God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The fourth Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage
THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT of GOD-oriented Order for a true sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL.
Without the law of MY DIVINE ORDER operative and conservative wherever you look, nothing can subsist in the long run or develop further and higher; similarly, LOVE cannot be lived without WISDOM, without the HOLY WILL or without the HOLY ORDER.
The signal principle of MY HOLY ORDER regarding true, sanctified marriage transpires from the very beginning of the human race, when I THE LORD made

one human couple
one married couple

out of one flesh, one soul and one spirit, who in obedience and with reference to ME was not only by its incarnation to merge once more into one soul and one spirit through true marriage but also to become, through their obedience to ME, a simile of MY HOLY TRINITY by including ME, THE CREATOR, into the holy uniting community of marriage, partaking thereby in the plentifulness of MY INEXHAUSTIBLE GIFTS OF GRACE.
The Paradise on Earth was meant to ensue by translating on the terrestrial plane the holy creative principle of MY TRINITY, so as to achieve redemption in the simplest way of the Fall of yore from My Heavens; for through obedience, which is the quintessence of LOVE and which fulfils MY ALONE HOLY AND PERFECT WILL, the Edenic union of the first human couple would have marked the beginning of holy, redemptive marital unions for the following generations of the human race. The marriages of the children of men would have been redemptive marriages in a perennial paradise on Earth - the Heaven on Earth - by having their GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER always present, the streaks of willfulness which caused the Fall of the Spirits from Heaven, would have gradually dissolved in the most loving, efficient, and holy way. Paradise would have become a heavenly and self-propagating permanence on Earth, to the effect that this "Star of Redemption" would have very soon fulfilled its purpose, i.e. succeeding in bringing back all the fallen world into My Heavens.
Well, as you know, disobedience of the first human married couple entailed its expulsion from Paradise as a consequence of its own fault' which was tantamount to the unwillingness of GOD, THE FOREVER PERFECT, to begin a period of redemption or create a new mankind with disobedient human beings, so that the consequences of disobedience will always have to be assumed, however bitter they are. This is GOD'S RIGHTEOUSNESS as manifested in the impartial LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, the law of which is to prevent My Creation from getting bogged down in imperfection.
None ought ever to complain about his unjust suffering for the disobedience causing the Fall of the first human couple; for your GOD AND CREATOR is holy, forever holy through HIS ETERNAL PERFECTION, whereas injustice is a property that can never be found within Perfection, not even as a trace!
Yet in the first humans endowed with free volition all streaks of selfwill and willfulness, the same which formerly had led to the first apostasy and had caused the Fall out of My Heavens, were a coacervation of all respective streaks of all fallen spirits, i.e. the fallen children of MY FATHERLY HEART, to which you also belong, reader of these lines!
Accordingly, by MY HOLY WILL, the first man on Earth endowed with free volition was to be confronted with a first obedience test to sound his ability to live in a Paradise lowered onto this Earth as an obedient child in the life community of his companion made out of his own body, soul and spirit, the woman, and to prove that the GRACE OF A LIFE under the steady auspices of ME was recognized and MY HOLY WILL fulfilled so as to partake of MY ETERNAL LOVE.
You humans of this age are now on the strength of MY NEW BIBLE experiencing a MOMENT OF GRACE similar to that of yore, when Adam and Eve the first married couple on Earth were in Paradise; now you have to show whether you take seriously your contribution to achieve by MY HOLY WILL a new mankind on Earth, or whether you are prepared to lose once more MY GRACE, as at the first time, with the dismal prospect of getting under the wheels of Judgment.
Yet things are easier for you than for the first human couple; for I THE LORD, through MY EARTHLY LIFE in JESUS CHRIST and MY DEATH ON THE CROSS OF GOLGOTHA, have wiped out your Ur-sin leading to the Fall from My Heavens, taking off thereby from you the heaviest burden of guilt, so that you need do only one thing, namely dissolve your subsequent sins by fulfilling MY HOLY WILL in a true, sanctified marriage, and create with MY GRACE AND MERCIFUL HELP that paradise on Earth, from which the first married couple had to be expelled because of its disobedience.
MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and this NEW BIBLE OF MY GRACE are this help to enable you to reach as easily and as fast as possible this goal of Paradise on Earth.
