God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

The Blessings of THE NEW JERUSALEM
Now the NEW JERUSALEM will be in the near future of your Earth a perfect HEAVENLY KINGDOM.
In this NEW JERUSALEM there will be neither unemployment, nor hunger, nor any similarly negative phenomenon which are but inevitable by-products of a loveless manufacturing world.
LOVE, however, being the eternal fundamental state of YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, is the greatest, ceaseless, never ending creative potency from which all is called up and which forever will be the source of everything; indeed the concept of ETERNITY and INFINITY are borne out by the very fundamental nature of LOVE which is essentially both ETERNAL and INFINITE.
That is why a spirit proceeding from ME is ETERNAL because LOVE is proceeding from ME and MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL as the forever flowing, acting, creating and sustaining force.
Since TRUE LOVE is all, seizes and attracts all, while what is attracted has been enabled to soar upwards for all eternity and infinity, it is clear that wherever LOVE prevails and where all is borne and added up in TRUE LOVE, there can never be unemployment or famine or other sores.
Unemployment is only the result of selfishness craving for ephemeral quick returns with no regard to other considerations, and slighting the perennial values of ETERNAL LOVE.
The ETERNAL LAWS and PRINCIPLES OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR are completely alien to your "business world" of today and look irrational to your worldly minds; but you are going to see your "reasonable world" break asunder in the great whirlpool of your self-caused Judgment and Doom, and you will then be left not only with empty hands, but also with an empty soul because it lacks LOVE.
Become therefore most ardent and merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE - as I THE LORD ever and again call you unflaggingly through MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE -, so as not to stand some day as a beggar forlorn of LOVE before the HOLY GATE OF MY NEW JERUSALEM without hope ever to be let in because your cannot show any CAPITAL FUND OF LOVE!
Mind you I am an inexorably strict LORD OF LOVE, WHO, at the gate of MY NEW JERUSALEM notes the true imperishable capital fund of life, and wants not to be upheld by a pitiful counting of halfpennies of love, but takes pleasure instead at seeing a fat CAPITAL FUND OF TRUE LOVE, granting admittance to the NEW JERUSALEM only to those who are nothing but LOVE.
Consequently, endeavor to enhance your capital of LOVE to become building stones of the NEW JERUSALEM, to be given access to it as full citizens, for the New Jerusalem will be in the clearest reality


In this maturing process of true LOVE you will not only start recognizing quickly the fundamental errors and weaknesses of this world and progressively turn away from them, but you will by the measure of your earnestness in the tireless operation of TRUE LOVE get an overview of


