God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 7 -

THE QUEEN OF HEAVENS on the Rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT



Note, children of My Earth, what it means to be reborn like HIM WHO is MY ROCK from eternity to eternity! This means indeed to be able to overlook - like ME, THE LORD - the heights and depths not only of your Earth, but also, to a certain limit which cannot be passed even by the highest incarnate spirit, of the whole Universe!
Every soul may now ask itself whether it would not also wish to take the way that leads to rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT. This Grace is bestowed on every child that has come down from the heights of My Heavens; but only after it has gone through the furnace of My trials, which means nothing else but a cleansing of the soul from all the dross of this Earth; this process implies the dissolution of all those fallen spiritual potencies which are being carried by some higher or highest Spirit of My Heavens towards redemption.
You can easily figure out that nothing happens by chance, yea that everything is accomplished according to a perfect plan conceived by your GOD AND LORD.
The Earth must be cleansed of the slough of sin, a task which can only be achieved by whomever is willing to follow ME, THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, in absolute obedience! This entails the relinquishing of one's own volition for Mine, which is tantamount to My Will becoming yours; for then only will you live truly in the sphere of MY ORDER, THE ORDER OF YOUR GOD AND LORD!
You now can see, My children, that only LOVE AND OBEDIENCE not only can bring a child into My Heavens, but also grant him My highest GIFTS OF GRACE which is equivalent to the fulfilment of MY ALONE HOLY WILL.
Do not imagine, however, that this aim could be reached by only complying here and there with MY ALONE HOLY WILL! Not at all, say I THE LORD, for this Gift of Grace presupposes absolute obedience in all things!
Also think of how narrow both the path and the gate are, and that nobody can slip through unless he has truly endeavoured to become a perfect child of his GOD and LORD!
The process of rebirth, however, comprises various degrees, into which a Spirit may step from a given level of maturity. You will appreciate, My children of this Earth, what Gifts of Grace I THE LORD hold ready for those Children of My Love who follow ME in absolute obedience.
OBEDIENCE alone, the LOVE OF ALL LOVE effaces even the blackest black, just as the sun melts away even the hardest ice.
It is MY HOLY WILL for you to become LOVE, most ardent merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, so as to put an end, upon this Earth, to the suffering and distress of My children crying to Heaven!
Surely I THE LORD cannot break MY OWN LAWS, which are LAWS OF LOVE, just for you to become as perfect as I THE LORD am perfect from eternity to eternity!