Now begin with a true marriage which will be sanctified by ME inasmuch as these COMMANDMENTS OF MY LOVE AND MERCY are fulfilled. I THE LORD have made clear to you the basic principle of MY ORDER, namely that true, sanctified marriage can only be monogamous. It is true that this principle is included in the legislation of the so-called Christian nations, but you know all too well by experience what the actual situation is in this respect; you do not even appear to be on the defensive against the traps of My Counterpole having caught you so tightly that the basic principle of MY HOLY ORDER regarding true, sanctified marriage, i.e. monogamy by MY HOLY WILL, is about to be completely eroded by your misdeeds, O men of this age!
Everything issued from ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH has been perfect, and whatever will come out of or through ME will forever be perfect.
This forever HOLY TRUTH when applied to you, O men, and to your married life, must bring home to you that the perfect order of marriage is recognizable only by ME, and that only I GOD THE LORD can reveal to you in which way your marriage is righteous within MY PERFECT ORDER.
Although I have already revealed a good many things to you in this NEW BIBLE, as never happened on Earth heretofore with such clarity, I will still do more for your salvation and for your return to MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION.
The fact that I THE LORD often call you "My children", and even "Children of My Love" should have made it clear to you that you were created and begotten by ME THE LORD. Yet how and with whom?
Let ME tell you: I YOUR GOD have begotten you in MY ETERNAL LOVE! I also revealed to you that LOVE IS MY ETERNAL UR-STATE, that MY ETERNAL LOVE also has an UR-GRUNDPOL, and that without this UR-GRUNDPOL no Love can flow from MY FATHERLY HEART from eternity to eternity.
ETERNAL PROCREATION is alone possible in MY CREATION through the absolute and eternal union of YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER with HIS HERZENS-UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, which means to every alert mind that YOUR ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER comprises within HIMSELF His abeyant and active "female" part.
When I GOD THE LORD - to Whom everything is possible, because LOVE AND WISDOM form within ME the most perfect unity - put outside MYSELF for a given creative purpose MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, this results in salvation with and through HER, WHO IS MY HOLIEST OF HOLIES.
Note that I THE LORD AND CREATOR, at the very outset of My Creation brought forth out of MY FATHERLY HEART through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, Spirits like ME, or rather like US, who - next to MY FIRST-CREATED SPIRIT SATANA - were created as UR-ARCHANGELS at the beginning of MY SPIRITUAL CREATION! This revelation throws a new light on the old Bible text which has always puzzled hermeneutists.
These Ur-Spirits, embodying MY MAIN UR-QUALITIES in a perfection similar to Myself, are, as UR-ARCHANGELS, the ground-poles of MY WILL'S QUALITIES, and lay thereby the foundation, as it were, of My Creation for all eternity.
Yet I THE LORD and ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER wanted also to have children of My own - CHILDREN OF MY ETERNAL LOVE - who out of their own free volition, and through their LOVE for ME, want to become IMAGES OF MYSELF.
Therefore, out of ME and MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE stepped forth into creation countless children - CHILDREN OF OUR LOVE - all of them being ANGELS OF ETERNAL LOVE. Yet each of these CHILDREN OF OUR LOVE was to develop, out of his truly active LOVE, into an IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF MYSELF both for our and their own delight. To that end, they were given in equal proportion, so as to complete each other, the "male" principle of the LORD AND FATHER and the "female" principle of the forever bearing UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE. This meant that through procreation these HOLY CREATIVE PRINCIPLES were forever to increase MY INFINITE CREATION. It is easy to gather that this process has taken place and will last forever, the sole difference being that it is achieved in MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF THE ETERNAL SPIRIT in another way than on your material Earth.
This revelation shows you also that MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE is at the same time THE MOTHER IN ME, THE MOTHER OF GOD, while being at the present time YOUR MOTHER OF REDEMPTION by My decision to put by MY GRACE MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE onto your Earth of redemption in order to bring you back into My Heavens.
I THE LORD had to reveal to you all this so clearly that you, men of this age of so radical a deviation from MY HOLY WILL, might fully recognize and grasp the true, holy sense of your marital union.
