God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 3 -

Follow the LORD of all Souls, JESUS CHRIST, in absolute Obedience



MY GRACE is an additional gift of MY LOVE to all those earthly children who in absolute obedience follow ME THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, WHO has come back again onto Earth in this time in the human garb of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL.
For Obedience is Love above all Love, as just stated. Yet what this precisely means shall and will be revealed only to those earthly children who are ready to follow ME THE LORD, without the slightest hesitation. For I THE LORD, am THE MASTER OF ALL SOULS and not only know all too well the beginning and the end of the chain of guilt of each soul, but also know alone the proper remedy for a soul to dispose of the accumulated guilt.
So bow to MY HOLY WILL and accept whatever I THE LORD ordain for a soul willing to follow ME THE LORD; indeed, rejoice, say I THE LORD, at the opportunity to partake of this Grace already here on this Earth, instead of going through so many intermediary stages before reaching MY FATHERLY HEART: for absolute obedience and most glowing love are the key to MY FATHERLY HEART, which key alone will open for each soul the gate of My Heavens!
There can and should never be any departure from My or-dainment or else you could not partake of MY GRACE which is bestowed on a child only inasmuch as I THE LORD see his utter earnestness and endeavour at fulfilling MY ALONE HOLY WILL.
So keep that in mind, children of this Earth; for with ME THE LORD, only "yes" or "no" will do; there can be neither a yes-but, nor a "yes-maybe", but only an "either-or"; for could you imagine that I build a NEW JERUSALEM with hesitating or reluctant earthly children? Surely not!
I THE LORD need Children of My Love who are willing to go for ME THE LORD, as it were, through the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT, so as to stand then as true pillars of MY LOVE which even the strongest gale of My Counterpole will not be able to knock down. The corner-stones of MY NEW JERUSALEM are already standing. Now it rests with you whether you want to belong to those Children of My Love who want to take part in the building of this glorious borderless city, where mutual love is THAT LOVE which I THE LORD have sent you down to this Earth.
Hence it is up to you, My earthly children, to become true children of YOUR GOD AND LORD or to remain children of My Prince of Darkness "Satana" , who is already holding all of you so tightly under her wings that only the most relentless work upon yourselves, together with MY GRACE, can free you therefrom!
Let, therefore, each soul proceed day by day to a thorough self-examination with the aid of a diary which ought to be kept to help maturing and to see inhowfar each has overcome within him all that is a horror before MY HOLY FACE! Or can you possibly believe that sloth, tepidity, unkindness, curiosity, priggishness, or looking down upon another soul, are qualities of Mine, qualities of YOUR GOD AND LORD? Surely not!
Let, therefore, each soul convert to whatever MY HOLY LOVE will order and decree; for LOVE is the grading-scale with which I THE LORD measure each soul to see whether it has matured enough to be raised a step higher towards MY FATHERLY HEART! For did I THE LORD not say already during My earthly life as JESUS CHRIST, that I would spit out of My mouth the lukewarm, and so it is still today and it will always remain so!
Overcome lukewarmness which is an attribute of My Counterpole and become workers of MY HOLY SPIRIT, so as to become My true champions in this dark world; for MY GRACE is great indeed, say I THE LORD, inconceivably great at this time on Earth through the return of


For without MY GRACE, the free life of your human race would be extinct since long.
Without MY GRACE your Earth would rank among the stars without souls in human garment.
For MY LOVE which is a perpetual stream unto you, O men, will alone not suffice to raise you from the dullness of your blind thoughtless life into the LIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.
Hence MY GRACE must complement the perpetual stream of LOVE FROM MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL to keep on the right path and uplift those souls among you who are awakening to the LIGHT OF LOVE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT to gradually recognize their true destiny; for the self-induced power of Counterpole forces is so strong in each human soul, even though it has woken up to the LIGHT, that it is not immune against any temptation from the reign of darkness, nor is it guaranteed against the risk of a relapse.
Thus only by MY GRACE, as the most needful additional gift of MY LOVE, has it become possible to redeem all life from the clutches of darkness.
Therefore without MY GRACE all living things would fall a prey to the might of the Prince of Darkness;
Without MY GRACE there would be no redemption of souls from darkness;
Without MY GRACE no star of redemption called "Earth" would exist;
Without MY GRACE there would be no mankind rising to a higher level of maturity;
Without MY GRACE the evolutionary process in My Creation would come to a standstill.
Try to understand, if you wish, men of this Earth! I THE LORD say most emphatically "wish to understand", for the will of a soul that really wants to understand MY GRACE at all is in itself the first weak impulse of life towards higher awareness.Wherever this weak impulse of will is missing, the deepest night still prevails in that soul. In order to put MY LIGHT into this deepest night, a further gift is still needed by MY LOVE, which will be spelt out in the next chapter.