God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Preface -

The Host of MY HEAVENS
I THE LORD purport to move your hearts with this NEW BIBLE by telling you that I have always kept the helm of mankind's vessel in My hand and that I will not suffer mankind to plunge into the abyss of hell. What I THE LORD offer to all Children of My Love with this NEW BIBLE as a GIFT OF MY GRACE is - verily say I THE LORD - the entire


which stands ready to help you not to become a toy of hell.
The time has not yet come for ME THE ALMIGHTY to intervene with MY OMNIPOTENCE. In fact, I much prefer to stave off that moment to which effect I am calling up all available means of merciful LOVE through the HOST OF MY HEAVENS in an attempt to advert My earthly children's senses to the HOLIEST, which through My Grace is dormant within themselves.
This time on Earth is truly a TIME OF GRACE as never has been. For MY KINGDOM OF LOVE, GRACE, AND MERCY lies widely open through this NEW BIBLE to all mankind, and whatever I THE LORD channel through MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, which by the MIGHT OF MY LOVE has begun its advance on this Earth against hell and will not stop until LIGHT prevails on Earth in the hearts of all men of good will, and until a NEW EARTH with a NEW MAN, KIND OF LOVE will rejoice at having retrieved MY HOLY BEQUEST within themselves and set out on the right path.
You do not want to realize, children of this Earth, that you are truly able to accomplish perfect things like ME YOUR GOD AND CREATOR; and yet the truth is lying patent before your eyes, namely that you have the stuff to be true CHILDREN OF GOD and to rise through MY HOLY BEQUEST within you to become one day a perfect IMAGE OF MYSELF.
This prospect ought to enable you to break through the heavy cloak of your human garb and keep you from resigning to your self-created and self-caused world conditions which well-nigh may induce you to say, as many a man already does in his blindness: "GOD is dead!" Of course, "GOD is dead" to him who throws himself with open arms into the clutches of My Counterpole, and is being dragged down deeper day after day into outer darkness far from GOD.
Yet I THE LORD say: None can fall so deep as not to remain savable to MY LIGHT!
A few had managed to keep alive within themselves MY HOLY BEQUEST not only up to the Great Flood, but also before MY INCARNATION on Earth in JESUS CHRIST. This precarious situation even continued, MY MINISTRY notwithstanding, up to the WAY OF THE CROSS, when I said to the Jews, who were expecting a different MESSIAH,

"MY KINGDOM is not of this world!"

The Jews longed for a Messiah to take up their earthly claim of freedom and power, but not for ME,


WHO had come to them from the KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE to anchor within their hearts the ETERNAL FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF LOVE by which everything has been created and is kept going in the whole universe.
And My chosen people Israel should long since have grasped which world is the right one, for again and again had they been apprised of MY HOLY WILL through their prophets and taught the highest of all commandments:


Verily, I THE LORD, the forever ALMIGHTY, have attempted ever so often to bring My chosen people ever closer to ME through tender LOVE and a lamb's patience, exhorting and teaching them continually the fundamental commandments of MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION; yet they have kept sinning against those evident COMMANDMENTS OF MY HOLY SPIRIT FOREVER, they often have turned an abomination to Mine Eyes so that the self-chosen consequence could only be a life in the bondage of My Counterpole. Nevertheless, I have kept freeing them from the self-imposed chains of subjection and showered continually on them GIFTS OF MY GRACE, and led them anew through necessary tests and trials to mature them for the TRUE KINGDOM OF MY ETERNAL LOVE.