Now you can understand why true marriage may only be lived and sanctified in monogamy, yet not only by the letter of the law, but forever in the HOLY SPIRIT OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR AND OF HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE!
What emerged already in My Heavens from ME as essentially different, either "male" or "female", and is to merge into IMAGES OF MYSELF, is put onto your Earth as "man and woman"; but the PERFECT IMAGE OF MYSELF can only be reached by sanctifying this UNION as being one flesh, one soul and one spirit, never otherwise!
The will to and the longing for this achievement has been laid into each of you, beloved children of your Heavenly Father, born out of HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE. Whoever does not feel such a longing, ought to look up to ME very often and with all his LOVE, beseeching ME to awake in him this pure desire from My Heavens and this holy determination; for these heavenly qualities lie only blocked up in him for many a reason. In whomever this celestial yearning shows up too strongly beyond the right proportion so that he is unable to control himself and goes astray on the paths of pure love, or breaks his marriage notwithstanding solemn declarations of good intent soon after, he should know that he is in particular need of MY GRACE AND HELP to be relieved from this predicament; for this kind of child of man this MY NEW BIBLE should indeed become his daily bread.
Therefore, true monogamous marriage with its holy effects must become the highest aim of your earthly existence if there is to be again LIGHT on Earth and a human race to come into being which will be no more submissive to My Counterpole and her hell here below. Even those nations on this Earth which have not even legalized the principle of holy monogamy ought, as of now, to align their law in every respect according to the precepts of this NEW BIBLE.
A good many things still need to be observed and fulfilled to reach the perfect pitch of monogamy by MY HOLY ORDER so that I could sanctify the respective marriage.
The younger generation may now ask, when will be the right time for us to get married by YOUR ORDER? I THE LORD already said, that you will receive a direct guidance from ME, inasmuch as you strive to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT. So take My guidance, once you have set out on this holy undertaking. But note rightaway that it would be contrary to MY ORDER to force marriage without having the minimum means of existence required for a decent life on this Earth of redemption. It is true that I once said in My human garment as JESUS CHRIST, that you need not worry about tomorrow, yet this does not mean that you should twiddle your thumbs; for the spiritual sense of this JESUS-WORD must be sought deeper, or else it would have contradicted the Bible-word saying that you shall eat your bread in the sweat of your face.
Hence you, O men, must learn a trade, just as did I THE LORD in My earthly life, and practice it with love and care with steady reference to ME, in order to lead a married life to be truly blessed; just as you, O women, ought to have a holy concern about learning everything needed to be a thoughtful mother and housewife in a blessed marriage. If this is done, you need indeed not be afraid and worry about the morrow, for then, and only then, I THE LORD will be present as the ONE WHO leads you wisely, without your being deprived of what you need for living.
You ought to know, on the other hand, that a sloven marriage can never be justified before MY HOLY FACE and will never receive My blessing or guidance. Whenever, on the contrary, the endeavour to live righteously by MY ORDER is recognizable, the sources of MY GIFTS from My inexhaustible ETERNAL ABUNDANCE will flow commensurately.
MY CHILDREN OF LOVE shall and will have whatever they need, inasmuch as they follow ME with the most burning LOVE and fulfill MY HOLY AND PERFECT WILL in every respect!
Thus you can indeed live without earthly worries, provided that you worry about only one thing, namely to become perfect according to MY ORDER and MY HOLY WILL.
With respect to love union in a true, sanctified marriage, this means to raise love to MY LEVEL in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE. This means not to revel in the lust of the flesh, but to hallow unifying LOVE through senses purified by ME. As has already been pointed out, true marriage must be conducive to the building of a TEMPLE FOR MY HOLY SPIRIT according to MY HOLY WILL.
I THE LORD have already said to you, O men, at the outset of this chapter, through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE:
Holy is your semen and it ought to be put only into a vessel that is ready to kneel down together with you before ME, THE LORD in MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA, praying and beseeching ME to grant you MY HOLY BLESSING for your union in true, pure LOVE.
Verily, I add further that this is essential to sanctifying marriage and fulfilling its perfect sense and purpose.
