God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The fifth Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage
THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT of Holy EARNESTNESS, without which nothing can be achieved in the whole Creation; this also holds for your earthly activity. For it is alarming to see how many earthly children seriously believe that the satisfaction of the senses is the first objective of marriage! Your so-called progress in all matters of sex not only seems to confirm you in this opinion, but also makes marriage the object of profit-seeking business transactions.
These REVELATIONS OF MY GRACE should rouse in each earthly child a deep and Holy Earnestness to wish not only a married life according to MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, but also its accomplishment with utter seriousness. And wherever this occurs, I THE LORD will be instantly present to guide such a child through MY ETERNAL LOVE.
But you also, My already married children - as I already emphasized - are in no way excluded from MY GUIDANCE; on the contrary, you indeed can receive MY BLESSING in every respect, if such is your will!
So call ME in your earnestness, which must truly be holy, by virtue of the commandments revealed, and show ME this your Holy Earnestness! Thus you may soon realize to your joy that things are changing.
And I THE LORD put this earnestness to the particular attention of those, who have lived asunder to the point that the only issue of their unhappy marriage is sought by them in divorce.
So I THE LORD say unto you that there is hardly anything more repulsive before MY HOLY FACE than such a desire! There is hardly any reason important enough before ME to justify such a purpose, for did I THE LORD not say that the true JESUS-MARIA-LOVE is able to melt even the hardest ice, and to turn even the hardest heart away from its wrong ideas and to make it lift its eyes upon ME.
Whatever may seem a cogent reason for you, O men, to support such a purpose, can nonetheless be carried to redemption through sacrifice and mercy, if ever your true, Holy Earnestness of volition is to abide before ME, THE CREATOR OF ETERNAL LIFE and the Maker of your marriage!
Whoever is unwilling to bear the cross of his life cannot take the shortest way to My Heavens. Did I not say already through MY ROCK PETRUS that you may cast everything on ME? So what else can I THE LORD do for you?
Since ever and again I bestow on you, men of this Earth, MY GRACE AND MY MERCY in all things, and do not part with you in spite of your incessant faults, wrong-doings and all sorts of abomination, it is also MY HOLY WILL that you shall not part with each other and that divorces on Earth may soon belong to a past of which you would not like to be reminded any more!
However, should you not care about this HOLY WILL OF MINE, you will truly dig for yourselves, through your wrong thoughts and doings, a living grave which will swallow you up for hell!
As for all those of you who ought to be a custodian of the right legislation and the attorneys of the law, I THE LORD say unto you: do not aid and abet in the digging of such a fiendish graveyard! Do not lend yourselves to the case of My Counterpole but rather become the custodians and attorneys of your GOD'S AND LORD'S LAW, so that I THE LORD will not have to say some day: I do not know you, since you wanted not to know ME! Have the courage to bring your basic concepts and laws of the land in line with ME, YOUR GOD AND LORD, even by changing them if required, then MY GRACE will be with you. But not so if you abide by My Counterpole!
It is absolutely necessary to fulfill this Fifth Commandment bearing on Holy Earnestness in its full scope and effects until the last breath of your human body, if you want to hold your own before ME YOUR CREATOR, and receive MY BLESSING AND GRACE! For verily, I THE LORD say unto you: the most holy earnestness of MY ETERNAL LOVE is instrumental in sustaining, saving, and bringing you home to the perfect bliss of MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE!
Hence become you too in every respect the
Holiest Earnestness!
In this state of most Holy Earnestness, you children of men, will gradually get to learn and master still more implications of MY HOLY QUALITIES, without which you would since long have definitely fallen a prey to My Counterpole with no hope of rescue through redeeming and merciful LOVE AND PATIENCE.