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth during the third period of mercy. It may even happen that many a newcomer to this NEW BIBLE who enters into the spirit thereof with the most burning love and highest earnestness will also be accepted to the CORE OF MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF CHRIST; only those are concerned, however, who are ready to follow ME, THE LORD in MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, in absolute obedience.
Now everything is ready for you, My earthly children, in MY GRACE AND MERCY.

Grasp this!