So prior to any act of procreation kneel down and pray before ME, THE LORD, in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, in order that I may lay into your heart and senses what is right before ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, so as to prevent you from drifting into satanic aspects, whereas your mating is to become with the right degree of pure Love a true fusion of heavenly qualities, whereby in due awareness of ME in MY UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, salvation will reach those aspects within you which must be redeemed and raised into MY LIGHT OF PERFECTION, so that you may become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.
Thus the fruit of your altogether procreative pure love will be truly blessed, since it will not receive any lower aspect of sensual gratification of instinct, so that this pure fruit of your sanctified love may be granted a soul yearning for a lofty flight - a soul which, through your pure and sanctified love, can truly become a genuine CHILD OF MY ETERNAL LOVE.
Consider, Children of My Love, that through your thoughts and actions you are alone responsible for the prerequisites governing the bestowal of My blessing! I GOD THE LORD, the forever PERFECT BEING, am incorruptible. Just as there is no back or side door, through which one could slip into My Heavens, there is also nothing - absolutely nothing, say I THE LORD - to obtain MY HOLY BLESSING in a way different from the sole fulfilment of MY HOLY WILL; neither can a soul play hide-and-seek before ME, trying to conceal its actual thinking, nor can ceremonies induce ME to bestow MY HOLY BLESSING to anybody or anything without obedience to MY HOLY WORD, nor may I be induced by procedures of religious fanatics to waive the forever HOLY LAWS OF MY BLESSING.
MY HOLY BLESSING reaches only him who lives or at least tries to live LOVE OF ALL LOVE with all the earnestness he is capable of according to his maturity.
Ponder over this steadily, Children of My Love, particularly with regard to marriage, if the latter is to be blessed and sanctified!
Yet MY BLESSING flows on you abundantly, if you fully practice obedience, which is THE QUINTESSENCE OF LOVE, and thereby pure, holy Love within your marriage.
Therefore mate only after a most humble joint prayer while lifting up your eyes to ME, in MY HERZENS-URGRUND-POL OF ETERNAL LOVE! Call ME in the QUEEN OF LOVE to be with you in MY HOLY SPIRIT so that all your thoughts be purified and hallowed; for did I not say already through MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA that your pro-creative seed is holy, and therefore the mystery of procreation is not only holy, but utmost holy?
Let nobody say that he mates with his chosen partner without the holy intent of procreation! For then you live your marriage for the sake of debauchery!
I THE LORD, YOUR MAKER of all that is holy in you, say to you, Children of My Love:
Even if you mate without the holy intent of procreating a human fruit, your union must nonetheless be a holy, yea a most holy procreative act. You should know that by your mating you can not only beget a material fruit but you can also procreate heavenly purity of ETERNAL LOVE for all those who yearn for getting through you a new human garment for a life of trial and redemption on Earth to be able to rise further towards MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL PERFECTION. You can also, through the purity of your thoughts blessed by ME, in your holy mating beget blessed redemptive thoughts and forces for all the guilty caught up in the fetters of My Counterpole.
You should know what you have not and could not have known till now, since I GOD THE LORD, have never spoken to you, Children of My Love, of this truly holy subject as here in this MY NEW BIBLE:
There is in human beings a system and a mystery of procreation not only for the sake of human reproduction but also for the propagation of the HOLY SPIRIT, whose purest holy semen rests through MY HOLY GRACE'S SPARK in the heart of all humans, awaiting not only its awakening and deployment but also its propagation.
For - as I THE LORD already disclosed - THE HOLY SPIRIT proceeding from ME is the essence that permeates, forever sustains, creates and generates everything in and through Love! Hence I THE CREATOR, cannot be satisfied with procreation merely in the fallen world of matter, only making up the material, bodily envelope of spirit and soul, but it is MY WILL the procreation is achieved with the utmost intensity of the essence that permeates, forever sustains, creates and generates everything: THE HOLY SPIRIT.
So you have inside yourselves, My earthly children, such a wonderful and mysterious system of reproduction for the pro-creative HOLY SPIRIT; this you are yet unable to grasp and which exceeds the understanding of your senses; for you do not even grasp as yet the wonder of your body as a temple of MY HOLY SPIRIT! This disclosure is an act of GRACE for the sake of your salvation and ascent, in order that you might be thrilled (unless you have already fallen into complete spiritual death) when mating with your partner with whom, according to MY HOLY WILL, you are to become one flesh, a merged soul and spirit.
