God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The seventh Commandment for True Sanctified Marriage
THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage reads therefore:

Be MERCIFUL in your marriage!

I say: be merciful like ME, down to the last fibre of your soul! For you can yourself recognize your maturity indeed only when your love can develop into mercy thereby becoming in turn most ardent, true LOVE, able to forgive and condone just as I did on the Cross of Golgotha!
Love is still cold and closer to self-love than to true LOVE, whenever it is not merciful and ready for self-sacrifice!
Only through mercy does LOVE become true most burning and ardent LOVE - for the sake of LOVE - and can bear just anything! This genuine and most merciful LOVE can not only take upon itself whatever redemptive burden, but also sacrifice itself for the faults and shortcomings of the other partner, yet for all other children of men. This highest string of LOVE through mercy is redemptive LOVE.
I THE LORD have proven this Love to you, O men of this Earth, as well as to all angels and heavenly spirits in MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, just as MY MOTHER OF YORE MARIA is proving it to you now to the same degree of sacrifice.
Only through such a redemptive mercy can the worst of the unavoidable Judgment be averted from you, humans of this Earth; for the horrors of the present time are so great, that they cannot be averted and dissolved by human beings, but only by ME THE LORD, with the highest Angels of My Heavens. This is why I THE LORD have come back again in MY HOLIEST OF HOLIES, in order to redeem with the utmost mercy the heaviest guilt through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE.
In addition, there are the HOSTS OF MY HEAVENS who have come onto this Earth to co-redeem whatever is possible. The majority of them must first be briefed in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH on the harsh realities of this sinful world, and more often than not they must be delivered through the redemptive work of MY MOTHER OF YORE from the guilt of their own mistakes committed in their human garment, so that the HEAVENLY CORE OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE on Earth can stand firm when the Judgment will make this Earth quiver as never before.
Children of My Love, do become co-redeemers by practicing the most ardent mercy! This must amount to an infinite summit of true LOVE in you just as in ME, YOUR CREATOR!
If this comes true, then you will rise above yourselves, as it were, in your marriage; with mercy you may easily deliver whatever is looming large in your life as an impossibility. You now know that you have in your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION and QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS the brightest lime-light of mercy, SHE WHO in HER present human garment bears out of Mercy the bloodguilt of all times; such a guilt can only be redeemed by the HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE; for the bloodguilt of mankind already began in My Heavens with the fall of true Love into self-love and for the same self-initiated spiritual reason continued on Earth as the crime of Golgotha; yet it did not end there but wrought also havoc among all the apostles and all true Children of My Love; indeed, this bloodguilt of My Counterpole with her also earthly rooted trinity of self-deified egotism, would never end, were I THE LORD in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE not to draw the line of redemption here below to do away with the bloodguilt of all times! This is what is meant by the prophecy saying that the Serpent's head shall be crushed - which is to be understood both spiritually and on Earth.
Yet this greatest act of mercy of universal portent, which goes on in seclusion, away from your human eyes - which out of curiosity would only risk to upset the eventual result - will be disclosed only in further volumes of this NEW BIBLE, when it is achieved and your hearts will be able to grasp it!
My early announcement of this event to you, aims at stimulating you, Children of My Love, to work as co-redeemers in your sphere of activity by following the highest example set by your HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS in HIS HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, in order to accomplish on your scale what your MOTHER OF REDEMPTION is achieving at large.
Utmost mercy alone can save mankind and redeem whatever has been caught in the snares of My Counterpole in the high tide of haughtiness and vanity. There is no point in trying to shake off the self-forged chains, be it with the costliest material means; for such means, which are wrought from self-love for self-assertion over fellow-men, can but fasten those chains ever more tightly.
The only way-out is proffered by the HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE, WHO, rising to absolute mercy, can perform anything and is able to dissolve the hardest ice as well as the most tempered steel, or - what is still harder than either -, even a petrified heart of a dark soul.
If you would achieve a union with MY HOLY SPIRIT in the stillness of your heart and through a life after MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, you would be able to slowly release to your profit the energies of said mercy, not only being much stronger than nuclear energy, but even putting you in a position to deliver the spirits emprisoned in this particularly dense matter to set them on the way up to MY KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT, whereas nuclear energy which is held in the bondage in the atomic structure of matter, is about to harm you. In that way you as true Children of My Love would indeed become truly helpful co-redeemers.
Owing to your deep involvement in matter, for which you O men, use to fight each other, to permanently compete for riches out of matter, and to wage wars with murderous weapons made out of this matter with a view to commanding those riches, you join in with the spirits emprisoned in matter so that you are in for a terrible awakening!
Therefore, I THE LORD, WHO AM THE LORD OF CREATION through ETERNAL LOVE AND MERCY, pray you with all the earnestness of MY HOLY VOICE:
Take this NEW BIBLE henceforth for your daily bread and become thereby highest and purest LOVE: THE MERCY!
Thus you will free, if such is your will, with MY HELP, everyone including yourself from the self-forged chains of matter!
Begin by practicing perfect mercy within your marriage, radiate it on your entire family life and carry it everywhere among your neighbours! You will breathe again, say I THE LORD, while noting your daily increasing freedom; you will marvel at the way, all the constraints of your destiny will progressively untighten and begin to dissolve, and it will not last long before you realize how everything, even in the outer sphere of your earthly life, is beginning to change.
Yet you must go about this work of fervid and loving mercy with deepest earnestness and without expecting extraordinary things; for the marvellous thing is simply that you follow MY HOLY VOICE, and that the STREAMS OF MY GRACE can help you to get rid of your chains.
Thus, when I THE LORD have to resort to such extraordinary miracles through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE as I once achieved in JESUS CHRIST, it would be too late for a great many of you! For if I THE LORD can convince you, O men, only on the strength of miracles that

I have returned once more upon this Earth,
and that

then you are in your spirit to a great extent already under the Judgment and hampered in your free will. Then you can no longer take the direct route through the narrow GATE OF HEAVEN INTO MY KINGDOM, but are cast upon the rather painful long winding by-road where in bitter hardship step by step, you will be able to slowly shed your blindness which prevented you from recognizing ME in this MY NEW BIBLE and following ME in the nick of time.
Verily, easy is now the road of redemption for you with this NEW BIBLE and so clearly mapped out before your eyes that you ought to jump at it! Or do you want to stick to your self-forged chains out of sheer tepidity and blindness? What else can I THE LORD do for you, but to call to you again as a conclusion to this HOLY SEVENTH COMMANDMENT for a true sanctified marriage:

Become most ardent merciful Love
in order that
MY GRACE come upon you
and you be again