God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The first Decision of a Created Spirit
MY PERFECTION is achieved and immutable for all eternity in MY HOLY TRINITY. Hence for all eternity only the absolute perfect can originate from ME, without ever exhibiting the slightest trace of imperfection.
How then is imperfection introduced into Creation, may you ask, if eternal perfection alone can proceed from ME?
MY ANSWER to this question will give you the solution which shall be both hope and assurance for your possible return to MY HEAVENS, the KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION.
The very moment a SPIRIT OF PERFECTION has issued from ME, GOD THE CREATOR, as a created spirit, it is put to decide whether or not it will remain perfect as I THE CREATOR. This hinges on HUMILITY: HUMILITY not to look at oneself as originally created perfection, but rather to begin to love ME, GOD THE CREATOR at once as ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION, and to recognize ME AS HIM WHO has created it and will sustain it for all eternity.
Free volition, being the essential feature of perfection, will hence confront the created perfect spirit issued from ME immediately with the need to freely choose between self-love and love to ME in the humble recognition that it is a spirit created by ME. Thereby LOVE becomes HUMILITY in the face of GOD THE CREATOR, HUMILITY expressing then TRUE LOVE.
Yet if the choice of the free, created spirit tends towards itself, without loving ME, then THE ORIGINALLY PURE AND PERFECT LOVE turns into self-love, while THE TRUE LOVE HUMILITY aspect turns into haughtiness. The next fatal step caused by such a perfectly created spirit will produce deformed images of love and spirit.
Ponder over this ever and ever again within your heart so that it will be clear to you how and why imperfection and ultimately the absolute imperfect, Evil, eventually appeared within My creation, although I, GOD THE CREATOR, AM MYSELF ETERNAL PERFECTION!
You will then gradually understand why MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, perfect in every respect like I THE CREATOR and endowed with all attributes of MY PERFECTION, thus being splendour herself, within MY OWN SPLENDOUR, by choosing freely complacent self-love could turn a Counterpole of Myself.
The later Ur-spirits who had issued from MY HOLY, PERFECT TRINITY, endowed with identical essential perfection, could have put a limit on MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT'S self-love, since they bore witness of MY FOREVER CREATING PERFECTION.
Yet spiritual freedom permits just any decision, otherwise freedom would be but a name.
MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA chose for her own might in the granted SPLENDOUR OF MY HOLY SPIRIT. This meant that she had decided for her own self. The consequence thereof was unpredictable for her, yet it was clear to ME down to the last and remotest effects.
The reason for this unpredictability for MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, despite all her allotted might; strength and splendour, is that I, CREATOR AND SPIRIT OF ALL CREATED SPIRITS, AM HIM WHO I AM, and - as you have already heard - THE INEXHAUSTIBLE SOURCE FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY IN INFINITY, forever forming around MYSELF a purely spiritual border of MY SPHERE, which nobody can pass. This HOLY SPHERE is formed by MY TRINITY, comprising MYSELF, THE ETERNAL GOD, CREATOR, LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, MY HOLY OF HOLIES - MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, and the undestructible, everlasting EFFECTIVE SPHERE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, upon which rests MY OMNIPOTENCE and exerts its activity.
Similarly, the decision of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT produced a sphere of her own self, which was initially a sphere of volition only, not as yet a sphere of action and influence. The first effect of this self-produced individual sphere was that MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT severed herself from MY HOLY TRINITY. The child from MY HOLY TRINITY was beginning, as it were, to have its own ways.
Yet in all fairness to this child of MY HOLY TRINITY, it should be said that I GOD THE LORD was and remained invisible and inaccessible to this highest child Satana of MY HOLY SPIRIT, and that therefore her sight was directed upon her own self. However, MY UNLIMITED LOVE for this child of MY HOLY TRINITY, MY FIRST SPIRIT, enwrapped her with everything that lay within MY INFINITE OMNIPOTENCE!
And since MY HOLY SPIRIT OF TRINITY, although not visible, is all the more perceptible in the spirit's intrinsic core - that is the SPIRITUAL HEART - and can become beholdable only through LOVE unto ME, the spirit's freedom of choice is only thereby fully respected while reserving the possibility of uniting its own sphere of activity with MINE.
It needs this PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE to enable LOVE to blossom and flourish in endless variety. I THE CREATOR could not afford to invalidate this PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE by a still greater LOVE towards MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, THE FIRST CHILD OF MY HOLY TRINITY. The consequence would have been an impoverishment of LOVE, spiritual indolence and a growing lack of volition, not free spirits but spirits in bondage would eventually have stepped forth into My Creation, a sort of puppets incapable of true LOVE and devoid of the will to true LOVE.
This MY TRINITY'S PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE operative in ME was supposed to act endlessly in My Creation through MY FIRST SPIRIT SATANA with all might and splendour from ME. To this end, two further UR-SPIRITS were assigned to this first-created Spirit to correspond to MY OWN ESSENTIAL TRINITY, both being created for infinity from MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE in the fullness of MY MIGHT.
Thus a second TRINITARIAN PRINCIPLE was to pervade and fill MY INFINITE AND ETERNAL CREATION; yet a further creative principle was still indispensable therefor and had to be integrated as THE ORDER OF MY HOLY CREATION into the spiritual operations of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, namely the fundamental guarantee of MY ETERNAL UR-QUALITIES, without which I were not GOD in MY OWN REALM OF ORDER, and without which neither the principle of procreation, nor any creative act could be accomplished, nor anything could receive the actual breath of eternal life:
Note this well, men of this world, and you will understand why you can never create anything for eternity purely out of reason but only for transience, and that all your work and labour is bound to end sometime. The faculties and qualities of MY DIVINE SELF alone will produce duration! And this may be achieved within true and perfect wedlock, as will be explained later-on. Let us now first go on with MY SPIRITUAL UR-CREATION.