God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

The double-edged Sword
Can there be, My children of this Earth, a more wonderful promise than that I THE LORD wil1 build with you a Heaven on Earth? Whose heart will not throb with the full ardour of his love for ME THE LORD, in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH? Who can dare doubt this truly HOLY PROMISE of clearest reality made by HIS GOD AND CREATOR, and pursue his own ways under misleading ideologies and slogans? Who prefers the ways paved with murder, oppression, slavery and the worst scum of hell to the path of inner conversion linking himself with ME THE GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE AND MERCY?
At the end of your human ways there is seldom anything else but destruction and downright extinction of individual existence! But at the end of the HOLY WAYS OF YOUR GOD AND LORD there is the living reality of the NEW JERUSALEM.
And as you know now from previous revelations,
already a holy reality in all its perfection.
Are you, O men, caught up so heavily by all the lure of hell that you no longer can think soberly and tread MY HOLY WAYS?
I THE LORD not only offer you, children of this Earth, these HOLY REVELATIONS in the plentifulness of MY THOUGHTS OF PERFECTION, but I grant them continually to every CHILD OF MY LOVE if it lets ME take a permanent abode within its heart.
Go now deep into your heart and commune with ME, YOUR LORD, GOD AND CREATOR, to get fixed on how to decide, if you do not know already what to do in the light of this NEW BIBLE!
For I THE LORD say: this MY NEW BIBLE with its definite promise regarding the NEW JERUSALEM is for every human child on Earth


and in the process you will qualify by your own doing as the well-known "wheat" or "chaff and you should know what it means! I can only add saying that when this sifting is done, never will any chaff sprout anew in MY HOLY NEW JERUSALEM! It will be thrown into the furnace of spiritual purification which is still LOVE, yet a LOVE of sternest earnestness as operative in the LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT; this sort of love will be striking whomever chooses deliberately not to listen!
You ought to know that everyone on Earth will know before a date I have already set, that with this NEW BIBLE, I THE LORD have put out for every human soul an anchor of salvation which is up to anyone to catch hold of, lest to fall a prey to the powers of darkness, so as to be firmly anchored in MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL ALMIGHTY LOVE. And nobody could ever argue that he had not heard of this HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION.
Whoever seizes this HOLY ANCHOR OF SALVATION and holds it fast will thereby be taken into the HOLY RESCUE ARK OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH; this will safely bring all willing Children of My Love through the days of Judgment into the NEW JERUSALEM.