And LOVE, purest, most humble, burning, and merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE is the sole generating impulse for the reproduction of MY HOLY SPIRIT'S GRACE SPARK inside yourselves.
You may now slowly grasp in a faint gleam of your awakening soul roused by MY HOLY SPIRIT the reason, why I THE LORD have asked you - if you want to become TRUE CHILDREN OF MY LOVE - to kneel down before uniting for the holiest and pray humbly before ME, THE LORD in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, this union being indeed among the highest GIFTS OF MY GRACE, which you have so far misapprehended, distorted, defiled and which but very few have held to be holy.
Accordingly, the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY ETERNAL LOVE ought to burn ardently in you instead of the yearning after the flesh of the ephemeral envelope for the Spirit. If the Spirit takes over, the fleshly material of the human garment will also be sanctified, and the indwelling soul will be enhanced by the SPIRIT OF TRUE LOVE, instead of being dragged down towards the abyss of perishable matter representing the sting of death.
Once you are aware of the priority by which in your love union SPIRIT is to mate WITH SPIRIT in TRUE LOVE, the mating of a human couple is being sanctified in MY HOLY SPIRIT; the procreating process is being raised into the pure spheres of MY HOLY SPIRIT, while releasing it from the dullness of instinct, and all the splendours of MY HOLY SPIRIT can, according to the purity and holiness of the mating partners, flow into the forming fruit of human life, which is then no longer only a bodily fruit, but also a fruit of MY HOLY SPIRIT OF PERFECT LOVE.
This is the ORDER OF MY HOLY WILL for all children of men who want to erect by their marriage a TEMPLE FOR MY HOLY SPIRIT with the aim of becoming IMAGES OF MYSELF!
Within this HOLY ORDER the loving union of a mating couple is just and chaste before MY HOLY FACE whenever I THE LORD will indicate it to the so purified and hallowed hearts of My justly and holily loving children, who have then become TRUE CHILDREN OF MY LOVE.
It goes without saying that no barriers whatever can be imposed on this HOLY ORDER, and whoever attempts to adopt any, will transgress MY ALONE HOLY WILL, which has not granted marriage to you, children of men, for the sake of sex, but for the propagation of MY HOLY SPIRIT on Earth within the Children of My Love, in order that LIGHT be spread again within all hearts and souls!
Indeed, LIGHT is dawning already in every soul reading this MY NEW BIBLE and ready to follow MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS; yet still more LIGHT will be flowing into every human soul who turns his eyes on its life companion with the holy determination not to procreate for the sake of mere sensual gratification, but for the sake of perfect LOVE in MY HOLY SPIRIT. Then the LIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT will flow into the blessed budding fruit with all heavenly qualities so that gradually souls bound up in flesh and matter will be reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT.
Truly, such then are marriages concluded in Heaven, which means not the Heaven beyond, but rather a heavenly state of true, perfect LOVE, which can be attained by every married couple striving to unite with ME, GOD AND CREATOR, Whose permanent state is "LOVE", as you have learned from this NEW BIBLE.
By all means, strive after such a heavenly marriage, perfectly just before ME THE LORD and which I shall bless by granting abundantly MY GRACE; not only for the sake of reproduction but also for the fertility of MY HOLY SPIRIT with whose force such marriage can give children to mankind endowed with the qualities of MY ETERNAL PERFECTION!
Finally, these true heavenly marriages fulfill the HOLY AIM OF MY CREATION, namely that men of this Earth become IMAGES OF MYSELF.
So turn away, children of men, from the devilish "sex-carousel" of My Counterpole that whizzes your senses and holy aspects into such a confusion that you have lost sight of your true destination as humans upon this Earth of redemption, and of what is just before your GOD AND CREATOR!
Indeed, you are and become ever more not only co-responsible for mankind's present distress, say I THE LORD, but bear also the chief responsibility for all the misery cm Earth if you do not stop this fiendish whirlpool which drives your senses mad to such an extent that you are unable to control them and your holiest qualities any more, and render thereby ineffective THE LAWS OF MY HOLY ORDER of procreation for the sake of human ascent!
