God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Origin and Meaning of Marriage
MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL PERFECTION, WHO has created everything, animates and sustains everything, and who keeps creating in the infinity of MY OWN SELF from eternity to eternity, is not satisfied with this permanent creativity into infinity; MY HOLY SPIRIT wants to live in a most magnificent dwelling, which means a perfect dwelling by this MY HOLY SPIRIT.
Within yourselves, O men, children from MY OWN SELF, I GOD THE LORD want to take up residence. Most magnificent ought to be this residence within you! It should have the splendour of all splendours! Indeed, Children of My Love, for this purpose I YOUR GOD AND CREATOR have laid into you everything necessary so that you may prepare My residence within yourself most magnificently! To this end I have laid into you countless building blocks from MY HOLY SPIRIT OF PERFECTION.
Does it not make you happy to learn that I THE LORD have done this? Have I still to ask whether you are willing to set to work and prepare a dwelling within yourselves for ME? Why do you hesitate to do this? Don't you believe ME?
If you are unwilling to believe ME YOUR CREATOR, I say unto you: get away from ME and believe in the Prince of Darkness who fools you with illusions until the end of your earthly life to maintain his hell on Earth; yet after this earthly life you will have to realize that you have taken the wrong direction. MY MERCY for your blindness can then do nothing else for you, but to grant you another life upon this Earth to open your eyes.
Yet to you, My children, who believe in MY HOLY WORD or begin to, I am now going to disclose all that ought to enable you to become not only a magnificent dwelling for ME, but:


Do note, My beloved children, who want to walk with ME ON THE HOLY WAYS OF YOUR GOD AND HEAVENLY FATHER FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY, that at the beginning of this MERCIFUL CREATION ON EARTH I set up what enables you to build up within a single earthly life a TEMPLE FOR MY HOLY SPIRIT:


As you have already learnt from this NEW BIBLE, all of you had in MY KINGDOM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT your own self's perfect sphere of activity which may be called the erstwhile HEAVENLY MARRIAGE. In MY LOVE for you, I had made everything easy, very easy for you, so that by your holy free volition, you might build up out of MY SPIRIT an EVERLASTING TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT; for in My Heavens, all the building stones of MY HOLY SPIRIT were then lying uncovered, visible to your spiritual eyes. You did begin to build your TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and quite a few amongst you were near completion, but instead of listening to MY HOLY VOICE, you listened to what was becoming the egotistic voice of My first-created Spirit Satana, who promised you her Heaven without any obedience to ME.
I THE LORD sounded your hearts and let My first-created Spirit do in utmost freedom what she liked, and you were free as well to do whatever pleased you; for the freedom of each created spirit proceeds from ME, THE FOREVER PERFECT ONE; this your free volition is holy to ME, and will never be encroached upon! How possibly could a Heaven be perfect and splendid with however slight an infringement on a creature's freedom?
So did I THE LORD let you have your ways in absolute freedom, seeing and observing what you were doing with this precious gift of YOUR GOD AND CREATOR; all I did was to exhort you, in the gentle unobtrusive manner of MY FOREVER PURE AND HEAVENLY LOVE, not to depart from MY HOLY WAYS.
Or else, should I THE ETERNAL LOVE, have exhorted with a thunderous voice the children of MY HOLY SPIRIT, who could avail themselves of all My splendours? In such a case, I would MYSELF have disregarded the ETERNAL HOLY FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF LOVE, had I THE LORD made a strong impression in My Heavens. MY LOVE, originating from MY ETERNAL HERZENS-URGRUND-POL, is TRUE LOVE indeed; in MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE it remains forever true, purest holiest LOVE.
You can recognize a whiff of this forever pure, tender and holy LOVE in the infinite forms of Nature around you; yet you can recognize it best of all in the pure genuine experience of LOVE.
You ought, therefore, to know that true LOVE can never be linked with power and violence; never, say I THE LORD, not even with a trace thereof.
These delicate shades of purest LOVE from MY HEAVENS transpire for instance in the subtle hues of sunrise and sunset upon your Earth, in the splendid array of flowers growing on your star of redemption and in endless melodious vibrations of all souls sighing for salvation in both your human and animal worlds, but also in the plant and mineral kingdoms, without your becoming aware thereof; yet purest, tenderest HEAVENLY LOVE is most strongly and holily reflected in the eyes of a human soul filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and finally also in those light moments when MY HOLY SPIRIT brightens the souls of two human beings who love each other with a true heavenly fervour, giving thereby an inkling of what the beyond is likely to be.
Such delicate shades of pure LOVE give but a slight idea of MY HEAVENS, rarely lasting long because the fallen spirit from My Heavens, embodied in hardened matter, demands its tribute from every soul as long as the latter is not utterly reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT and thereby redeemed for time and eternity from its subjection to the world of matter.
Ask now yourselves, Children of My Love, you who languish in the bondage of matter, how it could happen that you left the world of pure spirit in MY HEAVENS, where you were surrounded by not only transient things of pure Love and from time to time filled with them, but rather with the everlasting ETERNAL LOVE OF PERFECTION!
Can you grasp this, My earthly children? Can you explain how you could become so blind in MY HEAVENS as to turn your back upon the KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION? Are you not bewildered by the fact that you exchanged MY HEAVENS for hell on Earth? What is the reason, the true reason therefor? You will be able to discover the answer for yourselves only once you have become pure LOVE again; yet this is possible only by becoming wholly reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT. That is why I THE LORD must come and help you to understand.
So listen!