God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Evolution of a Sphere of Creation for Salvation
In order to revert, dissolve and dispel this depicted self-love caused by the self-willed disobedience of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, and thereby to clean My Creation from the spiritual infection which disobedience proved to be, another sphere of creation had to be made from the darkness in which all disobedient Children of My Love had wantonly locked themselves up, so as to provide for their liberation from this state of self-chosen confinement.
A law was becoming necessary as a prerequisite for this redeeming sphere in order to grade every spirit proportionally to the self-caused fault, as evidenced by the fall from the LIGHT OF MY CREATION OF ETERNAL LOVE, and make it rise again and return into MY HEAVENS OF ETERNAL LOVE, THE KINGDOM OF YOUR GOD, CREATOR AND LORD, in application of the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF MY LOVE.
And this law has been wrought from the PERFECTION OF MY INTANGIBLE WISDOM, LOVE AND MERCY, as


This law knows of no letters or paragraphs since it is purely spiritual. It needs no interpretation, nor can it be applied in different ways; it needs no application at all, since it works perfectly out of MY HOLY SPIRIT.
As you would nowadays say, it works fully automatically. Since you are not yet reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT, you can hardly grasp this, just as you have not fully grasped as yet the causal law or so many other laws emanating from MY PERFECTION, for which neither lawyers, nor courts of justice, nor legal writers are required, for in case of need I THE LORD am also a PERFECT TRIBUNAL.
The verdict, however, will not be pronounced by this tribunal of MY PERFECTION, but rather by the culprit himself.
MY GRACE AND MY MERCY always strive to spare the culprit his own self-chosen judgment, wherefor I THE LORD teach, exhort, and try to draw him onto MY HOLY WAYS with the most indefatigable LOVE AND PATIENCE, should it even last for ages, as has happened in the case of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA! A self-caused judgment will operate only in the extremest case, but then MY MERCY follows suit at once. For I AM ABSOLUTE LOVE AND ETERNAL LIFE and save all rather than condemn whatsoever or whomsoever!
Hence, Children of My Love, beware of passing on yourselves a verdict under this PERFECT LAW, or of drawing the judgment upon yourselves; for this LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, being purely spiritual, is highly sensitive, one could even say, hypersensitive. It is sparked off at the slightest offence against LOVE and subjects at once the offender. This subjection can be relieved only by a. self-recognition of one's guilt, a sincere repentance and an earnest observance of MY LOVE COMMANDMENTS; yet the full release from this Law of Sin and Atonement will operate through MY GRACE alone.
Hence it should have dawned upon you by now why your earthly life is but night and distress; for you only reap what you have sown! Now that you know that this LAW OF PERFECTION is hypersensitive and that any offence against LOVE, even the slightest, is recorded and binds the offender, you ought to realize that an offence against the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD is a hard hit.
This does not mean to say that you should be afraid of this hypersensitive and inescapable LAW OF PERFECT LOVE; by no means, say I THE LORD! On the contrary, it should raise you onto that level of TRUE LOVE, where perfect LOVE endeavours out of love to be nothing but LOVE, whereby it cannot be tempted to trespass against the LOVE TO GOD and all fellow-creatures, avoiding thereby to attract the effect of THE LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT.
Yet whoever in spite of this teaching does not become purest LOVE has to blame himself alone for being bound by this perfectly working law to the degree necessary for his purification and even, if need be, for sparking off the JUDGMENT OF MY LOVE as an inevitable effect of his stubbornness. Yet MY GRACE AND MERCY are able to annihilate even the stiffest obstinacy through the SACRIFICE OF FORGIVING LOVE.
When I THE LORD surmounted physical death on the Cross of Golgotha, the moment had come which was to break the fiercest hard-headedness in My Creation, namely the hitherto unshakeable haughty belief of My Counterpole Satana to be "the Lord of this World"! Until the last moment of My Passion on the Cross of Golgotha in My human garment, she felt confirmed in her obduracy and haughtiness by the thought of having forced ME, GOD THE LORD AND CREATOR IN JESUS CHRIST down to My knees; yet a few moments later THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS CHRIST showed her the truth as to WHO was actually the LORD of this star "Earth", which had now truly become in the face of My Opponent the "star of redemption" for the entire fallen Creation through the fact that I THE LORD over life and death, had broken the bonds of death, and thereby had flung wide open the gates of hell, the kingdom of My Antagonist, wherein seemed to be confined for all eternity all those who had surrendered to her.
Yet now MY LIGHT OF RESURRECTION pierced through death and matter into deep hell, proving there to all subjected that TRUE LOVE can strip off whatever fetters and that My Antagonist is compelled to yield to THE MIGHT OF LOVE, inasmuch as LOVE, in absolute obedience to GOD, does nothing else but fulfill GOD'S SOLE HOLY WILL whereby LOVE AND OBEDIENCE become LOVE OF ALL LOVE.
The might and obstinacy of My Antagonist were now broken insofar as every willing soul could get out of her sway!
Through MY RESURRECTION FROM GOLGOTHA, MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT AND COUNTERPOLE SATANA was henceforth stripped of her trump card "death", hitherto the strongest counter-power to ETERNAL LIFE. On Golgotha her power was downgraded to a shadow-power sustained only by those unwilling to believe in a GOD OF ETERNAL LIFE, WHO in JESUS CHRIST demonstrated THE MIGHT OF HIS LOVE over death and matter, in order that HIS CHILDREN OF LOVE might follow Him and return into HIS KINGDOM OF LOVE AND ETERNAL LIFE. Death and matter, those two main assets of the disobedient and fallen Spirit had been stripped on Golgotha of their most mysterious force through THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT WHICH IS ONE WITH GOD THE ALMIGHTY.
I THE LORD was to create the world of matter for MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, so as to get her off her fixed idea of being almighty by herself; yet I composed this world mostly of her own qualities of disobedience and haughtiness in which she retrieves as material effects whatever its disloyal and disobedient Spirit had once produced with the considerable difference to herself that I FATHER AND LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE have laid MY ENDLESS LOVE into all forms caused by the fallen Spirit without which also all her intrinsic creations would have completely petrified.
Look, for instance, at the various life forms of the violent Spirit in the manifold species of beasts of prey, which in spite of the wild features fixed in them are not deprived of beauty and even benefit from the BLESSING OF MY LOVE in matters of procreation, motherhood and community life, so as to qualify - through LOVE - for higher forms of life.
I already explained to you that everything in My Creation is LOVE and that without LOVE nothing can live, subsist or multiply; even hell is endowed with certain features of LOVE, otherwise everything would fall from disobedience into complete petrification.