Yet if you do not want to keep out of this fiendish maelstrom, I THE LORD must expose you to Judgment like I once had to at the time of Hanoch and Sodom and Gomorrah!
It is now up to you to avert such a Judgment since I THE LORD in MY LOVE AND MERCY have given you this BIBLE OF MY GRACE to allow you not only to escape from this maelstrom, but also to be raised once and for all into the LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS.
You can easily make out what sort of poison for the senses emanates from this maelstrom; all you need to do is call ME in the silence of your heart in MY HERZENS-URGRUND-POL OF ETERNAL LOVE, and I THE LORD will instil MY HOLY LIGHT into your senses, so that you can tell the difference between what comes from My Counterpole and what comes from My Heavens.
Never, I can tell you, never does anything come from MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION that would bind you still more deeply to matter than ever before! With regard to your married life, never could anything from DIVINE PERFECTION entice you to act in such a way as to make you fall deeper and deeper into the sinfulness of the flesh!
Therefore sharpen your senses through MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-LIGHT and purify them thereby to perfection! You will then be able to easily recognize for instance the slyness of My Counterpole in the so-called "sexual enlightenment", whereby is praised whatever will boost the fixation of the senses on unbridled lust and thwart at will the process of procreation, while the eyes of teenagers are not at all drawn to the needs of MY DIVINE ORDER or to the HOLINESS OF LIFE.
Whoever teaches and fosters the wild desire of unbridled lust by favouring birth-control with whatever means while making money out of this fiendish whirlpool, is grossly sinning before MY HOLY FACE and against MY ETERNAL ORDER, and will and cannot but reap the bitter fruit of his deeds!
Did I THE LORD not say at the outset through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, that great is the distress of those who have been raped for the lust of those who have sunk lower than beasts?
Since in coition bent on simple self-indulgence and lustful-ness the delicate streams of MY HOLY LOVE SPIRIT are turned off, no heavenly qualities can ever flow into these souls, nor can MY HOLY BLESSING be obtained; for the instinctive impulse is the prime motive in these souls which copulate only for the sake of lust to experience whatever the unrestrained urge of the mating instinct requires for wanton-ness' tribute. Truly, it would be better for such dissolute souls and for all mankind to remain without issue; souls of this kind are at the same low level, indeed lower than that of animals which in their manner live by MY ORDER. That is why an opportunity must be given to them, as now through this NEW BIBLE, to turn their eyes to ME and break away from the lure of mere sensuality.
How awful the effects of wantonness in man and woman are, can be noted from your immediate surroundings; have an unbiased look around you and do not fall into self-deceptive blindness or fancifulness; for whether mental homes or asylums for disabled people, criminality, subversive acts of violence or wars, all this is mainly due to the baleful unleashing of instincts in disregard of MY HOLY ORDER! Frightful is therefore the distress of souls who were engendered without true love as truly wretched souls for this earthly life through the mere working of instinct, and this is going on until the day when the fiendish sex whirlpool will come to an end.
All mankind will suffer from an unblessed bare sensual life, and draw upon itself, even more so than heretofor, the consequences of wantonness, lustfulness, rape and the like; for copulating without lifting your eyes to ME, the forever PERFECT, means reaching your hand not to ME but to My Counterpole and her hell, which is - as you can see - already little short of being the full master of your world!
In these alarming times has appeared now this MY NEW BIBLE, as the only effective anchor of salvation for you, My earthly children, as I so often emphasize for a truly holy reason; for you can still throw round the rudder of your free lifeboat, so as to steer clear of Hell, and instead ascend to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE. Go ahead, say I THE LORD once more!
In the sanctified blessed union of two souls who are lifting their eyes to ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, the BLESSED FLUID OF MY HOLY SPIRIT will flow into the human fruit permeating it in a right proportion so as to enfold the VERY UR-QUALITIES OF YOUR GOD, namely LOVE, WISDOM, VOLITION, EARNESTNESS, ORDER, PATIENCE, and MERCY.
