God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Origin of the "Chosen People"
Thus I THE LORD have shown the greatest Mercy precisely with that group of spirits siding with MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA, who gathered round her as a group of willful angels striving to impose upon My Heavens a separate omnipotence of their own. This was a group of angels endowed with wonderful qualities out of Mine, yet misled by MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA to self-glory and pushed by her to surpass ME THE LORD: Without this group of opposing angels endowed through MY GRACE with the highest qualities of MY LOVE, MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA would never have succeeded in becoming a Counterpole to MY ONMIPOTENCE.
While creating the material world after the fall of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA from My Heavens with her whole Counterpole creation, I THE LORD left to this subversive group of former angels of MY KINGDOM not only all the main features of MY GIFTS OF GRACE including their human garment, but graded them also according to their rank under My first-created Spirit as the "chosen people" among all the other nations on Earth, since by the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT this group has also to share the heaviest burden of guilt of MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT. This is why, in MY MERCY, this so heavily guilt-laden Counterpole-group was led directly by Myself to enable it to get rid on the shortest way of this burden of guilt brought down from Heaven, and to find its way back home to MY KINGDOM OF PURE LOVE; this it did not behold even when still a group of angels in the pure vision of the HOLY SPIRIT. Without that higher rank of "chosen people" among the nations on Earth, this Counterpole group under MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT, owing to the guilt incurred in Heaven, could never have found the way back to the forfeit celestial home, but would have been completely crushed under its burden of guilt.
Thus did I THE LORD reveal MYSELF in MY MERCY to this "chosen people", first as the TRUE UNIQUE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, leading it through My Prophets in truly endless patience in order to alleviate its burden of guilt and help it through trials to master all weaknesses, so as to stumble no more under temptations before ME THE LORD; for that reason I THE LORD in My greatest ACT OF MERCY, incarnated in this people as its SAVIOUR AND MESSIAH.
Hence the redemption of the Ur-sin of all the fallen spirits through MY JESUS-BLOOD could have coincided with the redemption of the guilt of this "chosen people", had it only recognized ME, its GOD in JESUS CHRIST, instead of nailing ME on the Cross; moreover, MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT and Counterpole, the once celestial guide and seducer of My "chosen people", would have been instantly divested of her power and compelled to submit in MY LIGHT to her GOD AND CREATOR, her Counterpole might having come to an end.
My "chosen people" would never have to be dispersed, had it not perpetrated by its blindness the dreadful misdeed of Golgotha; never would there have been any persecution of My disciples and all earthly children who believed in ME; never would My Counterpole have been able to rage against ME, either in a Herod, in a Caiphas, or in a Nero. Not only could the human race have taken another course, namely the one leading to Heaven, but also the whole Creation would in all have been raised a step higher.
Hence this "chosen people" cannot but blame itself for its tragic fate among the nations of this Earth, just as everyone ought to blame himself for his lot if he will not recognize and acknowledge ME as GOD THE LORD and will not follow ME.
Yet no nation on Earth may claim superiority over this "chosen people" by curtailing its right to live, or by negating its existence; for all nations and races bear in themselves both a grade of guilt and a grade of grace in order to retrieve the way back to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION. Each guilty spirit from My Heavens has been put in a corresponding grade within a nation and a race, wherein it may best and most quickly redeem its guilt. There is no privilege before MY HOLY FACE for any nation or race to rise above anyone else upon this Earth, since before ME, GOD THE LORD and CREATOR OF ALL LIFE AND THINGS, all are equal and all are MY CHILDREN, bearing in themselves the divine spark of MY INHERITANCE, and alone THE MIGHT OF MY LOVE ought to glow within every human heart and to unite and bring all together in this LOVE, but also to overcome whatever weakness by this LOVE, so as to bring about a true HEAVEN ON EARTH.