God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 7 -

Rebirth in the Fire of the HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT, an Event of Creation in Heavens and on Earth
Yet one thing I THE LORD must say straightaway mainly for those who decide to enter the perfect path of LOVE, and to fulfil MY HOLY WILL without reserve and for all eternity:
REBIRTH IN THE FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT will bring every Spirit who is on the way with MY GRACE and eventually gains rebirth as the highest award of MY GRACE in the HOLY SPIRIT of MY ETERNAL JESUS-MARIA-LOVE onto a level where it can become operative in MY ETERNAL CREATION for tasks which are in store for TRUE CHILDREN OF MY LOVE. This indeed may yet be too difficult for you to grasp now and there is no need for further details here, but what you can easily imagine is that it will bring you to unknown states of bliss.
Verily, say I THE LORD, this path taken in MY LOVE AND MERCY is so wonderful that everyone should instantly begin to follow MY HOLY VOICE down to the smallest detail! Even though rebirth in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT is the greatest Gift of Grace and the highest goal to attain but not attainable by everyone in this earthly life, nevertheless the holy endeavour in you to succeed in this attempt and to kindle therefor in you the FIRE OF LOVE is bound to bring about shortly a thorough cleansing of your soul, whilst rebirth of the soul will open up completely new avenues for you which you could not have dreamt of before.
I THE LORD shower on a CHILD OF MY LOVE My Gifts of Grace when I see it persisting in its endeavour to become an IMAGE OF MYSELF. His ways will be wonderfully eased by ME IN MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE; for whenever I am embraced by Love from an earthly child, I shall embrace him with the full THRONG OF MY LOVE.
Even though nothing can be achieved without tests and trials, yet MY GUIDANCE will enable every CHILD OF MY LOVE TO ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS:
For instance, a great thing is already achieved by undertaking a thorough cleansing of your soul through the blazing fire of your LOVE, so that I can start dwelling in you in the fulness of MY HOLY SPIRIT. Then nothing will any longer bind you: neither the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT, nor any aspect of this Counterpole world; MY HOLY SPIRIT will release in you abilities you never had thought of before and which will greatly surprise you. Your soul will then become truly free. You do not know as yet what it means and what the state of your self is when you own a free soul.
Take an example: a soul has for a long time been addicted to various habit-forming drugs which may have no immediate effect on the body's health, but will undermine it in the long run, such as unreasonable drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking, and as a result, an uncontrollable craving for all sorts of excitements. From the moment this soul is becoming aware of its true heavenly destination and starts reducing these habits until finally dropping them altogether, the soul-potencies which had hitherto been drug-contaminated will become gradually available for the inflow of MY LOVE and MY HOLY WILL. The soul will become visibly brighter and brighter and will soon begin to radiate from the body, and before long the soul will have made out of itself a complete different human being. My Counterpole will then no longer find a dwelling in such a soul which will have become a homestead of MY HOLY SPIRIT OF LOVE instead; all bondage will be removed within the soul and inasmuch as it begins to thoroughly fulfill MY HOLY WILL, a HOLY FIRE OF LOVE will soon flare up in it; the remnants of whatever does not belong to a pure soul are then melted away and the soul is not only rescued from the world of My Counterpole, but lifted to MY JESUS-MARIA-LIGHT which is to further its accomplishment.
Truly, a great thing will then be achieved! And from this example you can see that it is not so far-fetched for a God-loved child's soul to rise to rebirth in the FIRE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.
This wonderful aim is indeed within the reach of every willing soul. This does, of course, not go without testing, as cannot be stressed enough; for without testing nothing durable can be achieved, which is all the more true for whatever is meant to last forever in MY KINGDOM. Yet what is then achieved, has ETERNAL VALUE.
The thought of it should make you happy, O men, namely that something ETERNAL can be achieved, instead of clinging to transients and digging your grave with ceaseless worries about earthly wealth! Nonetheless, concentration on accumulating everlasting riches for the soul and the spirit does not at all preclude earthly welfare. By no means, say I THE LORD!
All that matters is: not to become a slave of passing material stuff or to give top priority to working for this world as though this were to bring you felicity forever. To get the point, you may think of those whom I THE LORD endowed also with material bounties after they had given to ME their heart without restraint and knew only one thing: to be obedient unto ME and to fulfil MY ALONE HOLY WILL. Carefully read the Old Testament and you will find confirmed what I THE LORD am telling you here; in addition you will hear more about this in the last chapter of this NEW BIBLE.
Refrain from extravagant interpretations of MY GOSPEL OF LOVE, if they miss the pith of Holy Truths! Indeed, I THE LORD have not created this star of redemption for My children to turn their back to this world and become cranks. Never could mankind be redeemed and reach MY HOLY LIGHT if Children of My Love were to retire in seclusion; on the contrary, LOVE has to be carried into this world deftly in concrete, exemplary action so as to change it, as has been shown at some length in previous chapters.
Here is another example to make My point: many a soul, dripping with religious feelings, will drive off in effusive ejaculations of words, claiming that this or that is written here and there in the Bible and that GOD would never add anything new to the Scriptures refusing for that reason any contact with MY HOLY VOICE these days. Thereby they cut themselves entirely off from ME, THE LORD, and thereby from the eternal process of training and advancement in My Creation; more often than not they end up in a spiritual stiffening which fairly often will lead to physical suffering preventing them from realizing that they are on the wrong road. They will preach love, but will not live it. They cannot grasp at all that they actually do not love ME, GOD THE LORD, but that in their selfishness they have fallen for their preposterous ideas about GOD.
Such souls have more often than not brought into this earthly life many a feature from their just as extremist previous lives; they are not ready to give up their - strictly speaking - ungodly traits; they have always walked upon this Earth as fanatics and will never be convinced by any miracle whatsoever, but will rather brand them as the devil's work as happened in My earthly life as JESUS CHRIST; thus they will not see that they reach their hand to My Counterpole, whose disciples and instruments they have in fact become already.
You must have met with quite a number of such souls by now: do not engage in discussions with them! Only the fieriest and most merciful LOVE can unbolt those souls with time and the most forbearing patience. A single earthly life will seldom be enough to achieve anything perceptible in them but will appear in most cases only in MY KINGDOM OF PURE SPIRIT.
I THE LORD had to give you this example in order that you, O Children of My Love, will not get upset and throw the PEARLS OF MY LOVE at whom will not recognize them.
Look, if you enter altogether into the spirit of MY HOLY LOVE COMMANDMENTS AND EXHORTATIONS and become most pure and fervid LOVE as has been explained in this NEW BIBLE, thus allowing ME, THE LORD, to guide you into the FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT leading to REBIRTH, you will be endowed with the ability to perceive souls in their propensities, so as to come to the right conclusions and act in true and pure LOVE. You will then be on the way not only to become true pillars for MY NEW JERUSALEM on Earth, but also to reach the level I have spoken of at the beginning.
On this road you will have to stand the necessary trials in the FIRE OF MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT by holding on to MY HOLY HAND in MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE! Yet do not fear those trials, for they are but trials of MY LOVE and of MY GRACE, since nothing but MY LOVE embraces you, and MY GRACE purports to prepare for you the highest attainment open to a true CHILD OF MY LOVE both on Earth and in Heaven.