Great, great indeed, is your responsibility, Children of My Love, who are already being led by MY HOLY HAND, as well as yours who have been awoken by this NEW BIBLE OF MY GRACE AND MERCY to follow ME truly. Very great indeed is your responsibility, because you are called upon in view of the evil which mankind has drawn upon itself by disregarding MY HOLY ORDER to exert a greater effort in shorter a time than normally is imparted therefor to do what I am exhorting you to do by this My teaching.
Precisely within the life-range of matrimonial love must you lead the way by giving the best example! You must live your union in holiness as it will have to be lived once in MY NEW JERUSALEM on Earth, and even in your present wedlock you have to take upon yourselves great burdens of redemption in order to help sinful mankind to be lifted out of My Counterpole's mire.
Nothing is to keep you from helping to bear what I THE LORD shall lay upon you through the QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS WHO, as MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE has once again taken up on Herself a human garment, in order to redeem and thereby erase for all times together with MY ROCK, the greatest blood-guilt ever incurred after MY DEATH ON THE CROSS and MY RESURRECTION, and WHO, moreover, has to bear your own faults and weaknesses as long as you have not become, as it were, full-fledged redeemers apt to work upon this Earth as self-reliant disciples of MY LOVE.
The unmarried among you who are ready to follow MY HOLY WILL, will be granted a true life companion through MY GRACE AND MY GUIDANCE after a period of probation to test your earnestness and obedience in the fulfilment of MY WILL; and you shall not only be witnesses of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH at the present time but also co-redeemers in this world of darkness and co-founders of the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth.
Those among you who have been married for quite a time can also become models for this fallen world if you are willing to redress everything by these HOLY COMMANDMENTS.
The first have an easier task in following MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS with all earnestness and consistency, since their redemptive burden is lighter than that of the latter inasmuch as they have not yet sinned against MY HOLY ORDER. I THE LORD exhort you gently: be patient, fix your eyes permanently on ME in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE and work steadfastly at developing your perfection, and I shall bless and guide you most wonderfully!
When through MY GRACE you will have received your true partner for your present life on Earth, then live a life of LOVE in the fulfilment of MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, each completing truly the other, bearing him with his individuality, and letting yourselves be guided in your daily prayer when kneeling before ME THE LORD, in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, in respect of whatever is still to be discarded, overcome, and changed. Let therefore in all, and especially in the holy union prevail the desire to be one with MY HOLY SPIRIT in you, who then can pervade and fill you in a blessed procreation of new life for the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth!
The just limitations imposed on your holy mating will be dictated by your own volition under My regard in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE to the extent being right before MY HOLY FACE for your maturation to become IMAGES OF MYSELF.
And in this respect, I THE LORD give you in the following an invaluable hint out of MY LOVE AND GRACE:
Through your free will granted by ME, you truly are "the crown of My Creation" and can therefore, and ought to, stand as high as the sky in every respect above the animal kingdom, in which the mating instinct is ruled by an innate strict periodicity fixed by a purposeful order, whereas your drive for sexual achievement and procreation resulting from your pro-creative power is in no way preconditioned or checked but is absolutely free. It is this very freedom to master your thoughts and your will-power - like I THE LORD am absolute perfect freedom, and hence GOD - which enables you, Children of My Love, to rise above every other creature and become IMAGES OF MYSELF.
Therefore harness your sexual drive - arising from MY EVERLASTING FORCES OF PERFECTION within you - by your free volition and fix it on ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, and you will become, whether male or female, a free and perfect master of your volition.
This is what the HOLY WORD means in its fullest meaning: "... and I will give you the crown of life!" This "crown of life" is perfect bliss in all which lies ready for whoever denies himself and receives the BLESSING OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
Your marriage accomplished after MY HOLY WILL, is a wonderful GIFT OF GRACE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD enabling you to reach this goal of self-denial. You already have My blessing in advance in proportion to your willingness, if only you start off with the most holy earnestness. Rejoice therefore at My clearing your way to the summit and giving you My guidance!
It is hence quite obvious from above, Children of My Love, that a true, sanctified marriage is indeed not only a love affair by the short-sighted conception of your world, but an affair requiring the greatest earnestness to conceive it properly, i.e. to see it in the light and sense of Creation. Thus, to achieve a true sanctified marriage - the observance of a further commandment is even more stringent here than in all other spheres of human life. This is