God's New Bible

The Book of Love

- Chapter 8 -

As the flesh, however, owing to the high purity of TRUE LOVE by the commandments of this MY NEW BIBLE is not likely to fall for temptations staged by My Counterpole in the NEW JERUSALEM she will call upon highly spiritual tricks to snare MY TRUE CHILDREN for the time of test and trial.
That is why


of the NEW JERUSALEM will be built by PETRUS, MY ROCK FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY; on the firm rock-bed of MY HOLY SPIRIT, and this NEW BIBLE proceeding from the HERZENS-URGRUNDPOL OF MY ETERNAL LOVE has already become this BUILDING ON THE ROCKS: "THE BOOK OF BOOKS for the NEW JERUSALEM", as I THE LORD already emphasized. And the spirit of My Adversary cannot break into the HOLY CITY, neither through the GATES, nor over the unescaladable WALLS OF THE NEW JERUSALEM, according to MY HOLY ORDER.
But at the expiry of the one "thousand years" by MY HOLY WILL, My Antagonist will be released from her purification bondage, and even granted free access to the NEW JERUSALEM; then the time will have come to see on which side is THE POWER OF ETERNAL LOVE!
I THE LORD say that the "FIRST RESURRECTION", announced in the Revelation to John, will be followed by a far greater "SECOND RESURRECTION". The fuel for the temptations of My Counterpole will have been burnt by most ardent JESUS-MARIA-LOVE, whilst the "sting of death" will be taken from the sinful flesh and the new JESUS-MARIA garments of MY TRUE CHILDREN will show no longer any wrinkle of sin as it were, but only the SPIRIT OF ETERNAL SANCTIFICATION.
Then life on this redemptive star "Earth" can head over further steps for a THIRD RESURRECTION whereby even MY HIGHEST AND FIRST CHILD will find its way back into MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION.