God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The first Volume of THE NEW BIBLE is to prepare a New Mankind
If you have read carefully this Bible Chapter on true sanctified marriage, and have deeply pondered over the seven commandments in your heart, you must have understood that these HOLY SEVEN COMMANDMENTS match MY HOLY SEVEN UK-QUALITIES. How could it possibly be otherwise? For you, O men, have been made to MY HOLY LIKENESS as IMAGES OF MYSELF, and therefore true marriage must keep in every respect in harmony with ME THE CREATOR, if you want to bestow on your children the holy predicate of IMAGES OF GOD!
Never as yet has anybody on Earth disclosed to you in all clarity the holy sense of true marriage as has been done here by ME, GOD THE LORD, in this MY NEW BIBLE! Verily, say I, YOUR GOD AND LORD, with this NEW BIBLE you have now in your hands the HOLIEST OF ALL SCRIPTURES!
Do not tarry a second to set your foot rightaway on the HOLY ROAD TO ME clearly marked out before your eyes; for this road is yours and all earthly children's salvation! I emphasize: all earthly children! Whether they live in East or West, in North or South, there can be henceforth for all times of human history no other BOOK OF LOVE than this first holy volume of MY NEW BIBLE!
If you, O men of all countries on Earth want to become true children of men and quit at once all your troubles, there is but one holy resolution, namely to surrender to ME your heart entirely and to bury forever whatever can serve the struggle for power amongst you. For by MY HOLY WILL OF PERFECTION there shall and must be on Earth but


Grasp this HOLY WORD OF PROPHECY correctly in your heart, as I already said once, for My Flock will be a free Flock of Love, wherein nobody will have any privilege, nor any restriction, wherein all will be fed both in the flesh and in the spirit on the forever fat meadows of MY ETERNAL LOVE, yet wherein also everyone will listen to the true Shepherd and HIS HOLY VOICE which I AM, GOD THE LORD! There will be neither fighting, nor war, neither parties, nor oppositions within My Holy Flock; for LOVE unites everything, LOVE achieves everything, LOVE is everything, because YOUR GOD is ETERNAL LOVE:
In order that you may achieve this end with ME through perfect Love in the shortest and quickest way, and that this truly blissful flock of Mine, THE LORD, may become a holy truth and reality, rub out, as it were, your sins, with all holy earnestness, so as to join freely this HOLY FLOCK IN MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. This is why I THE LORD close this Bible chapter through HER WHO had opened it: THE QUEEN OF HEAVENS.