God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

Holy Tender of Grace to the Powerful of this Earth
You may see therefrom how MY GRACE can be gained by anybody and that nobody is excluded from the NEW JERUSALEM on Earth, and that also the rulers of this Earth who had already been addressed to by THE QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS, can still partake of MY GRACE, if they are ready to become mindful rulers of the children of men entrusted to them.
I THE LORD say unto you: this is an inconceivable Grace offered to you, the powerful of this Earth, that you might escape the inevitable Judgment. Mind and take this offer of MY GRACE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD, in all earnestness before it is too late!
Nothing can be saved and brought over to the NEW JERUSALEM save LOVE and its genuine deeds.
Mind this by all means! You jolly well know where the limits of your power are; any attempt to break those limits violently would be foolish, for I THE LORD will not suffer that you jump beyond; if you were to try your power it would fall asunder, whatever its foundation! There is no foundation of any power which could pretend to last in the face of ME, GOD THE LORD. Any power tolerated in MY FORBEARANCE, only purports to let My children of men have the utmost of their free volition and gather some experience until they realize, either in this life or another on Earth, that there is nothing higher and more perfect than MY ALONE HOLY WILL, and that their free volition finds its perfect accomplishment only in the MIGHT OF LOVE.
Therefore look out, you the powerful of this Earth! Pick the right choice, yet do not think that I am telling you this because I THE LORD would need you somehow! Don't be so foolish as to believe such a thing! For I THE LORD AND ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH do not need anybody! On the contrary, everybody needs ME, and mostly you, the "powerful", to save your souls! For I would like to see your souls saved, wherefor I THE LORD am giving you this advice out of My Mercy! If ever the balance-sheet of your rulership shows no assets of true love and if ever you are not won over through this NEW BIBLE of Mine, you cannot be saved, since you are deeply caught up in the meshes of the adamantine LAW OF SIN AND ATONEMENT which holds you as fast after this earthly life as a cobweb - a web of guilt which you have spun for yourselves! And nobody can free you from this web but I THE LORD by MY GRACE; never could you disentangle the threads on your own!
I THE LORD AND ALMIGHTY can tell you that there are ex-powerful of this Earth, who during their lifetime were nearly almighty, and who are still now, after millenia, entangled in this web of guilt because in their obduracy of heart and soul they have not come to reason and have not appealed to MY GRACE.
:156 Hence MY CALL to you, the "powerful" of this Earth, is a HOLY OFFER BY MY GRACE, whereby you can see that I THE LORD want to attenuate, as far as possible, the inevitable Judgment; that indeed, I find no pleasure in this forthcoming Judgment, and that I had rather see all of you rescued, so that you could enter the NEW JERUSALEM.
That is why I advise you not to overstretch the bow of guilt, but rather to seize MY HOLY ARM! Overstretching the bow of guilt out of sheer obduracy would mean to trigger off by your own doing the JUDGMENT which will engulf its originator with unabated force. On the other hand, seizing MY HOLY ARM does mean, to postpone the JUDGMENT for as long as MY GRACE will need to obtain, thereby avoiding that the whole Earth become a graveyard for all My human children!
Therefore, make up your mind, you "powerful", that MY MERCIFUL ARM may seize you! I THE LORD can do nothing more for you for the time being. It is now up to you to decide whether I YOUR GOD, LORD AND CREATOR, can save your souls or not!
Whosoever is unwilling to enter MY HEAVENS via the NEW JERUSALEM has to blame himself alone for the outcome. I THE LORD, in MY GRACE and out of the greatest MERCY OF MY ETERNAL LOVE, have given enough warnings and exhortations!
Whoever will listen to MY HOLY VOICE, to all holy words and commandments in this MY NEW BIBLE, and will cling to MY HOLY ARM OF HER in WHOM I THE LORD have returned onto this Earth to save and redeem the human race, will be able to enter the NEW JERUSALEM after the storm tide (tsunami) of My Counterpole will have ebbed out; and he can not only refresh and restore himself with
"the pure river of the water of life, clear as crystal; proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb,"
(Revelation to John 22/1)
which is the ETERNAL RIVER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, but also reap the abundant fruit of the ETERNAL ORDER; this means to be catered for happily by MY HOLY SPIRIT; while accomplishing eternal WORKS OF LOVE in endless variety as allowed by the same HOLY SPIRIT. The clues I have given you to understand the spiritual language will enable you to better find your way through the next verse of My John:
"In the midst of the street and on either side of the river there was the wood of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, maturing every month; and the leaves of the wood served for the health of the heathen."
(Revelation to John 22/2)
The "wood of life" means the strength of volition that has merged with MY HOLY WILL OF PERFECTION and hence bears fruit in MY ORDER after MY UR-QUALITIES. The "leaves of the wood" means the outward directed volition which is "serving the health of heathen" by disclosing MY GRACE to those Children of My Love who once broke with ME, but have found ME again, thus merging totally with MY HOLY WILL and becoming MY TRUE CHILDREN.
"And there shall be no more curse, but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his servants shall serve him."
(Revelation to John 22/3)
This means that nobody is excluded from the NEW JERUSALEM and that all will serve ME, THE LORD, whereby the word "servant" has nothing to do with a slave worker, but designates a TRUE SON OF MY LOVE who - while lifting his eyes up to ME, GOD THE LORD - will most cheerfully fulfill MY HOLY WILL for his own salvation.
And the true reward of these My servants in the NEW JERUSALEM will be that they will be allowed to see MY HOLY FACE; they will bear visibly the SEAL OF THEIR GOD AND LORD upon their forehead, and thus they will bear My Light so that - as has already been said - in the NEW JERUSALEM no sunlight will be required any longer, and that hence all will evolve in the LIGHT OF ALL LIGHT, in MY HOLY LIGHT OF ETERNITY, and My true servants will rule through MY PERFECTION from eternity to eternity.
"They shall see his face, and his name shall be on their foreheads. And night shall be no more; they need no light of lamp or sun; for God the Lord will be their light, and they shall reign for ever and ever."
(Revelation to John 22/4-5)
This ruling will not have the least in common with any government system of the world, for - as may guess whoever has got a first enlightenment by MY HOLY SPIRIT - MY HOLY VOICE will conduct everything through My true servants in such a way that neither a parliament nor an election by ballot will be required; for in the NEW JERUSALEM MY TRUE CHILDREN will have voted by the "absolute majority" for ME ALONE, THEIR GOD, FATHER AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. This government will not know of any unsolved problem; it will be neither a dictatorship, nor a democracy, but it will be so to speak the GOVERNMENT OF MY LOVE with the WISDOM OF ALL WISDOM ruling: MY ETERNAL PERFECTION will be ruling as everywhere in MY CREATION:
"And he said to me: These words are truthful and trustworthy, and God, the Lord of the holy prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.
And behold, I am coming soon. Blessed are those who keep the words of the prophecy of this book."
(Revelation to John 22/6-7)
Thus did I THE LORD show to My John the forthcoming Judgment and the advent of MY NEW JERUSALEM by My proclaiming angel Gabriel. For it is a HOLY AND ETERNAL TRUTH that blessed is whoever fulfills MY HOLY WORDS! Could you, O men of this world, only muster an inkling of inner awareness of the reality that perfect bliss is linked with the fulfilling of MY HOLY WORD, you would truly act differently from what you have done heretofore, and your world would no longer be the playground of My Counterpole with all her subservient powers and forces.