God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The second Ccommandment for True Sanctified Marriage
THE SECOND COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL follows from the first commandment and lays down for every soul:
Let MY HOLY SPIRIT in you develop to full effectivity through your purified thoughts, which ought to look at nothing else any longer but to ME, YOUR GOD, CREATOR, LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, WHO wants to dwell in you with all the splendour of HIS SELF!
Pray with your purified thoughts, as it were, constantly for this GRACE of Mine, whereupon THE MIGHT OF MY LOVE from MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE will descend upon you in all things!
If you are still unmarried while doing this through MY HOLY SPIRIT, another soul pertaining to you will, according to My Order and MY HOLY WILL get tuned to the requirements of pure true LOVE in order to meet you by My arrangement, provided that you are obedient in all commandments expounded here to you, and that you have undergone and succeeded in all the trials for a true perfect marriage sanctified by ME, and which rules out any relapse into the sphere of sinfulness of My Counterpole.
Hence, beloved soul, you need not search for a companion soul for a true sanctified marriage; for now you see only what looks agreeable to your present state of soul with its still subsisting aspects which cannot hold before ME; yet I, THE LORD AND MASTER OF ALL SOULS, see a soul in a way you cannot see it, and I know what a soul is capable of achieving, and whether it can bring you real fulfillment, complementation and true happiness!
Hence trust ME, YOUR GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO will guide you if such is your will; throw upon ME all your burden and reach out your hand to ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE; then you will attain the HOLY GATE OF MY HEAVENS!
Focus all the time on only one thing: how to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT; overcome through MY FORCE in you whatever does not belong into this temple* and then the time will come when I THE LORD will take up residence in you and will lead unto you the soul you have so long been longing for and with whom you will become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
Let nothing distract you from this aim, for whatever reason, even if this My promise seems not to obtain; remember that the longer I try My children, the greater will be MY GRACE!
Just as I THE LORD arrange most wonderfully at the right time for a companion soul for every earthly child that is willing to let ME operate for him, so am I also prepared to lead each of you who has already contracted marriage on his own, provided that he prays to ME with a humble and sincere heart. For true happiness is still waiting for you by the merciful LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD IN HIS MOTHER OF YORE. Therefore call HER, WHO is your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, in your daily prayers and I THE LORD will be with you in HER, if your prayer rises from the bottom of your heart and is ringing with the glowing desire to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.
A wonder may then take place in that the BALM OF LOVE OF YOUR MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, MARIA, joins the hearts which have grown asunder, and spreads holy peace where hell had hitherto raged, while REDEEMING LOVE is dissolving what had become tough and hard; for HOLY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE in its heavenly ardour can indeed transmute even the hardest heart into a true heart full of LIGHT AND LOVE from ME.
One thing, however, is mandatory therefor: Turn unswervingly your eyes towards ME, GOD THE LORD, and look no longer at the alluring world of My Counterpole who is not meant any longer to hold you in her claws; for she brings you only woe and grief and clings to you with such an oppressing burden that you would never reach My Heavens for that!
MY GRACE dwells with you, if and when you want to transform your marriage into a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT; but you have first to start willing with all your might!