Everything is blessed in the NEW JERUSALEM, because all its citizens will live in TRUE LOVE and I, as the KING OF KINGS, permanently dispense MY NEVER-CEASING BLESSING to all MY CHILDREN there.
This means that in every respect MY NEW JERUSALEM'S CHILDREN will partake of MY GENUINE, ETERNAL RICHES, and this means in particular:
That the force available to every NEW JERUSALEM'S citizen out of MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-SPIRIT will never cease, freely sputtering forth steadily never diminishing.
Similarly to a power-station which supplies a great number of machines and instruments with the required energy, in the NEW JERUSALEM I THE LORD AND CREATOR, am the ETERNAL POWER-SOURCE OF LOVE and feed every human soul, as well as everything it needs, with MY FORCE, MY UNCEASING, FOREVER FLOWING ENERGY OF LOVE, provided the human child keeps correctly connected to ME, and provided there never will occur a short-circuit as it were, between ME and the CHILD OF MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE.
This ETERNAL FORCE AND ENERGY emanating from ME is free of charge, it is neither weighed nor counted or else it would be no force of MINE, THE ETERNAL LOVE. You can realize it already in respect of your life energy which you get freely from ME and for which I expect no return other than LOVE from you. For if you pay ME for MY WORKS with your LOVE, a permanent ENERGY CURRENT OF LOVE will develop between you and ME which will carry everything in and around you to the greatest splendour, enriching thereby also My Creation in the works and effects of LOVE, so that you will receive, as it were, a foretaste of MY ETERNAL LOVE in its ENDLESS PROFUSION.
There is of course an infinite difference between a power-station of your world and ME, the ETERNAL POWER SOURCE and ETERNAL PROVIDER OF ALL ENERGIES; for your power-stations will immediately stand still without external energy input, while I THE LORD will never stand still! Why is that so?
It is so because I am ETERNAL LOVE and forever seize My own self in Love in MY HOLY SPIRIT, thus forever multiplying MYSELF by procreation so to speak exponentially in mathematical terms to infinity.
ETERNAL LOVE is the greatest inconceivable and yet conceivable multiplicand, with which MY CHILDREN'S LOVE can multiply to infinity thus becoming inexhaustible and capable of developing energies and potentialities which your as yet limited mind dares not dream of.
ETERNAL LOVE is at the same time the number of all numbers; it is the unit number of all developing orders of magnitude, the "1", and turns infinite in eternity together with the "0" figure of MY HOLY SPIRIT, the figure of which, from the top of your head, you call "nought", which tends to show that you have by far not yet understood the true sense of numbers and figures, nor the profound sense of letters and words! What mathematician among you would think of exponentiating with "nought"? Well, the reality of MY HOLY SPIRIT is the queerest of quiddity to you!
In MY NEW JERUSALEM, however, MY HOLY SPIRIT will be the greatest, the mightiest reality strengthening everything and raising it strengthened to eternal and infinite existence.
This multiplying force and power from MY ETERNAL LOVE together with MY HOLY SPIRIT - out of "1" and "0" - is the eternal secret of generation and growth of every single seed. This alone permits ETERNAL LIFE; this alone explains why the SPIRIT uniting with LOVE and multiplying can produce forever inexhaustible WORKS OF LOVE.
Remember what I THE LORD said in the commandments on sanctified marriage, namely that every single seed is holy, most holy, and that it should not be wasted in the gutter of unbridled sinfulness! Here you have another proof therefor!
Indeed, everything in the NEW JERUSALEM will unfold in the inexhaustible abundance of what is ETERNAL and INFINITE, since this fundamental principle of real LOVE coupled with the reality of the HOLY SPIRIT will be lived in the highest and holiest awareness.
Do not tarry but start at once, Children of My Love, to practice at any time again and again awareness so as to become My disciples in the TRUE LOVE of MY HOLY SPIRIT, and to prepare what is needful for the NEW JERUSALEM with ME THE LORD, IN MY HERZENS-UR-GRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE, on the adamantine basis of these HOLY TRUTHS.
The NEW JERUSALEM will be a Heaven on Earth through the mere fact that all souls, after discarding their weaknesses will develop new energies and abilities by merging their PURE LOVE with MY HOLY SPIRIT; for the SPIRIT released from the SPIRITUAL SPARK within each heart will fill a soul with great power, generate hitherto unknown impulses, and indeed completely overhaul men so that an altogether new mankind will emerge together with a new Earth.
In the NEW JERUSALEM there will indeed be a continuous strife of the spirit yet not for pride or profit, but alone vying with another in attaining the BEST and HIGHEST, the altogether HEAVENLY and HOLY out of LOVE unto ME and to MY HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF ETERNAL LOVE.
Can you imagine, Children of My Love, what an exponential spiritual force will be released by the reunion of all the Children of My Love with ME, THE CREATOR of everything eternal and infinite in the most ardent merciful LOVE? Do you think that under these circumstances My Counterpole could still try her tricks on a human child and get anywhere?
When marriages in the NEW JERUSALEM will be but sanctified by My Holy Commandments, when all satanic aspects in the union of two souls will be overcome and redeemed, and when procreation of new life will be the MOST HOLY FEATURE IN MARRIAGE, then LOVE will sanctify it self-perpetuation in a forever endless elevation, whereby mankind will rise step by step, drawing with it the whole Creation.
The world of the NEW JERUSALEM will then no longer be comparable with the present state of things down to the atomic level. And the present state of things will appear like an incredible bygone nightmare to MY CHILDREN OF THE NEW JERUSALEM.
You had now better pull yourselves together once for all, children of this age, and endeavour to see the GRACE OF MY RETURN and of this MY NEW BIBLE; so that truly light shine again upon this gloomiest Earth, which makes all My angels and spirits from Heaven quiver, lest it be totally swallowed by Hell.
The LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS had been brought and kindled upon this Earth by ME in JESUS CHRIST, yet it has glimmered out in the hearts of My earthly children; now it is being rekindled by MY RETURN IN MY HOLY OF HOLIES and this NEW BIBLE. Beware not to let this HOLY LIGHT OF REDEMPTION get extinct once again, and I THE LORD will help you poke the fire into a Hell-consuming blaze on Earth!
Truly the time has come when must be fulfilled the prophecy of My former John regarding his seventh vision of the NEW JERUSALEM. I THE LORD will so explain it to you as it shall be seen and understood with the eyes of true LOVE and true SPIRIT; for only he who has become fully LOVE as I am LOVE in all things will have the vision of the genuine SPIRIT and will perceive not only letters, numbers and outer phenomena of the quick, but starts seeing the true world of what lies hidden; his eyes will become, as it were, super-microscopes that can look beyond the outer shell into the inmost core without needing any tool therefor. Admittedly, you already often live in a world of ideas, yet they are projections of your souls' countless trammels induced by My Counterpole! You may come to think at times that these souls matured in true LOVE and thus having acquired a deep spiritual insight and foresight, are no longer "normal" and cannot be taken "seriously"; yet I THE LORD am telling you: beware not to fall among the spiritually completely blind, but rather heal your soul by pure true LOVE in the fulfillment of MY COMMANDMENTS!