God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The first Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage
THE FIRST COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL lays down for each and every soul, whether male or female:
Purify your thoughts with MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE fr.om all prevailing or rising filth of hellish self-love, which knows nothing but itself, seeks only self-satisfaction, and is not particular about the means to subject the partner's body and soul, not even refraining from indecent assault if necessary.
Raise your purified thoughts towards ME, GOD THE LORD the forever PERFECT, and crave for only one thing: to become perfect like MYSELF, whereupon I will fill you with the HOLY BALM OF MY HEAVENLY PERFECTION and so steady your thoughts that they want but to enjoy fulfillment in the bliss of this eternal perfection; this will make your soul pure and radiant, so that MY HOLY SPIRIT may feel at ease in it and pervade it entirely and fill it to bring about its rebirth in MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION.
You may be sure, O male or female soul: your thoughts are incipient forms of the state of your soul; hence beware of projecting impure, or worse, hellish thought schemes into the world. For look: everything that surrounds you, and all renascent evil of this world, which will beset you, endeavours to gain power over you, this all is but expressed forms of hellish soul states, since everything returns to its originator like a boomerang.
Therefore, take to true LOVE, pure LOVE, holy LOVE, which is MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, in order that the thought schemes of this most holy LOVE may pervade everything around you and return to you with MY BLESSING, thus gradually dissolving every expressed forms of hell. For Heaven and hell are self-created states of the mind and the soul.
Did I not say already in this NEW BIBLE, that LOVE has been MY UR-STATE since eternity? So become likewise and create in your soul and its sphere of activity a state of perfection of MY LOVE, and you will have created thereby the first prerequisite for a true marriage to be sanctified by ME.
Everyone can fulfil this first commandment for a true marriage if he/she is seriously prepared to lead a true married life and to partake of MY GRACE so as to return to the true eternal kingdom of life, i.e. My Heavens.