I THE LORD say, it will indeed be a very rare event. And all My Heavens rejoice at such an occurrence; for an all-pervading Hallelujah will fill My Heavens whenever a Spirit, who once issued from My Heavens as a CHILD OF MY LOVE, retrieves on this Earth clad in the human garb of the fallen, by means of his soul's rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT his original godly childhood in all perfection.
For such a spirit as My truly reborn CHILD IN MY PERFECT LOVE has indeed overcome hell on Earth with all its temptations and struggled its way until throwing off all fetters of material gravity; it will have fought all battles of both tolerated and imposed trials, so as to manifest itself as a true CHILD OF GOD AND MY ETERNAL LOVE.
It will thereby have been established that not only I GOD THE LORD am THE ALMIGHTY, but also every CHILD OF MY LOVE who has grown to become LOVE OF ALL LOVE by unconditional fulfilment of MY HOLY WILL; such a child will then be almighty in front of My Counterpole's world, and the Day of Creation will come when all the Spirits of My Heavens will have been reborn as CHILDREN OF MY LOVE; whereas the Counterpole-Creation which is the fallen Spirit from My Heavens, will no longer exist.
Every rebirth accomplished in the fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT is an enormous creative event with a view to the time when complete redemption of all fallen and captive life will have been achieved in the whole Creation.
Note also that there are various degrees of rebirth, the highest corresponding to a Spirit who set out from My Heavens with a freely accepted task in the world of My Counterpole to incarnate in his body and soul infinite life-potencies and aspects of the Fallen Spirit, to be borne and subdued as a highest sacrifice, and eventually to be dissolved in a perpetual struggle with My Counterpole until rebirth is attained in the blazing fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT.
It is not difficult to understand that a work of paramount importance is thereby accomplished within My Creation and it should not be difficult either to figure out who alone can cope with such a task save MYSELF THE LORD OF ALL CREATION.
Rebirth in the fire of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT ought to be for all of you, Children of My Love the highest and most wonderful heavenly goal, whose attainment with a blazing heart, burning in love to ME and MY HOLIEST OF HOLIES should never be lost sight of, since it actually is attainable, I THE LORD can assure you. And if you keep your eyes fixed on this heavenly goal, you just cannot flinch or fall back, but will be able to live up to expectations!
If you look at this world in the perspective of this heavenly goal, you will tend to visualize things spiritually rather than earthly, and you will realize that in the end this material world is but illusion before the HOLY FACE OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR; it owes its sham existence alone to sin and is allowed to subsist on Earth as a star of redemption by MY GRACE AND MERCY for as long as the last sin has not yet broken down and been dissolved.
You will see Children of My Love - if you are far enough advanced to have a spiritual vision of things - that everywhere through this sham world shines the true perfect world of


Come to ME all
whose work is hard, whose load is heavy
and I will give you relief

(Matthew 11/28)

Thus I spake once as
just as I am saying it
to you now through
have come again onto this Earth