God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The sixth Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage
THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage purports the application of GOD-oriented PATIENCE, whereby alone any true goal will become attainable, and in particular My Creation's capital goal of HOLY MARRIAGE within MY PERFECTION.
Without patience no perfection! Patience is a law of perfection in itself stemming from ME, THE ETERNAL CREATOR OF PERFECTION!
Look around you and you will have to realize that even in smallest things you cannot but abide by and conform to this law of perfection! If it comes to that, you cannot even subsist without conforming to this law! You can tamper neither with the due ripening of a natural fruit, nor with your environmental and life conditions, which are subordinate to MY HOLY WILL, at the risk of bringing damage unto yourselves, nor can you lead a true marital life without ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR!
Since most of My children of men, however, are impervious to this argument, they are pushed to sacrifice the ambition of perfect Love and happy marriage to their first fit of love sickness. But, instead of lifting their eyes up to ME at the first signs of sentimental severance, the resulting perplexity is either left to developing into complete estrangement, or - worst of all - a little finger, as it were, and then the entire hand, is being reached out to My Counterpole; and soon after the entire soul with its body is surrendered to her! And in many cases both husband and wife submit to My Counterpole "SATANA" for their utter ruin.
In most cases, however, one of the partners is soberer and will then have to bear all the woe of this marriage. To him/her MY NEW BIBLE offers a special help for such a suffering, which enables self-sacrificial Love in thenceforth godly patience to realign his or her marriage in the light of MY ORDER to become a union for trial and redemption.
If the suffering party surrenders entirely to ME, fulfills MY COMMANDMENTS in all things with the sternest determination and is ready to accept the sacrifice of supporting Love, i.e. to bear his or her life companion in perfect patience with all his or her defects and weaknesses, then great things may still be attained: either the restoration of a true, sanctified union, or through the sacrifice of an enduring love the granting of MY GRACE to rise after this earthly life, to the first step to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE.
As you can see, a marriage can in any case still partake of MY GRACE, provided that the partner ready for suffering and self-sacrifice professes his or her absolute faith in ME GOD THE LORD, lays everything into My hands and begins to follow MY HOLY VOICE. This is in the present TIME OF GRACE brought about on Earth through MY RETURN in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE all the easier and can in each case bear the fruit of MY DIVINE GRACE.
Patience has issued from LOVE! Indeed, there is no true LOVE without patience! Patience is essentially the same as LOVE, since it is one of the highest UR-QUALITIES OF GOD. MY LOVE would never be ETERNAL LOVE, were not Patience one of its most merciful characteristics. You will hardly be able to understand if I tell you that even within MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE there is still a central point which is PATIENCE.
Whether at night you admire the vault of Heaven with its countless stars, or whether you look over mounts and vales, or whether you contemplate the vast expansion of the sea, you will encounter everywhere MY LOVE in PATIENCE. For whatever you see is but live ETERNAL LIFE and nowhere ETERNAL DEATH, even though many a form of life may seem "dead"; yet those rigid forms, like the mountains, are nonetheless ETERNAL LIFE; for they encompass that life which, out of deepest wisdom, has to await redemption until the end of your star of redemption "Earth". You can have an idea of the tremendous live force confined therein by the nuclear energy released from densest matter; yet you, O men, do not ask ME THE CREATOR, whether it is MY HOLY WILL that you release these dormant "nuclear energies" which wait for their right redemption!
I THE LORD say unto you: do not tamper with MY PLAN OF CREATION, and in case you are not sure whether your free volition is not going to clash with Mine in MY WORK, you are well advised to come to ME in deepest humility to ask ME what to do or else you risk to trigger off rashly your judgment by your own making, My children!
Be patient in all things, just as I am patient with you, always waiting to see whether you are willing to recognize MY LOVE!
Were this not the case, nothing could make any progress of eternal value! Be therefore patient in your married life, hold each other in true patience of MY LOVE, never losing your temper, but waiting until your companion gains the right insight out of pure LOVE, so as to change or discard whatever cannot hold before MY HOLY FACE.
And be greatest patience with yourself, whoever bears the other; for you mature thereby to such Children of My Love as I may use as true instruments and pillars of MY EVERLASTING LOVE. Never try to act rashly, so as not to harm any soul, either yours or your neighbour's, for I have already disclosed to you the marvel of the soul and therefore true LOVE alone can achieve with endless patience the wonder of raising one's own soul and a neighbour's from the bondage of fault and weakness onto the steps of the heavenly ladder leading into MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
Since the utmost patience is only to be found in ME, THE LORD OF ETERNAL LIFE, and I alone can achieve the greatest works of patience for the sake of redemption, you might gather therefrom that not only MY LOVE had once come in JESUS CHRIST to you, children of men, but also MY PATIENCE, as I knew that I would have to come again to you, men of this sinful Earth, in order to accomplish MY WORK OF REDEMPTION for you.
Verily, say I YOUR GOD AND LORD, in view of all your shortcomings which forever repeat themselves and become worse every day, O children of men, MY PATIENCE for your sake is nearly brought to the end of her tether! And yet MY PATIENCE will never let itself be carried away like yours, O men, ever too lightly; no, My children, MY PATIENCE has always and forever prevailed; it knows moreover how to elicit yet a higher degree out of MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE: perfect meekness and mercy!
This leads us from MY SEVEN-FOLD DIVINE ESSENCE to the seventh and last commandment for a true sanctified marriage.
On the Cross of Golgotha I in JESUS CHRIST proved to you, O men, how THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE can and must be lived in complete meekness and mercy, so as to rise from the limitations of earthly life to the true KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE.
This should have led you, O men, to hold MY HOLY NAME "JESUS" for the true expression of your GOD AND CREATOR and HIS ETERNAL LIFE, and therefore I can only be in "JESUS" your HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO not only redeemed you through HIS MEEKNESS AND MERCY from the guilt of your fall from My Heavens, but WHO at the same time, through HIS DEATH ON THE CROSS, granted you the liberty to be, as CHILDREN OF HIS ETERNAL LOVE, free from the sway of the Counterpole on this star of redemption called "Earth", if such is your will.
If you, O men, are willing to put into practice within your marriage this seventh commandment of meekness and mercy by lifting your eyes up to ME on the CROSS OF GOLGOTHA, all will be impossible to you; you will be able to overcome everything that is not true LOVE; you will be able to do it and rise from whatever bondage and obtain the "Crown of Life", which is EVERLASTING LIFE!
In order that you, O men, might all the easier obtain this "Crown of Life", I THE LORD in MY MERCY, have once again come back onto this Earth in MY HERZENS-UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE as your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION, so that you may grasp at MY STRONG AND HOLY ARM in Her.